When Life Takes Off

*Sequel to Stronger Than You Think*
When all the couples are engaged and one couple with a baby on the way, will the 1D family manage with all the stress of celebrity and family life. Will they handle it well or will their lives tumble all around them? Find out in When Life Takes Off
Contains sex references and swearing


15. #15 Drama-Rama

Eleanor's POV

"Where on earth is she?" Perrie asked. It was now nearly half past ten and Holly still hadn't arrived at my house.

"Check your phones she might have texted us" Aislin suggested and we all took out our phones. 

Joe has me. Help me! 

Our eyes widened as we looked at the text. 

"How - " Perrie started.

"No matter how! We need to find her!" Dani yelled.

"We need to call Harry and then Paul" I said scrolling through my phones contacts looking for Harry's name. I found it then clicked on it, hoping I was doing the best thing for my best friend.

Harry's POV

I had just come away from a radio interview in new York when my phone was heard to be buzzing. I looked at the contact to see it was El, that's funny,  why didn't she call Louis? I picked up the phone holding it to my ear...

"Harry? Harry?!" She yelled down the receiver.

"Woah El! What's up?!" I laughed then stopped when I realized the fractiousness in her voice. 


"Is it Holly? The baby? Where are they?" I yelled

"Joe, he has them! We need to help her!" She cried.

I hung up immediately and looked up at the boys who had stopped what ever they were doing previously to watch me as I yelled down the phone. 

"Joe has Holly" I said as Paul walked into the room. 

"Joe has Holly?" He repeated, I nodded, the words tasted like vomit in my mouth.


"Never mind how! We need to find her! Paul?" I looked him in the eye.

"If she has her GPS switched on, then I will be able to find her location" He said, taking my phone into another room. We waited for ages as Niall clicked away on his laptop, booking plane tickets. We had all agreed on flying back to London as soon as possible until Holly was found and home safe and sound again. Paul then walked back into the room, with my phone and a piece of paper.

"I found her location, she is in the middle of London, in a hotel on the top floor, lets get back to London" He said morbidly. We all followed his order and the boys sent texts to their beloveds, telling them their plan as we walked through the entrance of New York airport...

Holly's POV

I woke up, the sunlight blinding my eyes and a sharp pain shooting through my abdomen. I looked down at my bump for any sign of infliction but looking at it, I must just be hungry. A television blared from the room adjacent to the one I was in and I listened carefully to it.

"One Direction were seen leaving New York to get to London last night in a rush. Sources say they arrived on home ground half and hour ago and met their other halves at the gate. Holly Scott however, was not seen. Is her pregnancy holding her hostage in bed? Or is there more to the story? Go online at-" 

The television was cut off as Joe walked into the room and sat down on the bed which I was standing next to. 

"Hello Holly" He said, his voice dripping with venom.

"What the fuck do you want with me Joe? I thought you had left me for good!" I screamed throwing anything I could at him in order to get away when another pain shot at me this time, however this one came with water trickling from in between my legs.

"Aw, dear Holly. Famous ballerina Holly. Going to die in a hotel room in London as she pushes a devil child out" He teased as I clutched my stomach panting heavily. He walked towards me, but being my stubborn self, I backed away, which caused me to back out onto the balcony. 

"Fuck you" I spat, looking out of the window, hoping some way, Harry would find me. Sirens blared in the distance along with the other noises of London... 

Harry's POV

I jumped into my Land Rover as soon as I got back to my house with the slip of paper with the address on it . The others were all following me as I drove down narrow back roads in order to reach her as quickly as possible.

I turned another corner and saw a towering building before me. it was a tall hotel which I knew was still in use, just a little run down nowadays. I looked up and spun on my heel looking for any sign of her until my eyes detected someone with their back to me on a balcony. I heard the person scream and recognized the sound as Holly. I sprinted as fast as I could into the room and jumped into the lift. I needed to reach her. I needed her. 

Holly's POV
"Motherfucking OW!" I screamed clutching my baby bump, contractions were worse now and closer together. 

"That's what you get slut!" Joe yelled at me, "For sleeping around! I bet it isn't even Harry's"

"What the flaming hell Joe! What is going on in your mind?" I screamed as my knee's gave way and I collapsed in a heap on the floor, ready to give up on life when...


I looked up in time to see two police men take Joe away in handcuffs and another one come towards me before she was pushed away by Harry who came hurtling in and fell to the floor beside me.

"Harry... The baby" I panted as he helped me up as I screamed in pain. He lifted me up and carried me outside the room and into a lift where two paramedics lay me down on a stretcher and wheeled me past the boys and girls, Harry's hand holding mine all the way to the hospital.

"We're not gonna get there in time Holly, you need to start pushing now and we can get your baby help as soon as we arrive OK?" One of the paramedics yelled at me through my screams of pain. 

"MOTHER OF FUCKING GOD GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME NOW!" I screamed even louder. Harry held my hand and muttered encouraging things as I pushed and pushed, wanting the suffering to be over.  

"C'mon baby, you can do it!" Harry yelled by my ear. His confidence gave me the extra boost I needed to push one last time before the baby was fully out into the world. 

"Congratulations on your baby Girl!" The paramedic said as she took my baby girl and put on the  table on the other side of the van. No sounds came from her tiny mouth. Nothing.

"Why isn't she crying?" I asked, tearing up.

"Whats wrong?" Harry asked. Then the vans engine stopped and the paramedic who held our baby girl ran out the back and into the hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses.


And that's all it took for me to faint into a world of black and darkness. 

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