The demon babysitter

A first person short story about a kid who's parents are out every night and along comes a babysitter with an unpleasant surprise!


1. Izombiella

My mum and dad love to party. They party almost every night. That night was one of those nights. They always hire a babysitter, never the same one. Once a sitter’s been to our house, they never come back. It’s not my fault I have boxing homework and they get in the way. Well, just as I was finishing my boxing, someone rapped upon the door. Mum bustled up to the door, her makeup half done and a hair curler in her hand. Her dress was a short, black number, the one she wore to the Grammys. The door swung open and a lady with a brown mop piled upon her head stood there. She wore a hot pink tank top and green track pants. She chewed on a chunk of chewing gum and spoke in an American drawl as she said: “I’m Isssobelllle”

“Hi, how are you, I’m Dianne and this is my elder son, David”, she pointed to me, “And my youngest, Charlie”, she waved her hand to Charlie who was scoffing a cookie.

 Once everyone was ready, my parent’s cab arrived. Hurried goodbyes were said and kisses passed round before the door shut and I heard the taxi engine rev and fade away.

“Bedtime!” Isabelle spoke up.


 “What? It’s so early!” I retorted.

But by the scowl on her face, I knew she wasn’t the let off type. I trudged upstairs, my little brother in my arms, to tuck him in. But as I was walking into his room, Isabelle snatched him off me and shoved me out, before slamming the door in my agitated face. Marching back to my small cubby room, I wished my parents would stay home and be normal parents. I kicked open my bedroom door, threw on my pj’s and dived into the protection of my bed.

I was awoken late at night by the frightened squeal of my little brother. I sprinted into his room, taking the stairs three a time. Isabelle stood over his cot, a horrible sight. Her usual tanned skin was a sickly mouldy green. Her eyes were red, her body drooped and her hair tangled and knotty. She let out a moan and reached out for Charlie. I howled and charged towards her, knocking her down, buying time for Carlie’s little legs to carry him out the room and hide. Isabelle scrambled up and thrust her fist towards me. I ducked swerved and jabbed my fist at her stomach. Instead of hitting a hard surface, it sank right through her body and slushed out the other side.  I pulled back my hand. It was covered in blood, and was that a bit of gut? Isabelle contorted in pain, before attacking again. This time I wasn’t prepared. She pinned me to the wall, growling and hissing. She bared her teeth and sank them into my feeble shoulder. It hurt like hell. I sank to my knees, clutching my shoulder and screaming.

I suddenly felt the need for brains.


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