Fall *Justin Bieber Love Story*

Justin Bieber's Bestfriend is a girl. But they are seven years apart. The two of them understand each other like nobody else. What happens when feelings come into play?
*Same author as on Wattpad*


7. Chapter 4- Dance

Kayla's P.O.V.

June 13, 2012

I heard my phone ringing and woke up. I had gotten a text from Jamacia saying that Justin had dance rehearsals in a hour and she wants me to come because she might need help. I replied with an okay and decided to wake up Jay.

"Baby wake up, you have dance rehearsals today" I said shaking him.

"Are you coming?" He groaned.

"Yeah" I said making his eyes flutter open.

"Good Morning Babygirl" he said in a raspy voice bringing me into a hug.

"Morning Juju" I said kissing his cheek.

"How long do I have to get ready" he asks sitting up.

"45" I reply.

"Do I have to take a shower, I don't stink do I?" He asked confused.

"Your legal, do whatever you want" I said making him pout cutely.

"But I want your opinon" he whined.

"Go get dressed you don't stink" I said.

"Ok" he said giving me a kiss on the forehead and going in the bathroom. When he shut the door I sat there for a couple seconds then went into the closet and put on red spandex shorts and when I was going to put on my gold bandeau it got taken out of my hand and I was thrown in the hair and landed on Jay's shoulders.

"My boobies are out for the world to see" I shouted making Jay laugh.

"You don't have any, you don't even wear bra's" he said still laughing.

"I am a 22B for your information, bandeau's are much more comfortable and you won't be judged for wearing them in public thank you" I said smartly

"Sure" he replied smirking.

When we got in the kitchen he set me down and handed me my top. I ate a toasted bagel with butter and Jay ate Captain Crunch. After we got done eating we cleaned up everything and got in his Audi and drove off to the dance studio. We got there 5 mins early so I decided to do some tricks. I did a switch leap, deer jump, aerial, back handspring, 10 fouettés, and 32 continuous pirouettes. When I got done I heard clapping and saw Justin, Jamacia, and all the dancers standing in the doorway looking at me amazed like I'm a one of a kind dinosour.

"That was amazing Kay, have you been working on those pirouettes cause they seem alot more stable" Nick said. He was the one who chreographed my dances for competitons.

"A lil bit but thanks" I said not trying to brag.

"When is your next competition?" Jamacia said walking into the room.

"Next Friday" I answered.

We got started and assigned each female a part in different dances. In Boyfriend Aubree has the middle split in front of Justin and Christina has a little part in the dance break. In ALAYLM Elysandra has the partner with Justin in the beginner of the second verse. In BAAB Carlena and Deirdre has a little part with him. The first songs we did were One Time, Eenie Meanie, and Somebody To Love because he used them on his last tour and was only doing half of each song.

The next song was Love Me Like You. First we listened to it to get the feel then think of the dance.

"SEXY" Nick and I shouted while high-fiving each other.

"How'd you think of that" Jamacia asked dumbfounded.

"The beat is slow, his voice is all sexy-like, he talks about kissing on your neck and your jeans fitting perfectly, and it equals teenage girl ovaries exploding without trying to hard." I said making them laugh.

"How do you do this one?" She asked.

"Slow movements" I said.

We practiced for 4 more hours then had a 30 minute lunch break and decided to go to McDonald's. I got nuggets and a coke while Justin got a Big Mac and sweet tea. We went back to the studio and ate. When I got done eating I started rehearsing some of my old solo's. My favorite one was Superstar and that won first place againist Sophia Lucia and Maddie Ziegler. This dance had a lot tricks so it was kinda hard but I got all of them. Abby wants me to be part of her team so sometimes when she does duets I partner with Chloe. Me and Chloe are pretty close and the Mom's don't mind me being there cause we all get along. Justin recorded the dance then put it on Youtube because you can't record them at competitions. After I got done going over old dances the break was up we practiced for another 4 hours and it was over. By the time we got home it was 8. While I was making sandwiches Jay asked me if I wanted to do a UStream with his beliebers and of course I said yes. We sat on the couch with me between his legs and he went on twitter. "@justinbieber: UStream in 5 minutes". When we got on a whole bunch of people started asking questions.

"Hey guys it's me and Kay" Justin said.

"Hey" I said waving.

"See this sandwich she made me, isn't it big oh and by the it's turkey" Justin said putting it close to the camera.

"Wanna take questions?" I asked.

"Yeah" he answered with his mouth full of food.


Q: @belieberbiz; what do you guys sleep in and do you sleep in the same bed?

"Yes we sleep in the same bed because the guest bedrooms are windows are "too big and I sleep heavy so if anything happens I wouldn't know"and we have a routine like first I take off whatever I'm wearing then take his shirt that he wore that day off of him and put it on & Justin just has to take off his pants and sleeps in boxers." I answered

Q:@walterismine; For Kayla, what is the most annoying thing about Justin?

"The most annoying thing about Justin is how he won't let me talk to guys and he walks around in his boxers when it's no one but me and him" I answered making Jay blush.

Q: @biebahsgurl9; For Justin: what's the most annoying thing about Kayla?

"The most annoying thing about Kay is that she never cries, she broke her leg and tears didn't even come to her eyes so when she does cry it's really sad and those top thingys like the one she's wearing now makes me have to keep her away from guys" Justin said making me roll my eyes.

Q: @irodejerry; How long have you guys known each other?

"5 years tomorrow" we said at the same time.

Q:@1994love; Are you guys an item?

"No" I said.

"Why you lying to them baby" Justin said moving over to me and putting his arm around my bare waist.

"I'm not, now move out of Kayla's personal bubble" I spoke in third person.

Q: @biebswifey6; do you guys always talking at the same time and do you love eachother?

"Sometimes and yeah" we replied.

"Wanna see something" Jay asked.

"Yeah" they replied.

"Wanna show them some of your tricks?" He said looking at me.

"Yeah I gotta go get my shoes" I said heading upstair to get my jazz shoes. Justin has a dance room for when I come over so it has outfits and my music. I showed them the same tricks I had done at the studio, chin stand, my Superstar solo, and my Requirem solo. I got a lot of you're talented and you're a really good dancer. I got asked about Abby and told them that whole situtation. We talked to them for another to them for another 2 hours, logged off, got a tub of ice cream out the kitchen and went upstairs. I took off my clothes then chucked it in the basket and took Jay's shirt off of him then put it on me and climed in bed. Justin took off his sweatpants and climbed in bed. We ate all the ice cream then cuddled and talked before falling asleep.

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