My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


5. Skype

I sat and did homework when suddenly skype rang. I didn't recognize who it was and clicked it off. Quickly it came up a message. 
//Don't wanna talk to me? :( It's Louis,,,//
I smiled and swallowed. I added him to the contact list and called him up Louis responded by putting the camera on and I saw his face in the screen. 
"I want to see you." he said directly and I obeyed him. I turned on the camera and smiled at him. 
"What do you want?" 
He laughed a little bit and looked almost just me. 
"I just wondered if you can take care of Dad or do you need help?" 
I frowned. 
"You're weird." 
He tittered, 
"Seriously, how is it with you?" 
I looked down at my homework books. 
"Good, but there's a lot in school." 
"Need Help?"
I looked up at him. 
"You're in London, it doesn't work that way." 
He smiled and I saw that he enjoyed seeing me. 
"I'm thinking about to get over to you this weekend." 
I swallowed. 
"But you were here this weekend?" 
He raised his eyebrows. 
"But it was fun and I miss you a little." 
I smiled a little bit. 
"Dad, I mean Troy, miss you. Why don't you call him?" 
Louis cleared his throat lightly. 
"He doesn't have skype." 
"But he has got a phone?" 
Louis blushed and I saw that he wasn't sure. 
"Yes, but this is more fun."


Troy was surprised that Louis had contacted me. He looked puzzled at me and seemed almost a little sad. 
"But he can call me?" 
I smiled. 
"I told him that, but it seemed he like skype better." 
Troy nodded and sat down. 
"Can you help me get it to my computer?" 
I nodded and smiled at him. 


We arranged with the camera and microphone to Troy's computer. I installed skype and explained how it worked. I sought out Louis and wrote to him from Troy. 
//Your father's skype. Now you can call him too. Hug Hope//
I got a response. 
//Okay, thanks//
"Wow!" exclaimed Troy directly. "So now I can talk to him?" 
I nodded and smiled. 
"Yes, you can even see him with his camera, if he puts it on."
Troy sat down next to me and smiled big. I saw at him that he was really delighted to get the opportunity to call Louis and at the same time to see him. 
"Can't we call?" 
I smiled and nodded. I called Louis numbers and I heard a tired Louis answered. 
"Hey, Dad?" 
I giggled. 
"So angry you sounds?" 
There was silence for a few seconds the and then I heard how Louis sounded completely different. 
"Are you there?" 
I nodded. 
"I help your dad so that he can call you." 
"Hi!" exclaimed Troy and swallowed. "You can turn the camera so that I may see you?"
Louis laughed and obeyed him. We got to see Louis face and I saw that he was lying in bed and he seemed tired. 
"Can I see you?" he asked. I showed Troy how to put the camera on and I saw that Louis lit up when he saw us. 
"You'll take care of dad, Hope?" Louis received teasing. "Good to see you." 
I smiled at him and then looked at Troy. 
"You want to talk alone with him?" 
"No!" I heard Louis say directly. "It's more fun if everyone involved in the conversation."
I sighed. 
"Louis, you know I have homework?" 
He also sighed. 
"Yes, but just for this time?" 
Troy agreed. 
"You know how this works with skype." 
I smiled at them. 
"You guys are weird."


I sat and was quiet. I heard that Troy told Louis about the job and Louis told Troy about his work. I swallowed and tried not to look for the bored. 
"Dad?" suddenly Louis asked. "Can't Hope come here this weekend?" 
Troy  looked at me. 
"You'll have to ask her." 
Louis sighing. 
"She always says no." 
I laughed a little bit. 
"I hear what you say." 
He smiled big. 
"I know and I thought you would understand that you are so good at saying no. Couldn't you say yes just once?" 
I shook my head. 
"I've met you one weekend, I don't know you and..." 
"Get to know me then." he answered quickly and interrupted me. "I'm not dangerous."
Troy laughed a little bit. 
"Your sister doesn't want to go." 
Louis continued to smile. 
"She's not my sister .." 
I agreed and Troy sighed quickly. 
"Who cares? She doesn't want."

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