Dante Shadow: Origin

Dante Shadow is a skilled slayer of dark fey: creatures that pose a threat to humanity. But he wasn't always the talented, fearless and care-free fighter he is now. Many years ago, he was a young man, thrown into a world he didn't understand...


5. Epilogue


‘That’s the truth, I swear,’ the boy said. He looked down at his hands and sighed. ‘Although…I may have been hit a few times by the beasts…and been spattered by Marcus’s blood…’

The sharply dressed man smiled. ‘I believe you. Your story about the gun and the sword seem…accurate. They were with you, at least.’ He got to hit feet and removed a business card from his pocket, which he proceeded to hand to the boy. ‘You’ll be out in no time. When you are out, give me a call.’

Moments later he left the interview room.

The boy looked at the business card and saw three large letters: “F.R.A”. Upon close inspection he saw that it was an acronym. In full it read: “Fey Registration Agency”. He sighed and waited.


When the boy was released he collected what few items he had, and was allowed to keep the gun and the sword.

‘What’s your name, then?’ the officer asked after he had returned the items.

The boy shrugged. ‘I don’t have one.’

‘Odd,’ the officer replied. He picked up the piece of paper in front of him and checked it. ‘According to this your name is Dante. Dante Shadow.’ He chuckled. ‘An odd name, but oh well.’

He handed the form to the boy and disappeared into the back room.

The boy stared at the piece of paper for a time. He had a name…and it was bloody awesome.

He was Dante Shadow.

Grinning he went to the police station’s phone and called the number on the card. ‘Hello,’ he said, before the person on the other end could. ‘This is…this is Dante Shadow. I was asked to call.’

The voice on the other end sounded familiar. ‘Ah, Dante. Good. I was hoping you’d call. My name is Lucas Grey. We talked not too long ago. I’d like to offer you a job…’

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