My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


6. The party

On Friday, I had an exam in school. It was a difficult test, but I managed quite well to answer the questions. 
"How'd it go?" Kim asked as we left the classroom. 
"I do not know." I mumbled and walked to my locker. I put in the things  that I would leave and took my bag. Right as it was, I heard Kim flinch. 
"Who's he?" 
I spun my head around and saw Louis. He stood at the door and leaned lightly against the wall. He hadn't seen me yet, but I realized it was me he was waiting for. 
"My brother." I mumbled. Kim balked. 
"But you don't have a brother?" 
I shook my head and smiled at her. 
"It is Troy's son, whom he has regained contact with. He lives in London."
Kim's eyes shone. 
"Is he single?" 
I laughed and smiled at her. 
"Well yes, you might have a chance?" 
Kim went before me up to Louis and I saw how she really did everything so that he could see her, but Louis just looked at me. 
I laughed. 
"My friend, Kim." I got out of me. Louis gave her a quick glance and looked at me again. Kim was almost disappointed. I saw at him that he was in a good mood. 
"Wouldn't you be in London this weekend?" 
He blushed. 
"I wanted to come to your and take care of daddy's little." He showed the car keys. "I drive you home?" 
Kim cheered. 
"Can I keep up?" 
Louis nodded slightly and then he took his arm around my shoulders. He steered me toward the car. Kim's eyes were wide and she almost looked like a kid who just met Santa Claus. 
"I live a good distance from you." 
Louis smiled weakly. 
"I know!" 
I realized that Kim didn't know anything. 
"He picked me up from you in the evening."


When Kim had jumped out of the car I looked in wonder at Louis. 
"Okay, come on, why did you come here?" 
He blushed and started the car. 
"I wanted to meet you all." 
I raised an eyebrow. 
"You could have gone home to mom and Troy?" 
He giggled. 
"I wanted to surprise you first."


I must admit that I suspected that Louis was more interested in me, against what he was for his own father. When we got to the house, I saw at Troy that Louis wasn't expected, but they let him in with open arms. Mom was also surprised, but she hugged him. 

"I missed you." Louis got out to his dad. I snorted lightly, but no one heard me.


In the evening, I would go to a smaller party and directly quoted Louis that I was dressed up. 
"I can drive you?" 
I sighed. 
"No, I can walk." 
Mom stopped me. 
"It's not safe to be out on the street on a Friday. Let him take you there." 
I saw that everyone agreed with her. I spun around and looked at Louis. 
"Okay, but don't tell them that you're my babysitter." 
He grinning. 


When the car stopped outside the party ran directly Kim out to us and opened my door. 
"Louis, you can also get in, if you want to?" 
I balked and wanted to say no, but I couldn't. 
"Yes!" he said cheerfully directly. "It would be more fun than to go home to daddy."


I noticed that all the girls were delighted with Louis presence. He almost became the party. Kim was like a little kid and giggled lightly against me. 
"He's super stylish!" 
I heard all giggled at him and Louis seemed almost surprised at the attention. He gave me a quick glance and then smiled to everyone. 
"I'm here with Hope!" almost as if he was my boyfriend. I saw how everyone was staring at me and I blushed. 
"He's Troy's son, not mine!"


Oh well! I let Louis take care of the girls and tried instead to have fun. Direct Matt came up to me and smiled big. 
"So you have older boyfriends?" 
If Matt had shown me interest a year ago, I had thrown myself over him. I knew he was a girl eater and he did everything to get inside a pair of panties. 
"No!" I mumbled cold. "He's my so-called brother." 
I had been in love with Matt, but now he was being awful. He seemed disappointed, and vanished away. In a way, I was happy, but at the same time I noticed the impact that Louis had at all.


I was surprised when Louis right as it was popped up behind me. He took his hands gently against my hip and leaned toward me. 
"Boring party?" 
I grinning. 
"I thought you loved being here? Girls love you?" 
He suckad. 
"But I don't want them. Couldn't we go somewhere else?" 
I gave him a quick glance. 
"I will not go into the disco, nor at the pub. I'm not eighteen years old yet." 
Louis leaned his lips on my cheek and smiled bigger. 
"If you're with me, you in?" 
I gulped and looked around the room. It wasn't a fun party and what he said attracted more. 
"Okay!" I mumbled. "Don't tell it to Troy or mom."

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