1D imagines

I do anything just give me your ideas and I'll do my best ��


2. Louis for Emily

Your p.o.v

"Where is he he's been taking so long" you muttered to yourself as you were waiting for your best friend louis to come he's been already 10 mins late and it was getting colder by the second so you thought you better get home until a hand grabbed your shoulder you turned around thinking it Was Louis but you were diss appointed and surprised because there stood a suspicious looking guy "umm can I help you?" You asked surprised "ya sure you can lovely just come home with me I can make u feel good" he said "umm no thanks I think I better get going now ". "Where do you think your going slut" he said holding your wrist and pulling you closer to him "ugh get of me you jerk" u shouted trying to get out of his grasp "u heard the lady" a voice said and you immediately recognised the voice as Louis' but you couldn't see him anywhere suddenly the guy who was holding you was thrown to ground then Louis got on top of him and started punching him "Louis please stop you'll kill him" you said holding his hand back from punching the poor guy "fine" then he turned to face him and said"that will teach you to never touch her" then you looked at Louis' eyes and saw the anger "let's go home" you told him.

At home

Your p.o.v

When you got in the house Louis asked"are you okay ?" You then got mad and shouted "I would've been if you came on time and didn't make me wait for u all alone in the cold air" hd then suddenly pressed his lips to yours and said"I'm so sorry for what happened it was all cuz of me" you then sighed "it's ok but why did you get so mad?" "I got mad cuz he touched what's mine" he then kissed you again but this kiss was deeper and got heated . He then started kissing your neck which made a moan escape your mouth,you felt him smirk against your skin then he told you to jump and you did as you were told when u entered the bedroom he threw you on the bed and took of your shirt,pants and bra and he took of his clothes too he then started kissing down your stomach until had reached your panties and started taking them off with his teeth "ah Louis plz i need you now" then you felt him thrust into you slowly and he went even slower which made you go crazy "Louis please faster" then he went faster and faster until you both reached your climax,as you hit your climax you dug your nails into his back and he laid beside you and said "that was the best sex I've ever had"

I hope you like it love😘

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