Justin's princess

Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of being a dancer, now I tour the world. :)


4. i dont think so

I've just finished the last of rehearsals before the show and I'm really quite nervous, I don't know how I'm going to survive the next 5 hours and I'm mega tied....
the next thing I know Jason is lightly shaking my arm,

"hey you gotta go do hair and makeup Missy" he whispered I grunted and looked at my phone, OMG its been a whole hour! I sat up quickly dusting down my top I ran out the room down the hall to room 47.

oh just another fun fact, my mum is a photographer and works in hair and makeup so that's where I get that from.

I push open the door only to see Justin and another dancer. Justin is on is on his phone talking to someone so I walk over to josh, the other dancer, and pull out the makeup kit.
I could hear Justin's voice getting more agitated and tense as he spoke;
"yeah babe don't worry I'll will call you after the show.... yep I know I just forgot ok? I know I promised but I've been so busy... yes you don't have to keep saying it ok?! 3 days! it was only 3 days!" his free arm was waving around making strange actions as he spoke, I tried to think back to what happened 3 days ago, oh yeah that was it! when I saw Justin outside his room in this underwear at like 2 in in the morning, i giggled.

"Oi! what you laughing at?!" well someone was pissed off... I turned round slightly to face Justin and made a face to say I didn't know what he was on about and turned back again looking at josh trying to smuggle a laugh, I grinned.


justin's p.o.v


god that giggle is gonna be the death of me, even though she was just in a loose pale pink half cut top and trackie bums, she was incredibly attractive.
"ok, done, do you wanna turn round and I can have a look" she stood back looking gash up and down, he grabs his collar and spun round, she giggled again.
"very nice" she grinned again as he walked towards her his head down, Rebecca laughed and turned to me.

"right lets get this over with" she mocked, josh laughed stuck his thumbs up.

"Don't make it sound like such a bad thing!" I was kinda hurt.. Ish

"I'll leave you two to it" he winked and walked out.
she walked up to the makeup desk and started to fiddled with 'stuff' before turning round and smothering something on my face, I was slouching in my chair and she was awkwardly trying to maneuver round my knees.

"if you sit on my lap it won't be so hard" winking at her. she returned with the most sarcastic look ever.
"in your dreams" damn it was worth a try...


part 2 later :* im too tired love you guys stay tuned xxxx

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