Fall *Justin Bieber Love Story*

Justin Bieber's Bestfriend is a girl. But they are seven years apart. The two of them understand each other like nobody else. What happens when feelings come into play?
*Same author as on Wattpad*


8. Chapter 5- Ellen

Fredo's P.O.V.

June 14, 2012

I walked into Justin's house and went upstairs to wake them up because Justin and sort of Kay has an interview on Ellen and it's their 5th best friend anniversary. I went into their room and saw them cuddled together as close as possible. Justin was laying on his back with Kay's head on his chest and their legs intertwined with his head planted in her neck. I took a photo of them and posted it on Instagram and captioned it "The Lovebirds on their 5th anniversary #love #justdatealready #cuddle #oohlala @jaylabieberlove"

Jaylabieberlove is the instagram account they made together.

To wake them up I decided to jump in the bed"

"WAKE UP AND HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY" I yelled as loud as I can.

"Go away" they groaned kicking me on the floor making me land with a thump.

"Guys, you gotta get up cause we gotta go to the airport in 30 minutes if you wanna get to Ellen on time" I said.

"Ok" they grumbled and motioned me out.

15 minutes later they came down in matching sweat pants and white muscle tees and white supra's. Awww Kay is wearing all his clothes. Jay had a duffle bag with their clothes for later. We got in the car and drove off to the airport. We got on the private jet and I saw Kay and Rob winking at each other and laughed. I sat down next to Ryan and as soon as they walked through the curtain everyone yelled "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JAYLA"

They replied with a thank you then their eyes lite up when they saw the presents.

"You'll get them later" Pattie said.

They groaned.

"I'm going to sleep" Kay announced.

"Me too" Justin said grabbing her and locking their fingers going into the room.

"USE PROTECTION" Ryan, Kenny and I shouted as the door closed.

"They have to have some sort of feelings for each other" Kenny said.

"I know right they can peck each other on the lips and say it doesn't mean anything! It's like a father/daughter kiss, what the heck is that?" I exclaimed.

Justin's P.O.V.

"Happy Anniversary Babygirl" I told Kay

"Happy Anniversary Juju" she replied.

"I love you baby" I said pecking her lips.

