My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


7. The disco

Louis parked the car away from the disco, and he smiled at me.
"I promise I won't tell dad that I brought you here."
We jumped out of the car and began to walk towards the entrance. Louis took my hand in his and I looked at him in surprise. He smiled just soothing to me.
"They have to believe that you are with me?"
I knew he meant well, and I saw that the guards didn't seem to care about me. They smiled at Louis and let us in. I almost fainted.
"They didn't want to see my ID?"
Louis smiled and pulled me towards the room.
"You' with me, then they think you are old enough."
I was surprised. I went with him to the bar and he made ​​sure I sat on a bar stool. Then he stood close to me and held his arms on the bar, on arm on each side of my body.
"So do you want something?"
I blushed .
"I haven't..."
Louis laughed and put his lips to my ear.
"Hope, you get what you want for me, you need to relax. Nobody sees that you aren't old enough and I'll take care of you."


I must admit that I had fun. We danced and on the dance floor all seemed to dance with everyone. Louis didn't dropped me and he kept constantly eye on me. It was as if he was my bodyguard and he had a mission. I just drank one drink, but it was enough for me. I felt my whole body just wanted to jump and I felt so good.


We ended up in a corner of the room and a few girls joined us. I was surprised when Louis pushed me down on his lap, when we sat down at the table. 
"Who's she?" I heard one of the girls ask. 
"My girlfriend!" Louis responded quickly and got the girls to leave us in peace. 
"Why did you say so?" I asked. Louis took his arms around my body and put his face against my cheek. 
"Didn't you notice? They leave us alone?" 
I smiled weak. 
"But I'm your so-called sister." 
Louis grunted. 
"Must you always remind me of that part? We aren't siblings and we're not even related." 
I giggled. 
"Well, we are by your father," 
Louis groaned and I felt his arms slid more around my body. 
"Come on Hope. You feel as I do, that we aren't siblings?" 
I swallowed. 
"But your father ..." 
He interrupted me. 
"You're more like my friend?"
"Okay!" I got up. "We're friends, but don't call me your girlfriend." 
Louis giggled and I felt how he pressed me against him. 
"What's wrong with calling you that?" 
I swallowed. 
"I'm not even at your age and I don't think I'm your type." 
I shook my head. 
"No, and you're not my type." 
Louis sounded more disappointed. 
"So what's your kind of guy, then?" 
I had no answer. I had no particular type that I fell for, but I knew that Louis wasn't absolutely a guy that I wanted to fall for. 
"I don't know!"


I got back that feeling in my body. Louis was flirting with me? Or was he just himself and liked to hang out with me. I never got the hang of him and when we got home, I lay directly in bed. I heard he rummaged around in his room and then there was silence. I lay a long time and wondered how Louis was against me. Maybe he just liked hugging and flirting? Some guys were such, and they loved to talk about everything.

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