Thunder [5SOS FF]

No caption. It's all a surprise. But just so you know, the ending will be sad. Real sad and if you don't like crying you probably shouldn't read it.


3. "Hey!"

Come on...there must be another entrance here, right


I walked around the building for at least three times and let me tell you, this building is huge!

But I'm still not giving up.

Even more snow started to fall and I was freezing. I should've thought about the weather and bring more clothes with me. Wow, I thought I had everything planned well I feel so stupid.

My legs were hurting really bad so I sat down on the edge of the sidewalk. And suddenly, I saw the same two guards that kicked me out of the line before. Luckly, they haven't seen me but they walked somewhere.

I guess there's no one else who has the ticket there's only us, girls who don't have it. And by 'us' i mean me.

I watched them for a few seconds and see them unlocking a door. Wait, since when are those doors there? There's no way I overlooked them?

I ran over to the doors and tried to open them. Of course, it's locked.

But...when the boys end their concert and go out they probably won't go through the front entrance, right? I mean it would make more sense if they had another way out so one is for the crowd and the second one is for them and the crew. I don't know that's just my logic.

I pressed my left ear to the door and hoped I could hear some music or something, but I heard nothing.

I closed my eyes that started to tear up. I just really wanted to go to this concert. This band is basically my life and my biggest wish would come true if I could see them live just for once. I guess that's not happening.

I looked around and found a little space next to a wall and sat down. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes again.

I guess I'll just wait them here?


I hugged my knees with both of my hands and put my chin on them. It was cold. And yes, I know I could found a warmer place to wait but I really don't want to risk it.


I looked up in the sky and wished to see some sun light and feel the warmth like I usually do, but that didn't happen. It was all just grey. Grey with white snowflakes.


Once again, I closed my eyes. Just hold on. Everything will be fine...




I'm beginning to be more and more sleepy and atmosphere is more and more cold. I've been sitting here for at least 2 hours. In this time it has fallen about 2 inches of snow.

I'm shaking. And I can't feel my toes. My eyes are hardly open. My head is dizzy and the worst is that I can't move. I can't stand up and go search for help. I tried to scream but my throath hurtsas well. An right now... I can't hold it anymore...


I'm closing my eyes and falling asleep...




I'm slowly opening my eyes.

I'm just staring at the ceiling above me. Wait, ceiling? What is even going on, where am I?

I hear voices but not clearly enough, so I don't know what they're saying. My hearing and vision are both blurry. All I could feel is that this place was warm and that is all I actually cared about right now.  I liked it, so I closed my eyes and tried to relax for a little bit more.


But suddenly...I hear a laugh. The laugh I would recognize eveywhere and every time.

My eyes shot open again. I'm probably imagining things, right?


But voices are becoming clearer and my heart is beating faster.

I tried to move and now I just realized that I'm lying on a couch, covered with two blankets.


I tried to sit up but failed miserably. I made a loud noise when I fell to the ground. Isn't this just perfect!


"Shit!" I quicky rubbed my painful elbow.

The voices stopped for a moment and I can hear them coming closer.

No, no, no, no, no! I'm trying to stand up but my legs just aren't obeying me.

I angrily exhaled and finally looked above me.





guys thank you all for reading this but can I maybe get some comments on what you think about the story, I really want to know if I should continue this anyway? Even if you hate it  please let me know, I won't be angry or anything :-)

but basically the story is just starting now!


stay awesome,

lara x

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