Fall *Justin Bieber Love Story*

Justin Bieber's Bestfriend is a girl. But they are seven years apart. The two of them understand each other like nobody else. What happens when feelings come into play?
*Same author as on Wattpad*


18. Chapter 13- Recording

Kayla's P.O.V.

July 6, 2012

I'm so excited today is the first day of recording. I woke up at 11 and went in the shower. I had to be at the studio by 2. When I got out I moistured and put on my aztec print high waisted skirt with a white belt, orange bandeau, and dark denim vest. I put my hair into a cute messy bun letting some pieces hang loose. I went downstairs into the kitchen and got some Froot Loops then went into the living room turning on Spongebob. I finished eating cereal and went on Instagram taking a selfie.

"Bout to hit the studio for the first time"

I went on twitter and saw that my followers had gone up by 2,000 making me have 25 million.

"25 million followers, thanks guys, love you :)" I tweeted.

I know that's a lot for only being 11 but I've had an account since I was 7. Then I started following and tweeting fans that were online. They started freaking out it was really funny. Five minutes later Jay came down the stairs fully dressed and gave me a smile and kiss on the top of my head. He came back with a granola bar and some sort of shake, and sat next to me on the couch. I put my feet on his lap. He put his stuff down on the coffe table and instantly began to rub my legs up and down. I don't know why he does this but it's almost like an impulse of his. We haven't said anything to each other yet but we know each other well enough to know what were saying by small gestures.

"You look beautiful" Justin spoke.

"Thank you" I said.

He looked at the time and said we would have to leave. He locked up the house and opened the car door for me. I mumbled a small thanks and got in. He ran over to the other side and slid inside putting on his seatbelt. He grabbed my hand locking our fingers resting the back of my hand on his cheek. We drove to the studio in silence. Comfortable silence. He pecked my cheek before we got out. We walked to the front of the car and he grabbed my hand again. Lately I've been feeling weird around him. I always feel butterflies and when he touches me my heart beats faster. We walked inside and was greeted by a smiling Scooter and Uncle Kuk. Kuk wasn't my real uncle but he's like one. We walked inside Studio A and sat down.

"So Kayla, we thought that you should do a song that's catchy and sticks inside peoples head" Scooter started, "Therefore we've written a song called Whip My Hair, it describes how you just brush off the haters and that your gonna be a big star and inspiration" He finished.

"I like it, can I see it?" I questioned.

"Sure" Kuk said handing it to me.

I looked it over and went inside the booth putting on the headphones and setting the paers down on the music stand. I gave them the thumbs up and the music started.

"So what's up, yeaaah, we turn our backs, then whip our hair and shake em off, shake em off, shake em off" I sang.

"As soon as I hit the stage applause I'm hearing it, whether it's black stars, black cars, I'm feeling it, cause can't none of then whip it like I do" I continued.

When I got done recording the first couple of verses I was free to go. I gave everyone hugs then Jay and I got in the car. I saw I had a text from Maya.

From: Maya

Hey Kay, Alec and I are in ATL and wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch with us?

To: Maya

OMGEEEE I miss you guys soooo much, what time?

From: Maya

Chili's in 30?

To: Maya

Okayyy, tell Alec I love him

From: Maya

Aight, see ya gurl

To: Maya

Later gurl

"Jay?" I asked sweetly.

"Yes baby?" He said shifting his eyes on me before looking at the road.

"Can you drop me off at Chili's?" I wondered.

"Who's gonna be there?" He asked.

"Maya and Alec" I stated.

"I don't like Alec, you know that" He growled.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause he likes you" He grumbled.

"No he doesn't, he's gay" I confirmed.

"Oh" He mumbled.

"Yeah" I said with an attitude.

"I'll apologize to him when we get there" He said.

"Why can't I like somebody or have someone like me?" I interrogated him.

"Like I said, your mine and only mine" He whispered in my ear nibbling it lightly before kissing my cheek and getting out the car.

We walked inside and I spotted them sitting in the corner booth so I wouldn't be a noticed as much. I walked over and gave them big hugs and so did Justin which suprised Alec.

"Hey Alec, I'm really sorry for acting rude towards you, I thought you liked Kayla and I just don't want anyone to take her away from me" Justin apologized.

"It's fine bro, we good?" Alec said.

"We good" Justin confirmed. They did that bro shake thing then he came over to me.

"Pick you up in an hour?" He asked.

"Yeah" I replied. He put his hands on my hips and I put mine on his chest. He stared into my eyes and placed a sweet soft kiss on my lips.

"I love you" he said kissing my cheek then he walked away.

Maya and Alec were sitting next to eachother in one side so I sat opposite of them.

Maya's P.O.V.

We sat down and ordered.

"So how's you and Justin" I asked.

"Good I guess" She shrugged.

"Why did you shrug" I asked making her shrug again.

"I don't know" She answered.

"You like him, don't you?" I implied.

"No, okay maybe but it's just a little crush" She mumbled avoiding eyes.

"Really? Since when?" I squealed.

"I don't know it's just been lately when I'm around him I have butterflies and when he touches me my heart races fast" She confessed.

"Omg, ya'll should date" Alec said.

"No. I'm only his little sister" She pouted.

"He likes you too" Alec stated.

"No he doesn't" Kay argued.

"He does too" I said.

"No, drop it" She demanded irritated.

I texted Fredo what she said and he texted back that Justin was over his house and he was going to ask him questions.

Justin's P.O.V.

I drove over to Fredo's house thinking about Kayla. When I got there I shut off the car and walked inside. He was playing on his X-BOX.

"Hey" I said plopping on his couch.

"Wassup?" He asked turning off the game.

"Nothing, Kay is at Chili's with Maya and Alec" I replied.

"How are you guys" He questioned.

"Good" I stated.

"Just good. Why good?" He mocked.

"I don't know I feel like were drifting apart but also getting closer and I'm pulling for her to be near me" I murmured.

"Do you like her?" He asked.

"No" I shook my head.

"Really?" He asked again.

"Okay maybe a little, but how can I not she's so beautiful, funny, loving, and talented but she's too young for me" I rambled.

"I knew it" He exclaimed.

"Whatever" I sighed.

"I want you to go out with her and so does 90% of your beliebers" He stated.

"I want her to love someone without thinking their gonna hurt her" I mumbled, "I want her to love someone not being scared and know that no matter what they will be there for her and love her unconditionally. I want to be that guy" I confessed.

"She likes you too" He said.

"No she doesn't" I argued.

"She does too" He confirmed.

"Sure, she sees me as a brother, I have to go pick her up, see ya bro" I said and walked out.

I picked her up and got Chinese food for later. We got home and Kayla pulled me to the bed. She pushed me down and laid on top of me cuddling into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and knew she fell asleep. I watched her for about a hour then she woke up. I sat up and carried her downstairs bridal style. I sat her on the counter and gave her a plate. We ate in silence then I carried her back upstairs and into the closet. I stripped down to my boxers and Kayla put on a white t-shirt. We cuddled on the bed and Kay pecked my lips whispering goodnight. I placed a long kiss on her lips and fell asleep wondering.

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