The choice

18 year old Lucy Cortez is in a tight when her mother sends her to a orphanage and Lucy is determined to go to college to once have a proud moment. But handsome and sweet Luke has asked for her hand in marriage and to move with him to New York City which seems to be on the other side of the world to her college where she received a full scholarship. At that moment Lucy has a choice to make, will she go to college or spend her life with Luke? On the other hand her mother try's to apologize to Lucy but something has happened to Lucy! Want to find put what happens to her and what her decision will be? Read on!


5. my condition

My stomach churned at the thought of the future, what could be wrong? After a series of tests he was finally ready to speak." Well it's hard for me to say this but it seems you have breast cancer. I'm so sorry." I just cryed. No one stopped me and I didn't stop either. When I decided to be calm and pray my doctor explained some things to me. " because we caught this cancer so early treatment could easily get rid of it. The option I think would suit you most is a breast removal surgery." " um... Well how much time do I have to think this over?" " all the time you think you need it's a big decision you have to face." I slept in the hospital that night and got no sleep at all.

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