My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


1. prologue

Troy Austin was the man who would become my so called father. My mom Wendy met him when I was five years old and somewhere along the way, he landed in our little family. He had had a family before us, and I heard that he had a son. Troy had lost contact with his son and with his old family. I think he missed them, but he tried to do everything so that he wouldn't make the same mistakes again. He took care of mom and he tried to be a role model for me.


When I was fifteen years old married Troy my mom. I was glad that they took the plunge and I was glad that he truly became one of us. Somehow, I adapted myself over the years and I had slowly realized that I liked Troy. He was a kind person, he really wished that everything would be fine. He took no place, but he was like a father to me.


I was seventeen when everything changed. Troy sat in the kitchen and he had tears in his eyes. I saw that he was holding a letter in his hand and he looked up at me with trembling lips. 
"My son ..." he whispered. I didn't understand what he was talking about and gave him a suspicious look. 
"Yes, I know you have a son?" 
He took a deep breath. 
"Louis wants to see me. He wants to make peace and he wants to get to know me again." 
I had mixed feelings. It felt like something from the past showed up and I didn't like the thought that Louis would let my dad be his father. My own father was dead and I had appointed Troy to substitute him. Now it felt as if he would choose his real child instead of me.


"But, beloved Hope!" Mom said when she found me crying on the bed. She sat on the edge and pulled her hand over my back. 
"Louis wont take him away from us. He will just come here to get to know Troy and we can't stop him." 
I looked up at her and wiped away tears. 
"But what he will forget me? Louis is still his biological son, and I'm just ... me?" 
Mom smiled and shook his head. 
"No Troy wont forget you. He just wants to give Louis a chance and he wants to actually have contact with his only son, You must understand him."


I had no idea how Troy planned his return with his son. I heard that they first met the first time in the city. They ate a meal together and a happy Troy came home in the evening. 

A week later Troy meet up Louis somewhere else and they had spent a whole day together. 


"This weekend will Louis come here!" Suddenly he exclaimed one day. "He wants to meet you and I want him to get to know you." 
I got angry and looked up at him coldly. Mom saw directly my reaction and kicked me on the leg under the table. 
"What fun, he's welcome here!"


I hated Louis, I really hated him and I weren't going to welcome him

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