My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


16. When the truth came out

Troy came into my room late one night and he sat down on my bed. I sat at my desk and looked at him. He looked worried. 
"Did Louis talked about how he feels about me?" 
I swallowed. 
"Yes, he has said that it's fun to get to know you again." 
He still looked down at his hands. 
"He's more fond of you and I feel that he may not want t know me as I have hoped for." 
I had no idea what I would say. 
"But he really cares about you, Dad." 
Troy looked up at me and smiled weakly. 
"When he calls me, he asks more about you than how I have it." 
I wanted to scream out straight. I swallowed again and I felt that I blushed. 
"We have a good contact." I got out of me. "If you want I can back away and not talk to him?" 
"No!" he exclaimed directly. "It's just great that you socialize. I'm just so scared of losing him again and that he doesn't want to know me better."


"We must sharpen up!" I said right away when Louis called me. "Your dad notice that you don't care about him and he's so afraid of losing you." 
Louis sighing. 
"But I'll call him." 
I sighed. 
"To ask how things are going for me. You have to ask how he is and what happens in his life." 
Louis didn't like the idea. 
"But I don't care nearly about him. It's you I want to talk to." 
I looked at him in surprise. 
"You came to our family to get to know him?" 
Louis nodded a little bit and looked down at his hands. 
"But then I met you and you got me ..." he made a pause. "Hadn't you been there, in my dad's family, I wouldn't have bothered me as much as I do."
I felt myself stiffen. 
"So you don't care about him?" 
Louis blushed just more. 
"I just wanted to see how his family looked like, when I first came. I knew immediately that I wanted you when I saw you and he's not an important person in my life." He looked up at me. "My mother got a new man a long time ago and it's he who I think is my dad." 
I almost fainted. 
"So you don't care about Troy?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, it's just you that is important. I don't care about him."


Okay! I had to put a stop to my and Louis so-called relationship. I realized that I was about to really lose control and I didn't want to hurt Troy.


When Louis was coming home to my parents, on the weekend, I chose to arrange so that I would sleep over at Kim's place. I didn't want to be the one that was in the way and I didn't want to mess up between them. Louis had simply to understand that it was Troy he would talk to and not with me.


Friday went slowly. I tried to be happy against Kim and I tried to be as normal as I could. On Saturday, we were out walking, we ate food and we talked with her ​​parents. Then we saw a movie and was in her room. Right as it was Kim's mother came into the room and swallowed. 
"Hope, your mom will comer over pick you up." 
I sat up in the bed. What had Louis now found on? 
She smiled weakly. 
"She didn't tell, she just said you were going home."


Mom was resolute when she picked me up. She said nothing, and drove straight home to us. I realized that Louis could have told the truth, but I was still unsure. I went into the house and found Troy and Louis in the kitchen. Mom went behind me and cleared her throat lightly. 
"We need to talk!" 
I swallowed, I blushed and I sat down on a chair. Mom sat down so she could see me, and then she seemed to look for the right words. 
"So how long were you going to hide the fact that you are together with Louis?" 
I just wanted to cry. I didn't know what to say. Louis seemed satisfied, but I avoided looking at him. 
"Louis told me that you are a couple." Troy whispered. "We just want to know if it's true?" 
I wanted to scream no. I looked up at Troy and the tears came. 
"But I didn't want to hurt you?"
Troy smiled weakly. 
"You didn't hurt me, but I wish you could have been honest?" 
Mom sighed irritably. 
"Come on Troy and be not such a wimp. Our children have a relationship and you should just accept it? Who knows what they did? She may be pregnant if they have gone so far and I'm disappointed in both." 
I saw how Troy fell together. 
"But if they're together and we don't approve it. Then it feels as if not we should be together?" 
I was startled and looked straight at him. 
He smiled weakly. 
"You accept that I'm with your mom and I see no obstacle that you happen to fall for my son. You aren't really a family and you have nothing to stop you from being together."
Mom stood up and she looked coldly at us all three. 
"Are you nuts?" 
Louis grinned and he also stood up. 
"I'm not her brother, and I'm not her relative. What's wrong if we love one another?" 
Mom just wanted to scream. 
"She's my daughter!" 
Troy smiled and shook his head. 
"There's no excuse. He's my son."


I felt small again. Kind of like that time when Troy had given me money to buy sweets for. When I got home mom scolded him and said that she stood for all expenses that had to do with me. I had been so scared and I didn't understand what was wrong. That time, it wasn't about some money, now it was about even more.


Mom left the house and I heard how she gassed off with the car. 
"She'll calm down." said Troy, smiling at us. "I give you permission to do what you want and I wont be in the way for you."

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