When Life Takes Off

*Sequel to Stronger Than You Think*
When all the couples are engaged and one couple with a baby on the way, will the 1D family manage with all the stress of celebrity and family life. Will they handle it well or will their lives tumble all around them? Find out in When Life Takes Off
Contains sex references and swearing


3. #3 Perfection

Holly's POV

Dani and I burst into Aislins' hospital room where Niall was sat next to her bed holding her hand. The boys, El and Perrie were either sitting in chairs or on the floor. We asked how she was doing but then another contraction hit and her mouth went straight onto the gas and air pump situated next to her bed on the opposite of Niall. Then the doctor came in.

"I'm gonna have to ask everyone to leave, with exceptions for the father as Aislin is ready to push now so if you could all wait in the family area and I will update you all when possible" He said with a friendly smile which made me relax as I then knew Aislin was gonna be left in safe hands. The boys all left the room after hugging and wishing Niall and Aislin good luck. 

"You're gonna be a mum soon!" Perrie squealed and Aislin smiled weakly. 

"I can't do it guys! What if I turn out not to be a good parent? What if I can't do it?!" She began panicking.

"Aislin! Don't be a muppet and even if you need the slightest amount of help then you have 4 guys and 5 girls and your fiance to help you out! You will never be alone in this guys!" El said and we nodded in agreement.

"You're gonna be a great mother Aislin, you got this!" Niall said rubbing circles into her tense shoulders.

"You'll be a great parent too Ni" Aislin said smiling. We gave them both good lucks and hugs then left the room to go to the family room where the boys were sat debating whether it was going to be a boy or girl. 

"Fingers crossed everything goes well" I said. 

Aislin's POV

"3 2 1 PUSH NOW!" Niall shouted and in the process of pushing I probably broke half of his fingers from holding on to tight. Then the contraction passed.

"Ni, I can't do it Ni!" I said panicking before another contraction hit me.

"Yes you can babe, we are gonna do it now PUSH!" Ni exclaimed holding my hand and then a cry came from the end of the bed and a wave of relief swept over me and I felt Niall relax next to me as the midwives and nurses all cleaned and took in the details of our baby.

"Congratulations on your bouncing baby boy!" My midwife Sarah said beaming widely and passed me the blue bundle of blankets that held Niall's and I's son. He looked perfect right to the tips of his fingers, he had Nialls blue eyes and my blonde hair. He wriggled a little before settling, holding onto Nialls finger which was so much bigger than our sons.

"He's so tiny! The nurses said her weighs 7lb 2oz!" Niall whispered as to not startle him, "I think we should name him George"

"It's perfect! George Bobby Horan" I said and Niall looked up in suprise

"You want to name him after my dad!" He smiled

"Yes Ni, you're dad's done a lot for us!" I smiled back as the boys and girls then my parents and Ni's parents walked in the room. 

"Say hello to the newest member of the Horan family, George Bobby Horan!" Niall shouted cheering with the guys and the girls squealed. My family was starting to complete itself and I couldn't be happier I thought when I looked down to see George holding onto my gown with his tiny little fist and one word sprung to mind. 


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