My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


8. The truth?

Louis eventually managed to convince me. I would visit London next weekend and he was overjoyed. 
"So we can't keep up and be there too?" asked Troy. Louis cleared his throat lightly and swallowed. 
"I want to actually have a weekend with Hope and get to know her." 
I looked up on him, and when he saw my eyes he blushed. I wondered still why he was so single-minded with me. I was important to him?


On Friday, my mom drove me to the train station. She hugged me and made ​​sure I got with me the bag. 
"Hope you have a nice weekend." she said and smiled at me. I sensed that it would be a different weekend. I just hoped that I would understand why Louis was so on me. 
"Yes, it will be fun." 
Mom straightened my jacket and went with me to the train. 
"And if there's something you calling?" 
I nodded and smiled at her. 
"If I know Louis right, he will make sure I have all weekend full with activities." 
She laughed and nodded. 
"He really likes you." she said. "Every time Troy talking to Louis, he asks how you are and if you are home." 
I looked at mom that she didn't reacted. 
"Isn't that strange?" 
She looked at me and didn't seem to agree. 
"OK, he's very much interested in you, but I think he means well."


When the train went into the station, I received direct view of Louis. He stood and waited, and I saw how he looked eagerly for the train. I smiled a little bit and took my bag. I only managed to get out of the train, he came towards me. 
I hugged him quickly. 
"Hey, now I'm here?" 
He nodded and took my bag from me. Then he took the other arm around my waist and headed for his car. 
"I thought you had backed out." he got out and gave me a happy look. "But now you're here?"


It felt funny to walk into Louis's house. I don't know why, but everything was so different. I felt it smelled clean and he had actually really cleaned up before I got there. 
"I didn't think you'd see my dirt!" he got out himself and laughed. "I've cleaned for two days." 
I laughed and gave him a quick glance. 
"You live nicely ..." 
"Thank you!"


When evening came, invited Louis into his buddies, Niall and Harry. They seemed to be impressed by me when I showed up and I saw the looks that they gave Louis. 
"Talk to you stylish siblings." Niall mumbled to him. I heard Louis I warned him to even touch me and I smiled a little bit. Louis really took responsibility on deadly serious and I assumed he meant well. When they began to pick up beer, I wasn't sure anymore. 
"Relax!" Louis whispered to me. "No one knows your correct age." 
I sighed and looked at him. 
"You always say that?" 
He smiled. 
"You look older than you are and I would not have guessed that you were seventeen years old."


Okay! London was great and the taxi drove us to a place where the guys always went. I noted that I was really too young, but at the same time it was exciting. Louis saw the whole time that I was with them and he almost hung up on me. I came in, even though I was too young.


"Can I offer you anything?" asked Niall as soon as we got to the bar. I noted that Louis was a little mad at him. I laughed at Louis glances and nodded towards Niall. 
"You probably know what girls want, so choose something." 
He blushed slightly and nodded. I noted that he ordered a drink for me and he gave over the glass with my uncertain. 
"I think this is okay. I have a few girlfriends who always orders it."
We walked over to a table and Louis followed closely behind me. He sat almost on me and I could do nothing but laugh at him. 
"If I can't get to know your friends?" I asked nicely. He smiled weakly and swallowed. 
"Yeah, but you don't need to flirt with them?" 
I laughed. 
"Louis, I either flirt or do anything else. And why are you so afraid I'm going to do that?" 
He sneezed. 
"They are my friends and I don't want my sister to be together with them." 
I started to laugh. 
"So now I'm your sister?" 
He blushed slightly. 
"No, but you're part of the family."


Louis became worse. I danced with Harry and I saw what kind of looks we got. Louis seemed almost just angry at Harry and he was annoyed with me. 
"That's cool!" whispered Harry quickly to me. "I know Louis is anxious about you, but sometimes he goes over the limit." 
I sighed. 
"He's weird?" 
Harry laughed and shook his head. 
"I don't want to be the one to gossip, but I think he's a little in love with you. He hasn't talked about his dad much, but he tells everything about you." 
I blushed. 
Harry pulled me from the dance floor and we stood in a corner. 
"Can't you see he's totally in love with you?" 
I swallowed and I blushed. So I had had the right hunch?


When we got back to the table, I felt how Louis sat near me. He took his arm around backrest behind my back and he seemed to highlight for everyone else that I belonged to him. I was amused, but at the same time, I didn't liked it. Louis was Troy's son, and I sensed that neither mom or Troy would be keen on the idea. Maybe it would go over and Louis would realize that it wouldn't work?

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