My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


10. Like crazy

I felt trapped by Louis. It was as if I had released the latches, but deep down I didn't think it would have gone so far. I didn't regretted that I had let him take me, but I felt I had lost control. 
"Hope, is there any possibility that we get together?" 
"How do you mean?" 
Louis lay near me on the couch and smiled at me. 
"You know, a couple?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"Louis, we can't, it's against the family rules and ..." 
He laughed and interrupted me. 
"Do you have family rules?" 
I swallowed. It was a lie, but it sounded better than saying no. 
"Troy's your dad, he'll take care of me and you don't see any problem in that?"
Louis shook his head and kissed my cheek tenderly. 
"No, do you?" 
I nodded. 
"Yes, he's as close to a father as you can get. I have always looked up to him and .." 
Louis took his hand over my mouth. 
"Hope, stop coming up with excuses. I feel something for you and you feel something for me. It's not wrong to have feelings?" 
I wanted to scream that I didn't feel a damn thing for him, or did I? I was insecure and I had no idea what I even wanted.


In the evening it happened again. Louis started to kiss me, as we sat on the couch. His hands slid inside my dress and then was it done. Once again I ended up in his hand and he laid on top of me. I spread my legs and I followed his movements. It was as if he knew exactly what he would do and he did it so well. I stripped him of his clothes and I sat on him. Louis moaned lightly and smiled at me. I still had my clothes on me and he did everything to take off my dress. I smiled and obeyed him. I took off my dress and threw it away across the floor. Then I let my hand slide down and envelop his dick. I took my hand slowly up and down over it. Louis threw back his head and groaned. I felt he started to lift his hips and he really wanted more. 
"Faster ..." he mumbled. I smiled and nodded. I moved my hand quickly and I got to see how he really enjoyed what I did. Again, it was exciting and I realized that I really was a sex maniac. Why had I waited so long and saved me? Okay, some of the truth was that no one had seduced me before and Louis attracted me.


Finally tore Louis my hand away and sat up .
"I don't want to come yet. " he mumbled and groaned. I took off my panties and Louis tore off my bra. Then he put me on his lap and I had one leg on each side of his hip. Louis kissed me again and I felt he was really intense. I felt his member throbbed beneath me and in the end he got me to raise on my hip. He pushed in and I began to ride him. Louis held his arms tightly around my body and he groaned aloud. I had my arms around his shoulders, and I moaned in pleasure.
"We shouldn't keep on like this?" I got out of me, but Louis didn't care. Instead, he lifted me up in his arms. I took my legs around his waist and felt how he pushed me up against the wall. He held his hands firmly under my butt and I felt how he began to move his dick hard into me. I was rammed into the wall and I felt how he filled me with his meat.
"Damn, you are so prefect!" he moaned and kissed me again. I held him tightly and I felt how he unbuckled himself. It didn't take long until I just heard the thump my body against the wall. Louis brought his hip quickly towards me and he moaned in pleasure. Finally he came and leaned into me. Afterwards, he smiled and put me down on the floor. He let his hand slide down between my legs and he started to stroke me fast. I moaned and held my arms around his neck. I pressed myself against him and felt he made me shake. I whimpered and when I come, I could hardly stand up. I pressed myself against his hand and I screamed.


"You love me!" whacked Louis and pressed himself against me. He kept his arms around my body and he smiled big. I shook directly on the head and tried to get him to let me go. 
"We can't do this again!" 
He giggled. 
"Well, we will do it many times and I'll have you as mine in the end." 
I was annoyed. 
"YOU can't have me." 
He didn't give up. 
"Well, I intend to get you to want me, and then everything will be perfect!"

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