"I love you boo" She said planting her lips on mine for a quick second. We cuddled and fell asleep.

~~~~End Of Flight~~~~

"Wake up beautiful children" Mom said shaking me.

"I'm up, I'm up" I said opening my eyes.

"Your car is outside and Kenny put your duffle bag in your car." Mom said.

"Ok" I replied.

I woke up Kayla and we walked out to the car. We drove to the studio and Kay was still tired so she got a piggyback ride from Kenny and was laying her head on his shoulder. I went into the dressing room and got changed then walked out just as she was starting to introduce me. I walked out and gave her a hug. Then sat down waiting for the screams to die down so she could talk.

"How have you been?" Ellen asked.

"I've been good, you?" I said

"Great, so your album is coming out next week, the 19th I believe, are you excited for it?" She said.

"I'm really excited for this album because it's more mature and it's new so yeah really excited" I said grinning.

"So how's your girlfriend?" Ellen questioned.

Were not really dating it's just for publicity but no one knows that except my crew, parents/grandparents, Ryan, Chaz and Kayla.

"She's good, working on her movie" I answered.

"So I heard it's your anniversary" Ellen smiled.

"Yeah 5 years today" I announced.

"You guys looked cute sleeping this morning" Ellen commented while a photo of us sleeping this morning showed up.

"Fredo probably took that cause he woke us up and thanks" I replied blushing a little.

"Let's bring her out here, WELCOME KAYLA WINTERS" Ellen announced. Kayla walked out looking beautiful as always and gave Ellen then me a hug.

"Can you bring out a chair for her?" Ellen asked.

"No need for that she gonna sit right here" I said pulling her on my lap.

"So how's it going Kay" Ellen asked.

"It's been good" Kay answered.

Kayla's P.O.V.

"How's dance been? any injuries?"

"Been good learning new tricks and nationals just passed and I dislocated my right shoulder and twisted my left ankle" I answered.

"How was nationals?" Ellen questioned.

"Excellent" I said.

"How did you place?" Ellen asked.

"First" I said making everyone clap.

"What cherographers and dancers have you worked with?" Ellen said.

"Chreographers are Anthony Burrell who worked with Beyoncé, Abby Lee Miller, Richy Jackson who works with Lady Gaga, Robin Antin who worked with the Pussy Cat Dolls, Justin's chreographer Jamacia Craft, and his co-chreographer Nick DeMoura, dancers I've worked with are Chloe, Maddie, Jordyn Jones, Autumn Miller, Zach Torres, Charlize Glass, and Nick Dobbs" I answered.

"What about Sophia Lucia" Ellen asked.

"I don't think she likes me because were always placed in the same catergory and I mostly end of winning againist her so yeah" I said.

"Since you guys have the full hour in honor of your anniversary so were gonna take question from your fans" Ellen said.

"Ok" we said. Justin pulled me closer to him then wrapped his arms arms me. I was sitting sideways on his lap with my my head in the crook of his neck.

(E- Ellen K- Kayla J- Justin)

E- "For Justin, what other talents does Kayla have besides dancing"

J- "Um she actually can sing cause she takes vocals lessons for when she gets auditions for dance, she's a good swimmer and a good at playing 2k"

E- "Same question for Kay"

K- "He's a talented eater, boxer wearer, hockey and basketball player, video game player and golfer"

E- "For Kayla, do you tell Justin to pull up his pants?"

K- "He lets me pull them up sometimes so like 3/4 of his butt is covered but I don't really bug him that much cause it helps with his "swag" that he doesn't have much of" I said mumbling the last part.

E- "For Kayla, what age did you start dance?"

K- "3"

E- "For Justin and Kayla, what is the most beautiful body part on the other person?"

J- "Either her smile or eyes"

K- "Smile, eyes, or lets face it abs" I said smirking.

E- "What is the sexist thing on each other?"

K- "His laugh"

J- "Stomach"

E- "I saw the UStream last night so Justin why are you so protective"

J- "She's like my little sister so it's my job to protect her and guys like to stare even more when she wears those bandeau things also because she looks older than she really is"

E- "Kayla, are you protective of Justin"

K- "Yeah, all his girlfriends have to pass my test in order to date him and if he starts getting cocky and arrogant I knock him down so the fame doesn't get into his head"

E- "For Kayla, we've seen you spark a few tears in some dances is it because of the song or an experience?"

K- "Dance is an escape"

E- "Have you guys seen eachother naked before"

J- Yeah cause when she was 7 I was the only one who got her to sleep so I had to change her a lot"

K- "Yeah, he has a bubble butt"

E- "For Justin, why don't you let Kayla sleep in a room by herself?"

J- "I'm a deep sleeper so if anything happened to her I wouldn't hear it"

E- "Have you guys ever kissed"

J- "Yeah but not in that way like the a brother kisses his little sister execpt she's not 4 like a little peck"

E- "Does Selena know?"

J- "Yeah, she's seen us do it a few times"

E- "Care to show"

Justin turned my head towards him then looked in my eyes as if asking if it was okay I nodded a little then he slowly pecked my lips and pulled away while I dug my face in his neck. The crowd cheered and whistled while Ellen had a smirk rising on her face.

E- When we come back these two will be having a dance off that they didn't know about so stay tuned.

We went backstage and got the clothes the crew had brought for us. I changed into a black sports bra and red and black spandex shorts with jazz shoes and Justin got changed into ChachiMomma sweatpants, white shirt with a maze design and yellow supras. We picked three of our songs we wanted to do but the first round you had to think on your feet.

Justin did All Around The World, Boyfriend, and Baby

I did I Know It's Too Late, Werk, and My New Reality

