My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


9. .. seduced...

I got to sleep in a guest room and Louis made ​​sure everything was there. Then he went into his room and I heard he was moving for a while, then he lay in bed. I wasn't tired and looked up at the ceiling. The idea that Louis was interested in me felt crazy, yet exciting. What was it he liked with me? I wasn't old enough and he could choose who he wanted. I had seen how the girls looked at him, when we were at the disco, but he didn't care. It was as if he didn't notice that he's really attracted many girls. He just stared at me and I wasn't even interested in him, or was I?


In the morning I woke up when Louis lay down beside me in bed. I felt the mattress sank and I felt an arm around my waist. I lay with my back to him and I felt his breath against my hair. The whole I was trembling and I wasn't prepared for him to be there. I felt him lay near me and I felt his lips against my cheek. 
"Are you awake?" 
I swallowed. 
"I am now." 
I chose to put me around on my back and I saw how Louis nearly drilled into his eyes at me. 
"Did you sleep well?" 
I smiled and nodded. Louis had left his arm across my stomach and he didn't want to remove it. 
"It's great that you're here." he murmured happily. "Mostly I'm just alone and it's not so fun?"
Should I tell him that he shouldn't have feelings for me? I wanted to say something, but I didn't dare. Instead, I played dumb. 
"So why are you single? Many in your age have girlfriends?" 
He smiled a little bit and raised his eyebrows. 
"I'm picky!" 
I frowned. 
"Didn't you see how the girls staring at you yesterday? You could have picked up whoever you wanted and many of them seemed okay?" 
Louis frowned and he looked down at my nightgown thinking. 
"Hope, you simply can't flirt with just anyone." 
Did he talk about that he could flirt with me, but not with anyone else? I wondered if he had put me high up on a pedestal. Okay I was a virgin and I lacked experience. Maybe that attracted him?


After breakfast we went to the shops and Louis showed me what clothing stores we could go to. I was in the celestial kingdom, but I couldn't afford the fancy clothes. We were inside a clothing store and I tried a really nice dress. 
"You own it." said Louis cheerfully with big eyes. I looked at the price tag and he noted that I was startled. He came into the dressing room and looked at me with a knowing look. 
"Hope, if you want it, I buy it for you." 
I looked up at him and shook my head. 
"It's expensive?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"But you look so great in it and if I were you, I would say yes. I have money and I have a job."


I was surprised. Louis bought clothes for me, he bought the jewelry and he even found a Perfume that he only wanted to give to me. 
"I can't repay." I mumbled. He laughed and opened the taxi door for me. 
"Hope, that's cool!"


When we got to the house I went straight up to my bedroom. I took off my clothes and picked up the new ones. I put on clean bra and panties, then I was ready to take on what was new. I didn't notice that Louis came in and I didn't notice that he came forward to me. Not until I felt a pair of arms around my waist and I blushed immediately. 
"Don't you knock on the door?" I got out of me and made ​​sure I hid my body. Louis giggled and shook his head. 
"No, it's my house."
I felt his arms slid over my stomach and I became aware of his bodily presence. I would say no, and I spun around. I didn't say a single word. Louis lips were fast and without that I had time to resist, he kissed me. Against my will, I answered the kiss and I felt my stomach tingled. What were we doing? Louis didn't care, and he took his arms around me and pressed me up against him. I took my arms around his shoulders and I end how perfect he kissed me. I didn't even resistance when his tongue slid inside my lips.


"Hope, I think I love you." murmured Louis and I felt his hands slid over my back. We breathed heavily and I had no idea what would happen. I wanted to resist, but I couldn't. 
"But I belong to your family?" 
Louis smiled and pulled me towards the bed. 
I swallowed and got mad at myself. Why couldn't I resist? Louis got me down on the mattress and he landed on top of me. I felt how he parted my legs and I felt how he landed against my body. 
"I don't care." he murmured and kissed me again. We were intense and I couldn't resist. I pulled him off the shirt and I could hear him groaning. I discovered his naked skin and I was intense. I felt how he started rubbing his boner against me and immediately I took my legs around his waist. I felt how he got me to follow every movement and my whole body wanted to explode.


He pulled off my bra and I felt his hands found my two breasts. I felt his skin against mine and I couldn't stop. Louis kissed me more intense and I realized that we were heading in the wrong direction. 
"We shouldn't?" I mumbled, but Louis just smiled and looked into my eyes. 
"We are big enough to take responsibility?" 
His hand slipped down to my panties and he caressed me in the right place. I groaned and uterine. Louis let his hand slip inside the fabric and I felt how he got my whole body to move. He kissed me again and I felt him perfectly stretched out his hand over the clitoris. He moved it over my wet hole and eventually I gave up. I let him seduce me and I let him have control. My panties slipped off and I was completely naked beneath him. I was completely in his power, and he steered me toward unfamiliar roads. 
"I'm a virgin." I got out of me. Louis stopped and he was breathing rapidly. 
"Are you?" 
I nodded and smiled at him. 
"I'm not old enough?" 
He grinned and I felt a finger penetrated. Direct I screamed almost straight out and pushed me up against his hand. Louis kissed me again and he pulled down his pants. I felt he also quickly got off her underwear and I felt his hard dick between us. I brought myself up against his hand and I whimpered. When he penetrated, I knew that we really had gone too far. I felt how he filled me and I felt that he made me just want to have sex. Louis groaned and pushed himself all the way inside. He filled me and I threw back my head. Louis smiled and kissed me on the neck. I felt how he began to bring the body up and down. I felt how he began to increase the pace and I just lay there and enjoyed. So wonderful, so forbidden.


We moaned, we were like mad, we spun around in bed and we bounced hard on each other's bodies. I was like a wild cat and I couldn't stop. Louis made ​​me scream with pleasure and he made me shake of tremors. I had no idea what we were doing anymore. At one moment I lay beneath him, almost the next second I sat and rode him. It was as if I wanted to try everything and finally flooded over. My body began to shake and it felt like an explosion in the entire body.


Afterwards I lay in his arms and just breathed. My whole body shook with everything that had happened and I heard how happy he sounded. 
"To be a virgin, you are absolutely incredible." 
I blushed. 
"I had no idea I was like that. Sorry!" 
He laughed and hugged me lightly. 
"Hope, I love to touch your body and it was absolutely incredible. Your the best!"
I swallowed and looked up at him. 
"You seduced me or what happened?" 
He looked at me with loving eyes. 
"It just happened and it was meant. You need not be ashamed."

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