Crimson Angel

Cover by Mirlotta

Blurb coming soon

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1. Sometimes,

The creature walked around me, its small hooves not denting the snow in the clearing. I lift my arm to stroke it but the creature hurriedly steps away. At the edge of the clearing, it turns to look back at me. I open my mouth to call out to it and BANG! Red suddenly flourishes from the creature's dappled coat. I go to step towards the injured doe when its eyes go wide and starts making grunting noises like a warning. A golden light seeps up from the snow-covered ground and surrounds me. I feel the skin around my shoulder blades rip and the bones crack. They burn. I collapse to my knees and let the pain wash over me. When I am just about to pass out, the pain recedes. I stand up but promptly fall over again. There was a massive new weight on my back. I reach my right hand to the opposite shoulder and come into contact with feathers. I feel them in my fingers but I also feel something tickling my skin. I grab a feather and pull. A sharp pain erupts, like when you pull a hair out from your head. I bring my hand off the feathers and bring it back to the front of my body to look at the thing I had just pulled out. In my palm, there was a perfect crimson feather, the size of my pinkie. I brought it closer to my eyes and examine it further. It was indeed a real feather. I blew it away and while it was floating towards the snow covered ground, it dissolved. It didn't burn, just dissolved into golden specks that landed in the snow and disappeared. I hear the doe make grunting noises once again. I look up but instead of seeing the creature alone on the ground, I see a man in front of it. A man clothed in black with the same colored wings, angel wings. The man raises a knife as if to throw it and does just that. I see the knife heading straight towards me nut I'm frozen in place. A sharp pain erupted from my chest so I looked down, at what used to be crisp white robes, where a crimson patch was blossoming around my chest along with a black handle sticking out of it. I looked towards the Angel as I fell to the ground. It looked down at me and smiled. Everything turned fuzzy and then black.   




I woke up panicking, gasping and clutching my chest. Panting, I climb out of my sweat-soaked bed and stumble to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and take in the soaked scalp of my short brown hair and the dark blue bags under my golden eyes. My t-shirt covered chest not soaked in blood but in sweat. I've had that strange dream every night for a week. I wake up at two o'clock every single morning after having the dream and I can't get back to sleep. I can't close my eyes without seeing the creature being shot, the dark Angel and the blood spreading across my chest and dripping into the snow. I feel my way back to my bed in the complete darkness that was my room and lay down on the now cold sheets. A shiver runs through my body as I grab my laptop from by bedside table and snuggle under the covers. I turn over onto my side and settle into a fitful sleep.

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