Fall *Justin Bieber Love Story*

Justin Bieber's Bestfriend is a girl. But they are seven years apart. The two of them understand each other like nobody else. What happens when feelings come into play?
*Same author as on Wattpad*


3. Flashback

*~~~Flashback 5 years ago~~~*

June 14, 2007

"Uncle John where are we going today" 6 year old Kayla asked.

My family was visiting my dads best friend for the summer. Uncle John was a music producer.

"I have to meet Usher at the studio cause he wants me to meet the person he's gonna be mentoring" Uncle John replies.

"Can I come?" I asked.

"I would love you to darling" he said.

"Yay!" I squealed, "Mommy I'm going to the studio with Uncle John"

"Ok sweetie stay safe, have fun love you" Mommy replies.

"Love you too mommy"

*~~~At the studio~~~*

"Hey John, who's this little cutie" Usher greeted.

"Hey, this is my niece Kayla shes six and visiting for the summer" Uncle John said.

"Hi Kayla my names Usher but you can call me Uncle Ush" Usher said

"Hi" I replied back a little shy.

"Who did you want me to meet?" Uncle John asked.

"Oh right, this is Justin Bieber he's 13 and I have feeling he's gonna be a success" Uncle Ush said.

A boy with shaggy light brown hair and what looked like blonde tips walked through the door.

"Hello sir" Justin says extending his hand.

"Hey Justin , you can call me Uncle John and this is Kayla my niece and she's 6" He says ignoring his hand and giving him a hug.

"Ok, hello sweetie" he says reaching his arms out for a hug.

"Hi Justin" i say giving him a hug.

And that is where it all started.


This story is starting in 2012 and going into 2013

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