Fall *Justin Bieber Love Story*

Justin Bieber's Bestfriend is a girl. But they are seven years apart. The two of them understand each other like nobody else. What happens when feelings come into play?
*Same author as on Wattpad*


9. Chapter 6- Our Day Together

Justin's P.O.V.

June 15, 2012

When I woke up Kay was still sleeping so I decided to play with her hair. A few minutes later the door creeped open and incame Fredo and my Momma. "Morning" they mouthed and I mouthed it back. They started taking pictures of Kayla on me and was about to talk when I shushed them and waved my hand to the door telling them to go out. I don't mean to be rude but I don't want them to wake her up. When I heard the door close I absentmindedly starting playing with her hair and kissing her forehead. I saw a flash then heard a loud "AWWWW" from Mom and Carin that made Kay jump awake. Aww she looked cute scared. "Go away" she groaned going under the covers laying her head on my abs. ;) :P "We just came here to tell you that tomorrow were going to the mall and you too are gonna be seperated for the ride" Carin said.

"WHY????" we whined.

"Cause we wanna talk to Kay too" Mom said.

"Okay you guys are cool anyway" Kay said.

"Well we're gonna go help Scooter plan the rehearsals so have fun love you guys" Mom said.

"Love you too" we replied and they left.

Kayla's P.O.V.

I was comfortably laying on Juju's stomach when he said in a cute voice,

"Whatcha doing down there babe?"

"Why? Trying to make me move?"

"No, I like feeling your skin againist mine" I could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Perv" I mumbled while he laughed.

"Babe?" He asked.

"Yes boo?" I replied.

"I have the whole day planned out for us soo we can only lay down for 5 more minutes" he said.

"Ok" i said popping out of the covers.

"We're gonna have so much fun" he said bringing me on top of him, stradding his waist. No not sexually.

"How'd I get changed yesterday" I asked looking at my pj's which was Justin's shirt he wore yesterday and my underwear.

"I changed you cause you were tired" he said. "Hope you don't mind" he quickly added.

"It's fine Jay, thanks" I said kissing his cheek then going in the bathroom with him following behind. I went to the bathroom while he showered than brushed my teeth and washed my face. When he got out he did the same thing and I got in the shower. When I got out i dried my hair and body then left the towel in the bathroom to see Justin looking for clothes naked. I smacked his butt then quickly ran but he caught up to me and smacked mine really hard then ran off. I put on some underwear and bandeau then went to ask Jay where we were going. He said to dress comfortable so I put on a pair of ripped denim rainbow shorts then a white denim vest over top of my pink bandeau. I have abs might as well flaunt them. I slid on my white vans brushed out my hair grabbing a hair tye just in case them walked out the closet only to be thrown over Jay's shoulder.

"Put me down" I screamed hitting Jay's back.

"No" he said smacking my butt really hard making me whimper in pain.

"Please?" I asked smacking his butt with all my strength.

"Ok" he said hitting my butt hard one last time before setting me down.

"Why is your stomach showing" Justin said taking in my outfit.

"You gotta flaunt whatcha got" I said making him smirk.

"You look cute, but now I gotta protect you even more" he said mumbling that last part.

"You look sexy saggy butt" I said making him smirk and roll his eyes.

"Whatever" he scoffed at my smart remark.

"My butt really hurts" I whined rubbing where he smacked it.

"Want me to make it all better" he asked in a baby voice making his way to the couch.

"Yes" I mumbled.

"C'mere" he said.

I walked over to him and he turned me around so my butt was facing him, kissed it lightly placed me on his lap then started to soothingly rub. It actually started to feel better. Justin looked at the clock and then stood up carrying me like a baby on his hip. Then placed me in the car. We drove to IHOP and ordered. We decided to share some pancakes. On top we got whip cream and strawberries and bacon. We had a whole section by ourselves away from windows so no one could take pictures. There was this waiter creepy dude who kept staring at me. I think Jay realized because he reached crossed the table and held my hand, smiling at me. The waiter was still looking but looked a little annoyed. Justin got up, sat next to me and turned my head and kissed me on the corner of my lip letting it linger there for a couple seconds. The waiter's face got red and he stomped away.

"He needed to stop looking at my girl" Justin said.

"It's ok Jay, he was being pervy" I said.

"I know" Justin chuckled.

Justin sat at the other side just as the food came. Justin started to feed me and I did the same to him. We finished the pancakes and started munching on the bacon while occasionally chatting about random stuff. We got done eating and as soon as the check came Justin pounced on it not letting me see how much it cost, even though I insisted paying half. He put the exact amount and left a tip and we walked outside. Jay opened the passanger door for me and I mumbled a quick thanks. He got in and started the car. Before we pulled off he kissed my cheek and locked our fingers together and rested the back of my hand against his cheek. I turned on the radio and Call Me Maybe was on. We started singing loudly and sounded horrible. After that a song we didn't know came on so I lowered the volume. We drove for another fifteen minutes with either me occasionally hummimg or Justin kissing my hand. We arrived at a deserted parking lot and got out. After five minutes we stopped at a carnival. We went on 3 roller coasters and got some popcorn. Walking past a game I saw a huge teddy bear pulled Justin over. In order to get the bear you had to got on a treasure hunt throughout the carnival. You have to find a clown nose, bee wings, wands, witch broom, clown shoes and top hat in 15 minutes. Justin insisted on playing the game. He collected all the items with 5 seconds left. The man handed me the bear and I hugged Justin.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem, what are you gonna name it?" He replied.

