Fall *Justin Bieber Love Story*

Justin Bieber's Bestfriend is a girl. But they are seven years apart. The two of them understand each other like nobody else. What happens when feelings come into play?
*Same author as on Wattpad*


6. Chapter 3- Prank Gone Wrong

~~~ Next Day~~~

Kayla's P.O.V.

June 12, 2012

I woke up to loud knocking on the door suprised that it hasn't woken up Jay. I got out of his tight embrace then look into the peephole to see the crew standing outside. When I opened the door everyone yelled "HEY BABYGIRL" with big smiles on their face. I said hey and stepped to the side letting them in along with all their balloons. It was Kenny, Scooter, Carin, Pattie, Ryan Good, Alison, and Alfredo.

"Wheres Justin?" Ryan asked.

"He asleep on the couch" I said walking into the living room see Justin cuddling with a throw pillow.

"You head was on that pillow wasn't it" they all asked at the same time.

"Freaky but yes why?" I asked.

"Thats the only time he does that because and i quote "it smells like her hair" Fredo says.

"Oh you wanna scare him?" I asked smirking.

"Sure" they say.

"Yell that I'm missing and let him look for me" I say devilishly.

"He'll go crazy" Carin exclaimed.

"I know and I'll take the blame" I said.

"Where will you be?" Kenny asked.

"On top of the shelve of his closet" I replied.

"Okay go upstairs, it takes a awhile for him to get up unless its you" Pattie said.


Pattie's P.O.V.

"Justin, sweetie wake up" i said in a worried tone while shaking him.

"Hi mom what's wrong?" he replied with concerned eyes

"Kayla's missing" I said. Water began to fill his eyes.

"What? How did you guys get in then?" he asked shakily.

"I used my key" I answered.

"Are you sure she's not here?" He asked looking at everyone behind me.


Then he shot up with tears spilled out his eyes and started searching for her. When I turned around everyone had guilty faces on.

"I feel bad" Ryan said.

Everyone murmmred their "yeah" and "me too". We heard countless door opening and closing fastly with the sound of soft sobbing.

Kayla's P.O.V.

I heard him enter the closet crying and started to feel bad. When he got close enough I jumped down facing him to see tears flooding down his face.

"Kay" he said giving me a tight hug.

"I'm here Jay no need to cry it was just for fun, I didn't know you would be this upset I'm sorry" I cooed shushing him while he cried on my shoulder.

"I didn't want to lose you, you've been there for me since the radio stations and 40 followers, I can't loose you, I need you" he cried. I never knew he felt like that. After 15 minutes we went downstairs with Jay holding me to his chest tightly. When we got down everybody stood up with guilty faces.

"I'm sorry Justin we didn't know you would freak out like that" they apoligized.

"It's okay" he softly said.

We all sat down on the couch like Kenny, Alfredo, Scooter, Carin, Alison, Ryan, Pattie, Justin and Me. Justin had his head on Pattie's lap and his legs on mine. We watched tv while snacking on the food from last night.

"Do you guys wanna go out for dinner?" Kenny spoke up.

"Sure" we said

"Where you wanna go?" He said

"Let Babygirl choose" Carin said making everyone look at me.

"How about Carluccio's" I suggested.

"Sounds good to me" Justin mumbled.

"Ok so let's go get ready and meet back here in 2 hours" Carin said making everyone get up and towards the door.

"Ok" we mumbled.

When they left Justin put me on his lap leaving a trail of light kisses on the exposed skin from behind my ear to my shoulder then settling his chin on my shoulder. We sat there watching tv for about 45 minutes then decided to start getting ready. Justin went into his bathroom while I went to the guest bathroom to take a shower. When I got out and dried off I wrapped a towel around my hair and one around my body and headed back into his room. Justin decided that he wanted us to match so he picked out for himself a pair of red jeans, black v-neck and black blazer. For me he picked out red shorts, black cropped bralet and black blazer. I slipped on my underwear but didn't need a bra because the bralet already had one, then we got changed. And yes in front of each other, we've seen each other naked and we were with eachother before things started changing so were not embrassed. We went into the bathroom and brushed our teeth and washed our faces then did our hair. Justin let me spike it up with his gel, then he took my hair out of the towel brush it out somehow learned how to put it in a poof so it would air dry naturally curly. For accessories Justin put on the gold chain I gave him and I put on the gold locket necklace he gave me. We decided to wear cheetah print sneakers and went downstairs just as the door bell went off. When Jay opened it standing there was Ryan and Alison.

