Thunder [5SOS FF]

No caption. It's all a surprise. But just so you know, the ending will be sad. Real sad and if you don't like crying you probably shouldn't read it.


2. Well...oops

It was a snowy and cold day today, here in East LA. But this doesn't bother me because nothing is stopping me now.

I turned up the radio to the highest volume possible. Then, I locked my door and opened the windo


It all sounds too easy.

And yes, I could've done this before, If i'd like to, but this time is different. This time I have a plan.

I will go to the concert, have the best time of my life and meanwhile my mum will notice that I was gone. She's going to call me and I will tell her where I am. She will be concerned and will come to pick me up. She's going to be really angry with me and she's probably going to hit me, but it's all worth it.

My heart was beating faster than usual. I've never thought I'm going to do this. I was always thinking about it actually do it? That always seemed too much for me.

I grabbed my phone, a pen and a small notebook. Because, you know...You never know.

I stepped a little closer to the window and suddenly noticed that I forgot the most important thing.

I turned around and looked into a box under the bed. I opened it and picked up a few pieces of paper, stiched together. was ''a book'' I wrote about 5sos. I know this is so lame but let's face it. Didn't we all write something about our favorite band?

I put all of these things into my pockets. And yes, my jacket has a lot of big pockets.

Finally, I was ready to go.




I was running from a street to street and attracted some curious looks but I didn't care about it at all. The adrenaline took over my body so I just couldn't stop running, even though I felt like giving up. I was tired, hungry and I was barely breathing.

Wait is this McDonald's? Damn, how much I wish I could stop there.

But no, I can't think about food right now.

Everything is going on so fast, I can't even think straight. What am I actually going to do when I get there? I can't just step into the arena like hey I ran for like 2 hours so let me in.

Okay so maybe I didn't think this through...But there's no way that I don't get what I want after all this running. There's no way back now.


I noticed a big amount of girls waiting in line. They were all jumping, screaming,crying and then there was me...Sitting on the floor, catching my breath. I literally thought I'm going to pass out any moment.

And just as I finally felt fine, snow started falling from the sky. Great job weather, perfect timing!

I looked over to the security guards and they looked like they weren't really paying much attention to the girls coming in. Maybe I could actually make it?

I stood in line for quite a while when it was finally my turn. I was so scared.

I made a short eye contact with one of the guards which was a big mistake. A strong hand topped me. Fuck, I was so close!

"Excuse me miss, I think you're going to need a ticket to get in there"


"I friend went in here just a few seconds before and she um has my ticket in her bag." I quietly said, trying to sound convincing.

"Oh really? And how does your friend look like?" he tried to make sure I was telling ''the truth''.

I just looked over to the girl that went in before me and said "well her hair is long and brown, she's pretty tall an-and her bag is black." I was just so bad at lying, my god...

One of the guards actually looked convinced but...

"I'm sorry missy but if you think we're going to believe this bullshit, you are very wrong! Get away from here!" the man screamed and pushed me out of the line.

I was really scared. All the girls were looking at me. Some of them with anger, some with dissappointement and some even with sad, understanding eyes.


I felt terrible. What did I just want to do? Sneak into their concert? The girls must think I'm such a loser. Good one Lara!


But I do know one thing. I am not giving up that easily. It can't end up like this. No.






2. I know you want to kill me for not updating for so long, like a month or smething. I truly am sorry :-( It's just that I have 2 months left of school and a lot of exams and shit like that is coming. Beside school I also practice volleyball pretty much every day so...And I can't promise you that this will never happen again but I do promise that I will try harder to update sooner :-) but yeah when school and trainings end I PROMISE AN UPDATE EVERY WEEK MAYBE EVEN 2 DAYS IN A WEEK IDK YET <3


3.In the story Lara is from Slovenia that's because I really am so I apologize if I get the cities,weather or distances wrong I honestly have no idea how long it takes if you run from eastern LA to the centeral LA lol I'm a loser


4.Also, I'm sorry for all the mistakes because,again, my native language isn't English and also some of the letters on my keyboards aren't working that good so maybe you will find a lot of S's missing or T's :-)


Thank you so much for reading and don't worry if you think the story is boring now, it's going to get better, I PROMISE


stay awesome,

lara x

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