1D imagines

I do anything just give me your ideas and I'll do my best ��


3. zayn for shania

It's your birthday and your boyfriend zayn had told you that he can't come because he has some meetings and stuff.you were sitting in your living room watching tv and eating some ice-cream "this day was exhausting" you thought because your best friends decided to take you out shopping for 6 hours your feet were killing you.you were slowly drifting to sleep until you heard strange noise coming from your front yard. "Who's there?" You were so scared so you turned off the tv and ran upstairs to your bedroom,you hid under the blanket,then suddenly you felt somebody lift the blanket up,you screamed at the top of your lungs until you felt warm lips on yours you couldn't help but kiss back after you pulled back you opened your eyes to find it was zayn,"zayn omg you're here" you said "how can I miss my doll's birthday"you were so happy that he is beside you , he then got on his knees and got out a small box you felt your eyes tear up as he asked you "shania since the moment I met you I knew you were the perfect girl and I wanna complete my life with you will you marry me?" You were so shocked and happy "yes yes and yes" you said then both of you laid on the bed together and he wrapped his strong arms around your waist and you drifted of to sleep in your fiancé's arms

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