My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


17. The truth

"Now you know why I was against this." I mumbled when Louis came with me up to my room. "My mom will never forgive me and .." 
Louis put his hand over my mouth and laughed a little bit. 
"You heard what my father said, she'll get over it." 
I sighed and took off his his. 
"But this is serious, Louis." 
He smiled and took his arms around my waist. I couldn't get away from him and chose to stand still. 
"So why did you tell them about us?" 
Louis smiled and he raised his eyebrows. 
"I wanted you home." 
I almost choke. 
"So you did it just so you could get me to come home? Are you sick in the head?" 
He smiled. 
"But I missed you and when you weren't at home yesterday, I was sad and I just missing you."
I tore myself away from him and looked at him coldly. 
"Louis do you think you will always get what you want? Are you stupid or what?" 
He was annoyed and looked at me. 
"No, but I panicked and I understood why you were away. You wanted me to hang out with that damn old man?" 
I was furious. 
"That old man is here for you and he loves you. He raised me and he has taken care of me. Are you selfish or what?"
I saw that Louis was as angry as me, but I didn't want him to talk bad about my family. 
"I want you to leave my room!" I mumbled cold. "I want you to leave my house and you leave my father in peace." 
Louis looked coldly at me. 
"Why would I do that? This is my home and I do what I want. My so called father isn't the boss over me and you are just a fucking bitch who thinks she can decide over me?"
Both Louis and I jumped. 
"Leave my family alone!" we heard Troy say and we both realized that he had heard what we were talking about. Louis blushed immediately and spun around. 
"But,,, I just meant ..." 
"I heard what you said about me." Troy hissed. "I thought you wanted to have contact with me, but I understand that you were just looking for ruin everything for me." 
Louis didn't know what he would say and without a word he left the room. I heard he took his things and left the house.


"His mother said he had problems." Troy whispered right as it was. "She said she couldn't handle him, but I thought she was just exaggerating." 
I started to cry and threw myself into his arms. 
"Forgive me!" 
He hugged me back and smiled weakly. 
"I was also scammed."

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