Thunder [5SOS FF]

No caption. It's all a surprise. But just so you know, the ending will be sad. Real sad and if you don't like crying you probably shouldn't read it.


1. The crazy idea

"You always have to do this, don't you? You really want me to suffer my whole life, don't you?!" I scream once again

"I won't listen to this, Lara! No means no and when I say that I don't let you go to that stupid concert, I mean it!" my mum yells. I knew exactly what she's going to say next. "At least once in your life, you could understand why I'm like this to you. You know exactly what I've been through so my actions are understandable, which doesn't mean yours are too. So I won't let you scream at me like that and-" I had to stop her.

"You know what? I'm so done with this! I'm always the cause for everything in your fucking life, but you never cared about me. All you care about is yourself! I hate you."

I swear to god. If anybody tells me that I shouldn't be like this to my mother, I will stab them without hesitation. I shut the door of my room and jumped on my bed. The tears instantly started falling from my eyes.

I know what you're all thinking. Another depressd teenage girl who thinks her life sucks.

But let me explain:

I was born 11/11/1995 in a small country called Slovenia. That was also the day when my father ran away from me and my mum. He was just one of those men who was too scared of being a parent. My mum was broken. For a while we were searching for him all over the world, but we couldn't find him. After eighteen years we still couldn't find him and my mum just couldn't get over that. Well, she somehow did, but not in the right way. Every month she had a new boyfriend that of course left her soon. So she was sad again. And when she was sad, she got drunk. And when she was drunk, she expressed her anger on me. Luckily this madness has stopped but I will never forget it. So basically, this is what mum meant when she said how awful, unfair and sad her life is. It's true, I should spare her but I can't do this my whole life?

And this time she really crossed the line. A few months ago she promised me concert ticket for my favorite band. Wow. I was so stupid to believe her. Never, and I seriously mean NEVER play with girl's feelings towards her favorite band.

The tickets were the lat ones and they were for the seat in the last row, but let be real here. Is there bad seat at the 5 seconds of summer concert? I think not. And I won't give up that quickly. I won't be able to convince my mum, I just know that. I know her well and she would probably hit me if I went down there and start annoying her again.

I need a new plan...

I smile to myself.

It's time for something new. Something that will work. Something absolutely crazy.

I will have to run away...



there goes the first chapter!


To be completely honet i'm really scared to publish this.This story was actually written in my native language which is Slovene but it sucked so i decited to translate it to english and post it here for my friends so shoutout to karin,maša,manja,tamara,rebeka,živa,katja and others!


And yes the main character's name is Lara because my name is also Lara it's just that i write better that way idk.

Probably no one is going to read this but that's good i don't really want a lot of people laughing at this lol :D



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