"You guys look so cute, let me take a picture" Alison gushed.

"Its not prom" Justin groaned.

"I don't care you guys look so cute together" she exclamied while taking a lot of photos.

"Can you send them to me" I asked.

"Of course" she said.

I uploaded the one of us where his arms were wrapped around my waist with mine around his neck and looking into eachothers eyes with the caption "Twinning with the babe😘 #lovehim #blazers #red #cheetah #gold #bestfriend #wesexy #se'cute @justinbieber" getting lots of comments saying "aww" and "you guys should date".

"The others are at the restauraunt making sure the reservation is there and nice kicks" Ryan said.

"Thanks" we said at the same time.

"Awww" Alison said and we both groaned.

"Can we go now?" Justin asked.

"Leggo" Ryan said.

Alison's P.O.V.

I looked back after walking out of the house to see Justin locking up the house then grabbing Kay's hand locking their fingers together. Justin opened the door for her then got in himself. Aww. It took 45 mins to get there and the whole ride they were cracking jokes and Justin kept kissing her cheek and forehead. I wonder if they like each other cause it really seems like it. There was a lot of paparazzi outside."Ready?" i heard Justin ask. "Leggo" Kay mumbled. Justin got out first then protectively wrapped his arm around her leading her into the restauraunt. When we got inside they were everyone was standing there ready to be seated.

"We can either get a big table or have 2 booths since you two are the youngest." Scooter said pointing to Justin and Kayla.

"Booths" Justin said quickly.

Pattie's P.O.V.

"Why'd you say it so quickly? Trying to get away from us?" Kenny joked.

"No, I just wanted to catch up with Kay" Justin said.

"It's no problem" Kenny laughed. We all sat down and ordered. When I looked up I saw that Justin & Kay were sharing a huge chocolate milkshake with one straw, a large pizza and fries. I always wonder why they're so close but it's so cute. I think Justin might have a crush on her.

"Hey guys?" I asked the table.

"Mhmm" they replied turning their attention to me.

"Do you think they like each other?" I asked motioning to them as they were feeding each other fries.

"Kinda, they're always so close and like on each other so it's impossible to think otherwise" Alfredo said.

"Yeah" the others agreed.

Justin's P.O.V.

"Kayyyyyy sit next to meeeee" I whined.

"Why?" She asked.

"Becauseee" I whined again making her sigh and walk over to me. I open my arms motioning for her to go in them. We cuddled up on the seat with my arms around her and her head on my chest. Then I grabbed her legs and put them across my laps and started rubbing them slowly. We were occassionly eating the fries or drinking the milkshake.

"Did you miss me those 3 months?" I teased.

"Yes actually, a lot" she answers truthfully.

"Aww I missed my babygirl too, how's dance?" I asked.

"Good I don't have a competition until next Friday" she replies.

"So how many hours of dance do yoy have next week?" I said.

"4 all on Thursday night 5-9 with Nick" she said.

"Oh" I replied.

We sat in peaceful silence for another 30 mins before we left. We got in the car with Fredo and Kenny and during the ride Kay fell asleep so I repositioned her so her head was on my lap. "You gonna wake her?" Kenny asked. "No I'm gonna carry her, she's not that heavy" I said. When we got home I carefully slid out the car and unlocked the door. I went back and picked out Kay bridal style.

"Jay?" she asked. "It's me, go back to sleep" I soothed and she dug her face in my chest. When I got inside I closed the door with my foot and carried her upstairs, into the room and laid her on the bed. I took off her shoes then wondered if I should change her. If she is comfortable enough to change infront of me, I can change her right? I'll take the chance. I took off her shorts, blazer, and bralet leaving her in just her underwear. She's beautiful. No I'm not looking at her that way, I'm just saying. Then took off the shirt I'm wearing and put it on her because that's what she usual wears. After that I stripped down to my boxers and climbed in bed next to her. She quickly laid her head on my chest and I locked her fingers with mine. Then I drifted off to sleep.

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