My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


3. my anger

In the morning I went down with nightgown and robe on me. I noted that Troy and mom had clothes on, which was unusual. We used to always sit and talk before we put on our clothes. This morning saw that mom looked at me and shook her head.
"You can go up and take on something?"
I sighed and gave her a cold look.
"I don't change myself just because he 's here. We always sit with our nightgown on when we eat breakfast."
I saw that Troy understood me, and he quickly looked at mom.
"It's not so bad, She's not naked?"
I gave him a grateful look and sat down. Louis came right after me, and I heard he was in a good mood .
"What a soft bed I got." he said happily. "I haven't slept so well in a long time."
He sat down next to me and I noticed he was sitting too close to me.
"What do you usually do on Saturdays?" he continued. Mom sat down and pondered.
"Hope usually go over to friends. Troy and I see on the TV, drink some wine and just take it easy."
Louis lit up and looked at me. 
"Do you have any pubs here or do you go home to each other?" 
I sighed. 
"I'm seventeen years old, I'm not inside the pub!" 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"But if I go, you can keep up with me?" 
"No thanks!" 
Mom kicked my leg again. I sighed and smiled cold towards Louis. 
"I have other plans."


I made ​​sure I got on my regular clothes. A black dress, tights and black shoes. I painted my face and made ​​sure that I, as always, looked okay. Right as it was, I heard the door opened and I saw Louis's face. 
"Get out of my room!" I got out of me. He laughed a little bit and blushed slightly. 
"I just wanted to ask if you want to come with me down to the clothing stores?" 
"No thanks!" 
Louis opened the door and looked at me. 
"You don't like that I'm here, right?" 
I sighed. 
"What do you think?"
Louis cleared his throat slightly and looked down at my clothes. 
"I was angry when dad left mom and I have never wanted to get to know him. I'm not here to take over your family. I'm here to talk to him." 
I looked at him coldly. 
"Talk to Troy, then?" 
He smiled and nodded. 
"I do, but I also want to get to know his family and you." 
I should have said something nice, I should have been friendly since Louis really tried to prove he was innocent. 
He stood closer to me and looked straight into my eyes. 
"Seriously Hope! I don't want to ruin it for you or for someone else. Couldn't you give me a chance?"
I tried to collect myself, but I didn't look at him. 
"Maybe, but stop to suck up to everyone and let us be as we were before you came along."
He nodded. 
"I promise not to make a fuss and I promise I wont change anything." 
I looked quickly at him. 
"You can go now. Troy waiting on you?" 
He shook his head. 
"They went away to buy food. We are alone at home." 
I spun around quickly and took my purse. I then went to the door. 
"You're home alone, I'll leave."


It was nice to come home. I was with my friend Kim and we sat down and just laughed and talked about everything. I mentioned nothing about my brother and I didn't take up the subject. Right as it was her mother came into the room. 
"I must ask you to go home now Hope. We should up tomorrow and Kim need to sleep." 
I sighed. 
She smiled. 
"It's almost closer to midnight." 
Kim gave me a knowing look, which meant that I wouldn't disagree. I nodded and sat up in bed. I quickly sent a message to mom. 
//Can you pick me up at Kim?// 
I got the answer that the car was coming.


I froze when I got out on the street. I stood at the mailbox and waited. I saw pretty soon a car show up and it stayed in front of me. I opened the door and was almost shocked when I saw Louis. 
"Where's mom?" 
He smiled and raised his eyebrows. 
"They sit at home and drink wine. She can't drive with alcohol in her body, so I offered." 
I sighed and jumped in the car. I closed the door and took on my belt.
"So now you put yourself in everything?" I got out of me. He laughed and gassed off. 
"No, but I wanted to do something for them. Your mom is so kind and I see that daddy loves her." 
I sighed. 
"I knew that for a fact when I was a kid." 
Louis gave me a quick glance. 
"I'm sorry, but everything is new to me. I haven't had a dad before and it's exciting to get to be in your family." 
I just wanted to go away from there. 
"You can get them!" 
He smiled and shook the head. 
"You are part of the family." 
"But me you will not get me." 
He was amused again. 
"That was a shame?"


Mom saw directly in my face that I was angry. I came into the hall and smiled cold towards them. 
"So you can't take care of me anymore?" 
Louis laughed. 
"She got mad when I came to fetch her." 
I saw my mom's warning glance and she didn't like that I was as I was. 
"But Hope, he's your half brother?" 
I shook my head. 
"He's not related to me, because Troy isn't my dad."

My words hurt and I saw how Troy lost heart. I saw that he understood what I meant, and he looked down at his hands. Yet, I didn't say sorry. I left them and ran up the room. I threw myself on the bed and I felt hopeless. Why was I so mean?


Mom came into the room and she looked sadly at me. 
"You can't just throw those words against him. You know very well that Troy feels he's your father?" 
I sighed. 
"I just get so angry that Louis is here and it feels as if everyone cares more about him. I here and I'm the same old daughter that you have always had." 
She sat down on the bed and looked at me. 
"But you can't be mad at all. Talk to Louis and get to know him? He's nice." 
I felt the tears came. 
"I know, but I just get so angry when he shows up and takes over everything." 
Mom hugged me. 
"Hope, give him a single chance. Unless you think he's nice, you have at least tried?" 
I sobbed and hugged her tightly. 
"okay, I promise!"

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