E- Who do you think won? Kayla or Justin. Vote on instagram and twitter saying #winnerkayla or #winnerjustin.When we come back I will asked a few questions and have some suprises for them.

We went backstage and drank some water then went out to the audience and greeted some fans.

We sat back on the chairs just as the show came back on. Ellen then asked me the most dreaded question.

E- "So Kayla, who do you like?"

K- "Well, I have someone in mind but I think 2- I mean three guys are cute"

E- "Want to elaborate?"

K- "I think Cameron Boyce and my friend Trey is cute, and I have a little crush on Jaden Smith and Diggy Simmons but he's too old for me. Oh, and Juju's a little cutie pie" I said pinching his cheeks.

E- "Funny they all said the same about you except Diggy I haven't had him on yet"

K- "Cool"

E- "How do you feel about her crushes?"

J- "I knew who she thought was cute but I didn't know about Jaden so now I'm gonna interogate him"

K- "You never asked" I said shrugging.

E- "So Kayla, why does Justin say you never cry?"

K- "I don't like crying and I guess since I'm a taurus I'm emotionally strong and if you don't know me you have no way off saying a who I am or what I am that's it"

E- "Wow, well I heard that since you guys didn't get your presents this morning, ya'll went to sleep. Is that true?"

K/J- "Guilty"

E- "Well here they are"

The doors opened and a cart full of gifts came out along with the crew. We stood up and Justin grabbed my hand leading me over to the gifts and sat down in front of it spreading his legs indicating to sit. We got hoodies that say he put a ring on it and I put a ring on it, he's mine and she's mine, a shirt with half a heart that says LO and Justin has on with the other half that says VE and matching phone cases . It was time for us to trade our gifts. Justin wanted to go first. He got down on one knee and said:

"Kayla, your my bestfriend, little sister, and mom wrapped up in one. You keep me in shape when the fame starts getting in my head, help me with my problems or when I'm feeling down, you never fail to make me happy and has always been there for me even when I was in the wrong, you've never missed any of my concerts no what what you had to do, you give warm hugs and soft kisses, you're very beautiful like a goddess, and I couldn't last a day without day you", he said getting a box out of his back pocket and opening it revealing these.

"These rings say Always & Forever representing that I don't ever wanna lose you and I will always love you, do you accept this ring?" He said holding his breath.

"I can't say I don't wanna accept" I said making everyone face drop but then realization hit them and they all started clapping. Justin put the ring on my finger then twirled me around. When he put me down he planted his lips on mine for 10 seconds and pulled away. He still had his arms holding my hips and I had my arms around his neck playing with his hair.

"You really had me scared" he whispered staring into my eyes.

"I know" I mumbled kissing his cheek and pulling out of his embrace admiring my ring.

"Since I didn't know what to get the boy who has everything-"

"I don't have you" Justin interuppted smiling cheekily.

"Whatever anyways I decided to get creative and I know this is something you've wanted for a long time" I said making his eyebrows rise up in anticipation.

"So I got you a fisker karma and chromed it out" I said as the doors on stage opened revealing his car. His jaw dropped and he looked over at me making me smile shyly. He ran over and gave me a big hug then threw me over his shoulder running towards car. He opened the drivers door and say down with me on his lap and closed with door he kept kissing my cheek saying thank you over and over again. We got out the car and Justin carried me like a baby over to Ellen then sat me down going behind me holding my waist. He took a picture of our rings and posted it on our instagram account with the caption "Always and Forever" then he took a picture of his car and posted it on his instagram saying "Got a car from @kaylawinters best anniversary ever"

"Do you guys wanna know who won the dance off?" Ellen asked.

"Yeah" We said.

"In the lead by 78 votes the winner is KAYLA!!!!" Ellen announced.

"Good job babygirl" Justin said kissing my nose.

"Thank you" I replied. We brought our gifts backstage and got our clothes that we had on previously in the duffle bag we decided to wear our he put a ring on it and I put a ring on it shirts for the day.

We went to the beach house that the crew stays at every summer and went to our rooms. Of course Jay and I shared a room because we always do. We laid in the bed and cuddled in silence. After 10 mins I turned to face Justin to see him smiling down at me. I smiled back and then cuddled into his chest. We stayed like that for another 45 minutes until everyone came busting through the door startling us. They all awed and took pictures as always.

"Dinner's ready" Carin said.

We got off the bed and Justin kissed my forehead before grabbing my hand. I leaned my head on his arm and he leaned his head on head. We sat at the island in the kitchen. For dinner we steak, grilled vegetables, and fried rice. Justin was holding my hand the whole time and was rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand. When we got done we put our plates in the dishwasher and said goodnight. I changed into Justin shirt and underwear and Justin slept in his underwear. We laid in bed and just stared in each others eyes. I saw adoration and love in his.

"Goodnight my Princess" Justin said kissing my nose.

"Goodnight my Prince" I said. Justin placed a long soft kiss on my lips before we both fell asleep.


I put this story on quotev so it's had the links to the outfits on their or you can search mikayla-bell on polyvore and see the outfits. Thanks for reading and comment if you want more of the story.

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