"Jujubear" I answered grinning like an idiot.

The last thing we were gonna go on was the ferris wheel. We got on and I sat on Justin's lap and Jujubear sat next to Justin. It was quiet and peaceful.

Justin's P.O.V.

I wrapped my arms around Kay tightly and kissed the back of her neck. I love having these moments with her. She's the only one who really understands me. We sat in silence the whole ride and then went to the car. Kayla put Jujubear in the backseat and buckled him in then got in the passanger seat. I intertwined our fingers and we set off. Her hands are always warm and soft.

"Babygirl?" I asked.

"Hmmm" she said turning her attention to me.

"I wanna take you out tonight, is that okay?" I said.

"Yeah" she answered.

"Perfect" I reply kissing her knuckles.

We got home and Kayla ran and put Jujubear on our bed.

"Since it's 5 I'll pick you up in 3 hours" I whispered bring her in a hug.

"Ok" she mumbled. Kissing her cheek I left.

Kayla's P.O.V.

"CARINNNNN, MOMMMAAAA" I called to Carin and Pattie. I call Pattie Momma sometimes cause I've known her for a long time.

"What?" They said rushing down the stairs.

"Justin's taking me out tonight and I don't know what to wear" I said.

They pulled me upstairs and into the bathroom. I got into the shower and washed with strawberry shower gel and used a vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner and stayed in there for 45 minutes. When I got out I saw that they had put out and a robe. When I walked out they slammed me onto the chair and started doing my hair. One blowdried and the other was right behind straightening for an hour. When they got done that they took 15 minutes to do my make-up. I reminded them not to go to heavy or Justin would kill them so they just put eyeliner and lip gloss.

"We picked out you whole outfit" Carin said showing me a dress with heels.

"Can I wear the dress and add my whole swag to it" I asked.

"No" they said firmly.

After a half hour of pleading and begging I got them to say yes. I put Vanilla lotion all over my body and put on the dress they picked out. Then I grabbed a peach colored beanie and my floral Doc Martens to go with it. I grabbed my necklace and ring from Justin and put them on. I checked the time and it was 7:58. I was changing my phone case when the doorbell rang. I have an obsession with phone cases.


"OK" I replied struggling to take off my case.

"What are you doing?" She yelled.

"Changing my phone case" I answered making them laugh. Taking one last look in the mirror satisfied with what I saw I went downstairs. When Carin and Pattie saw me they shook there heads while smiling at me.

"You look beautiful, I like the swag you added to it" Justin complemented me.

"Thanks, you look cute saggy butt" I said.

"We'll be back by 11" Justin said taking me out the door and kissing my cheek. We got in the car and drove for 10 mins until we reached a building. Justin blindfolded me and guided me inside. When he took off the blindfold I saw that he had rented out a ballroom. In the middle there was a table with a rose and one plate with spaghetti on it.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem" he said.

We sat down and ate quietly laughing when a noodle went up his nose. When there was one noodle left Justin looked at me with a cheesy smile. I knew what he was thinking.

"Can we try it like in The Lady And The Tramp" He asked with a puppy dog face.

"Sure" I said.

We leaned across the table and put one end of the noodles in our mouths. We nibbled on it until our lips were close to meeting. We locked eyes then slowly ate the last centimeter and our lips touched. Our lips massaged each other for 30 seconds before we pulled away. We talked for awhile until our stomachs settled listening to the soft music.

"Shall we?" Justin asked.

"We shall" I comfirmed.

Justin wrapped one arm around my waist and the other held my hand while I rested it on his shoulder. We swayed back and forth enjoying the moment. I laid my head on his chest hearing his heart beat a little fast. Justin kissed the top of head then laid his on top of mine. Out of nowhere Fredo came out and took a picture of us. We danced for another 20 mins before we left. We drove to the beach and sat in the sand. This is something we do very often. The beach is a place I come to think when I'm upset. We sat in silence for a few minutes then walked along the water talking about how were feeling.

"Are you okay and comfortable?" Justin asked quietly.

"As long as I'm with you, I'm fine" I spoke.

"Did you have fun today?" He questioned.

"Yeah, thank you" I replied.

"I love spending time with you, you always understand me and listen to me and try your best to comfort me and make me happy" He said.

"That's what I'm here for, and sometimes I end up in the same place as you and you make me feel better all the time, even when I was little that's why I'm so tough now" I said.

We drove home and went to our room. We took off our clothes leaving us in our undergarments and went into the bathroom to use cleanse our face and brush our teeth. We got in bed and watched Toy Story.

"Night Jay" I said.

"Night Beautiful" he replied.

Justin's P.O.V.


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