My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


2. Louis Tomlinson

Okay! Louis looked good. I peeked out the window and saw a skinny guy jump out of the car. He had a cap over your hair and he looked generally normal. He took out a bag and then he went against our door. I noticed that he looked tense and he seemed nervous. I sighed and sat down on the bed. I heard the doorbell and I heard that Troy opened the door. I just wanted to die and I took up the laptop. I went on twitter and wrote what I felt. 
"My so-called brother is here and I'm going to die. Someone who want to keep me company in hell?" 
I quickly saw that I had a new follower. To my great surprise, it was Louis. I went to his side and swallowed. Why had he started following me? He didn't know me and he thought that I would only accept him?


A light knock on the door and my mom's head appeared. 
"He's here! Are you coming down and say hello?" 
I gulped and looked at her. 
"Do I really have to?" 
She gave me a quick dirty look. 
"Come and be kind to him. Give him a chance?" 
I gulped and jumped down from the bed. 
"Okay, but I'm not going to sit and stare at him all night."


Troy was in the kitchen along with Louis. I heard their voices and I swallowed before I came into the kitchen. 
"This is Hope!" Troy said as soon as he saw me. Louis spun around and met my gaze. I felt how he almost called me from bottom and up and he smiled a little uncertainly. 
"Hi!" he got up and held out his hand. "I'm Louis." 
I saw that my mom kept track of me. I took his hand and smiled weakly. 
Louis smiled with satisfaction and let go of my hand and then he looked at mom. 
"So you have a daughter? You have no children in common?" 
Troy shook his head and looked generally happy. 
"I only have you!"


I sat and watched as Louis ate our food. I heard him talking about his life and that he played soccer. I heard him tell us when he left home and hat he was single. I just wanted to puke. I wasn't the least bit interested in his life, or that he made ​​money. I avoided meeting his gaze and I looked down at my plate. I saw the peas and I saw the potato. I wasn't hungry and no one noticed me. I just heard how everyone asked Louis a lot of questions and my mom liked him. I hated him.


"So what do you do in your spare time?" 
I was startled and looked up at Louis. He posed a question to me? I didn't know what to say and my mom was quick to answer the question. 
"She's like every girl is. She's out with friends, at parties and she loves to paint." 
I was angry when I saw that Louis was curious about me. I didn't want to tell anything to him and I noted that mom had a different opinion. 
"You will be good friends!" said Troy, smiling big. "Hope's seventeen years old and she would certainly find it fun to hang out with you." 
Louis smiled, he nodded, and he stared at me. I just wanted to die and scream that I absolutely didn't want to be his friend or even his so-called sister. 
"Maybe!" I mumbled cold and looked down again. Louis took a little more food and stuffed into his mouth, but he looked at me. He actually called me and he seemed amused that I was sitting across from him. 
"I live in London!" he said and thought that I would be impressed. 
"Good for you." I got out of me and felt mom's kick at my shins. I coughed and tried to smile. "I mean, that good?" 
He laughed a little easy. 
"I understand if you don't care, but if you want you can always come to London for a weekend? I live so you can go downtown and do what you want." 
Mom was glad over his suggestion. 
"It would be really fun. We don't go often to London and I'm sure that Hope would like it."
Everyone expected a response from me. I looked up and looked Troy, my mom and then at Louis. 
"We'll see. I have a lot in school and I..." 
Mom interrupted me. 
"A single weekend, you will surely be able to go to him?" 
Louis was amused and I saw it on his entire face. 
"Yes, a single weekend?" he said and giggled. I swallowed and felt that I had fallen into a trap. I couldn't say yes and I couldn'say no. 
"Maybe, we'll see..."


Troy showed Louis around in the house. They came to my room and I noticed that Louis really looked at everything that was there. I felt destitute, I felt betrayed. Why did he have to see my room? My room was my private place and there he didn't have to go. I saw that he was watching my CDs.
"Good taste in music."
I wanted to scream, but I smiled when Troy looked at me. He smiled and he was so pleased that his son was in my room.
"Louis knows a lot about music!" he told me. I sighed and noted that Louis looked quickly at me. 
"I think Hope has an eye on what she's like?" 
"But you can sing!" exclaimed Troy. "Louis has sung songs and posted them on You Tube!" 
I wasn't impressed and I didn't care.


I puffed out when I didn't have to be with them anymore. I went up to my room, sat down at the computer and spewing bile over my so-called brother. I felt the whole I was boiling with anger and I didn't want to know him. He was still a parasite and I hated him.


Louis got the room next to mine. He picked up his bag and I heard how he made his ​​bed and prepared his things. I heard even when he went into the bathroom and showered. I heard how he dried his hair and I heard he donned clothes again. Was this my new life? To sit and hear him do a lot of things?

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