Justin's princess

Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of being a dancer, now I tour the world. :)


3. Late night

Chapter 3 After rehearsal was over I headed for the cafeteria with Jason to grab a quick coffee before the briefings, we chatted for a while before one of the dancers walked past.

"Excuse me" he looked at me getting up and then chased after her. I was now alone and decided to get get some study work done, I spread my books across my lap, going into my own study little bubble. Which was abruptly popped by a familiar voice.

"Hey" said the voice

"Hi" I replied refusing to look up from my book at Justin.

"So what are you doing?" He asked

"Working?" I said sarcastically.

"that's cool" I could tell he was trying to sound interested.

"Why are you here anyway?" I asked finally looking up over my book quickly.

"I came to erm, say sorry" he said with slight question in his voice, "er like for this morning, I, um, yeah"

"Someone sent you didn't they" I said, I could see straight through him.

"Er yeah sorry" he sighed "I should go" once again with a slight questioning in his voice and pointing over his shoulder.

"Yeah good plan" I nodded, thank god that's over... Sighing I packed up my books and made my way to my hotel room.

so a random fact about me, My dad owns a major hotel company, I never see him, he never comes to my birthdays or Christmas, he'll just send a card for mum, so if I'm honest his a slight let down. On my way down the corridor I heard Justin talking to someone on the phone.

"Hey yeah baby don't worry imma be back soon I promise" he said I laughed to myself and kept walking, gosh not another empty promise. Now at my door I paused, still able to hear Justin I pressed my forehead against the door. "Ok ok ok I promise I'll do be there ok? I know I know! Ok alright night, yes love you too" oh look and another one, I laughed again, i swiped my card and walked in, I set my bags of study work and dance stuff on the couch. After making in my opinion a well deserved cup of coffee I sat down and turned on the Tv. Unsurprisingly Justin's face popped up on the screen, I frowned and changed the channel.

1:05 am

The stress of the fast approaching tour was starting to catch up with me, unable to sleep I leant over my bed to grab my phone from the table, I had five texts, three from violet, one from management and one from Jason.

10:33pm Violet: hey how are you?! I saw you on tv btw!

11:02pm Violet: sorry ill let you sleep night x

12:09 Violet: am ok one last thing, meet me at the mall when you finish work tomorrow we need to go shopping :)

12:35 management: meetings timetable attached below.

1:02 Jason: hey justin mentioned you ;) dw tho nothin too bad. He wants you to be the main and centre dancer for a few of the dances... First rehearsal is 9:30am see you there x

Agh I hate being awake at this time... And since when was i on tv?

I was also weirdly cold even though it was mid summer, I decided toget my onesie, which i then realized i,d left in the lobbie water bottle and started looking for it. Damn I remember leaving it in the lobby store room, grabbing an over size hoodie which had the Chicago bulls logo on the front and went half way down my thigh and a big pair of fluffy socks. I walked out my room. I felt kinda strange walking round a hotel in an over size hoodie and my hair in a messy bun... I found my onesie in the bag I put in the storage room quite awhile ago, hugging the bag and its contents tight to my chest, I spotted a figure leaning on the wall a few doors down, when I got to my room the person walked towards me, instantly I knew it was, Justin, fumbling I found my key deep in my pocket as he reached me...

"Hey watchya doin'?" He asked look down at my bulls hoodie, his eyes slowly moving down my legs.

"I could ask you the same thing.." I said still trying to find my key. "But at least I put on a hoodie to cover up a bit" I noticed he was standing there in only his underwear. Finally! I found my key and opened the door.

"Wait" Justin said, I turned round and lent against the door frame. He frowned. I gotta admit it was kinda cute although I wasn't gonna let him know thats what I was thinking.

"Yanno Justin" I said trying to avoid looking down "it seems kinda weird that your in the corridor at 2 in the morning in nothing but your underwear.." I watched his confused face suddenly click.

"Oh no! Not like that I promise!" He protested

"Haha sure sure Justin whatever you say" I said turning to close the door but just in stuck his hand out to stop it.

"Rebecca I swear" his bear perfectly toned chest was at about my head height and in reaching distance. I laughed

"night Justin" pushing his arm away I closed the door, I heard him sigh and whisper under his breath as he walked away. I didn't really know what to think about justin right now; he's such a player but why was he trying to convince me he wasn't? aghh I'm so tired to think at the moment, im gonna try and get some form of sleep for tomorrow.

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