My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


14. To change

It was actually a wonderful evening and we began to walk along the road. We went deeper into the woods and actually began Louis to talk. 

"Your first boyfriend?" asked Louis to find out more about me. 
"Sam and we were eight years old." 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"It started early?" 
I smiled. 
"No, we didn't even hold hands, but we were together for six months. I don't think he loved me, but all had girlfriends at the time. It was innocent." I then looked at him. "And you and your first girlfriend?" 
Louis pondered. 
"Fifteen years old and we were together for a month. We did everything." 
I frowned. 
Louis giggled. 
"Yes, she wanted to try and we made it to the bathroom in school. It wasn't successful, but it didn't matter. She broke up with me."
I sighed. 
"And have you had sex with all of you been with?" 
Louis pondered. 
"Yes indeed! And some others just to do it." 
I was annoyed. 
"Don't you see a pattern?" 
He looked at me in surprise. 
"How do you mean?" 
I sighed and realized that he wasn't  smart when it came to relationships. 
"You may chose girls that you could have sex with and maybe that was the only thing you wanted? No wonder you haven't been together with someone for a long time?"
He balked. 
"Now when  you mention it, so maybe you're right?" 
I sighed. 
"Have you been with a girl for more than six months?" 
He shook his head. 
I looked at him. 
"So then you know what I'm talking about?"
Louis sighed and I understood that he realized what he had done wrong. 
"But I love sex and I love to ..." he looked at me. "You mean I should try to focus not only on the bed?" 
I nodded immediately and laughed a little bit. 
"You have to talk and learn to listen." 
He agreed. 
"You're right!"


When we got back to the house, slept mom and Troy sat up and waited for us. 
"Where were you?" 
Louis was proud. 
"Out in the wild, and went into the woods. We talked." 
Troy smiled big. 
"That's great!" 
I nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"Sometimes you have to talk to get to know each other?" 
Louis agreed. 
"And you must learn to listen."


I lay alone in my bed and I heard how Louis lay down in his bed. I heard he started snoring and I was happy. If he changed on himself, I'd like him a lot more. I didn't just want a guy who wanted to have sex with me. I wanted a boyfriend who talked, listened and understood what I meant. Okay that Louis had only managed one night to talk, but I would change him and I would make him much more open to me.

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