When Life Takes Off

*Sequel to Stronger Than You Think*
When all the couples are engaged and one couple with a baby on the way, will the 1D family manage with all the stress of celebrity and family life. Will they handle it well or will their lives tumble all around them? Find out in When Life Takes Off
Contains sex references and swearing


4. #4 What Do You Say

Holly's POV

Niall and Aislin had returned home with their families and little George Bobby Horan who was absolutely adorable, they had also asked Dani and Liam to be the godparents and they were overjoyed with the commitment. However, Dani and I had to go back to work the next day, but as Dani had stayed at the hospital until the early hours of the morning, I had offered to take the whole day of work so I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and pulled on some tracksuit bottoms and a vest top then left the house with my phone, keys and dance bag. 

The day was a long one as I had to keep going back and forth between the reception and the classes but I manged to make everything work out. Starting with the little dancers who were about 2-3 years old, teaching them to skip with their little toes pointed and making sure their posture was correct. Then finally ending with some older people ranging from 15-17 years old and teaching them grande-jete's and other confusing things that are to hard to out into words. Then I went home after a long day of doing two people's jobs!

I slammed the door to the house shut and smelled cooking coming from the kitchen. I walked in through the door and Harry's back was facing me so I ran and jumped on him, kissed him on the cheek then let myself down, chuckling.

"Oi monkey! How was your day sweetie?" He asked looking up from his pasta bolognese he was making on the stove.

"Ok thanks you?" I replied sticking my thumb in the tomato sauce then eating it. 

"A few interviews, nothing much" He said, but I could tell something was bothering him.

"Harry, hunny, what's up?" I asked, Harry wasn't one to keep secrets from me.

"I've been thinking, after watching Ni and Aislin with George, it made me want to, ya know, start a family of our own" He said meekly staring at the ground. I got up off my stool and walked over to him, holding his face in my hands as I kissed him on the cheek.

"Is that a yes then?" He asked grinning.

"You betcha" I said as he dragged me into the bedroom and locked the door.

A/N Sorry for the lack of updating but I've been working hard revising :) Love you all x

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