When Life Takes Off

*Sequel to Stronger Than You Think*
When all the couples are engaged and one couple with a baby on the way, will the 1D family manage with all the stress of celebrity and family life. Will they handle it well or will their lives tumble all around them? Find out in When Life Takes Off
Contains sex references and swearing


13. #13 Goodbyes

Holly's POV

I was now 5 month along in my pregnancy and standing in the middle of Heathrow airport pulling one of Harry's suitcases behind me towards the gate of his plane. Security had made sure that no-one could get to the boys by sending them through the back way of the airport. Harry suddenly dropped his two cases on the floor and picked me up, finally placing me back on the ground after spinning me around a few times. 

"You certainly don't look 5 month Hols" He said

"I know." I faltered, knowing that in 5 minutes he would be gone. 

"If anything happens, you know that I'm only a phone or skype call away! I will call you everyday before you go to sleep to see how you and baby Styles are doing ok?!" He said, wiping tears away from my cheeks. 

"I know, but you'll be gone for two months, how will we survive without you baby?" I said pulling him closer to me and my bump. 

"We've survived longer! We can do it baby girl! I know it!" He said rubbing my arms soothingly


If possible, I pulled him closer until Louis tapped him on the shoulder and El pulled me closer to her in a comforting hug.

"I love you so much Holly!" Harry shouted as I waved through my tears, refraining myself from saying the actual words until something burst inside me.


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