My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


11. To come over

"So was Louis okay?" asked my mom when I got home. I had no answer. I didn't tell her about the weekend, so I lied. 
"Yeah, he's okay?" 
She smiled and looked at me. 
"He showed up London?" 
I nodded and swallowed. 
"We went shopping clothes. I was on a disco, but I drank no alcohol." 
Mom hugged me quickly. 
"I know that you are a good daughter. I'm so glad he and you will agree."


I felt like a split personality. I didn't want to be with Louis, yet he attracted me. I could sit in bed and just dream about the weekend that had been. I was almost angry at myself and it was hard to not have control over it. I kept myself away from Skype and I didn't even write to him. I felt mean, but at the same time, I wanted to collect myself and find out what I wanted.


One evening there was a knock on the door and Troy poked his head through the door. 
"I just talked to Louis. He wants you to call him." 
I had a book in my lap and quickly shook my head. 
"I have to study." 
Troy sighed slightly and frowned. 
"But it only takes a few minutes."
I wanted to scream no, but I didn't. 
"He misses you." Troy mumbled, blushing slightly. "You get along well and I don't want you hurting him. He's a good guy and I want to continue to have contact with him." 
I sighed. 
"Okay, I'll call him when I'm done."


Louis lit up as soon as son as he saw my face on Skye. 
"I miss you!" 
I leaned back in his chair. 
"Louis, we can't continue." 
He disagreed. 
"Please Hope I don't give up on you and I know you want me. Hadn't dad been in the picture, you wouldn't have hesitated." 
I frowned. 
"You are so sure about everything?" 
He laughed. 
"When I want something, I'll do anything until I get it. I can't buy you, but I can prove that together we are perfect."


I walked in a daze. I felt like a liar to my parents, I felt like a traitor to Louis and however I did, ​​was someone hurt.


On Friday, Troy planned to take mom out to a restaurant. I smiled and enjoyed to be alone. 
"We'll sleep in hotels." Mom whispered to me and blushed. "We're going home tomorrow and I can call you when we are on our way?" 
I laughed. 
"A night without kids?" 
She nodded and giggled. 
"We're going to dance all night and just be together. We need it!"
Troy laughed and then he smiled at me. 
"Louis will be here tonight. He wanted to meet us, and he stays the whole weekend." 
I was quiet and I felt how I froze. 
Troy kissed mom on the cheek and smiled contentedly. 
"The kids get to take care of themselves?"


I panicked! When mom and Troy had left the yard I thought about locking the door. I thought about playing as if I wasn't home, but I knew I couldn't do it.


Louis threw himself into my arms when I opened the door, but I was annoyed. 
"Please, we can't have a relationship." 
He smiled and released me. 
"Well, we can do whatever we want. You make me become a new person and I love you." 
I tore myself from his arms. 
"You don't even use a condom? What if I get pregnant?" 
Louis was quick. He opened the bag and took out condoms. 
"I also thought about that part."
"But my mom will be angry?" 
Louis laughed and looked at me with an amused look. 
"You always think everyone else will react, but what do you want? Wouldn't you want us to have fun together with me and what we are doing isn't wrong?" 
I sighed. 
"Well, that's wrong!" 
He shook his head and closed the front door. 
"No, we love one another."
I sighed. 
"You don't love me. You think you own me and you still do what you want when I saying NO." 
He smiled big. 
"You loved having sex with me, and that was my fault?" 
I blushed. 
"I mean everything else." 
He took a few steps toward me. 
"Don't you think it's right? I feel it with my whole body and I love anything that has to do with you."
"And what will you say to my mom and your dad? I happened seduce my so-called sister?
Louis took my face between his hands and looked deeply into my eyes. 
"No. I will ask them to let us be."
I looked at him coldly. 
"It wont work." 
He smiled and he looked at me with warm eyes. I saw that he was sure about his opinion and it just made me more insecure. 
"All I want is that we try." he whispered. "I want to prove that I'm the right guy for you and I'm not looking for anything other person than you."
I didn't give up. 
"So you come here to get me to change my mind?" 
He shook his head. 
"I came here because I can't be without you."


What made me so afraid was that he was so sure about everything. Had he just fallen for me and now he refused to let me go? Didn't he realize we were in trouble, our parents wouldn't understand, and that everyone else had opinions about us?

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