"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle yet you stay why?"



Blue’s POV

New school, New Friends, New Life

I reached the school in no time by foot and walked straight to Admin

An old lady behind the desk handed me my schedule

“Your first class is three doors to the left” she said smiling sweetly

“Thank you” I smiled in return

I made my way towards the door and lightly knocked. A tall, bald man came to the door

“Mr Caleb?” I asked

“You must be blue, come in and take a seat” he replied me

I carried my things to the back of the room avoiding the gazes of my classmates, and sat next to a brunette haired girl

“Hi I’m Alice” she said giving me a small smile

“I’m blue” I returned the smile

“It’s your first day here and you already have the boys drooling” she chuckled

“What” I said

“It’s true just look around” she told me

I looked around the room and saw every single boy staring at me except this one boy who was staring at his blank note book. He was different from all the boys in the room he had this vibe I just have to know him

“Who is he?” I asked Alice pointing at the curly haired dude

“Oh that’s harry stay away from him he’s trouble” she warned me


By ninth period I had made two new friends and a best friend

“Hey Alice what do we have next I forgot to check my planner” I asked her

“We have club “she replied me

“What club are you in?” I asked her

“Cheerleading, you should join” she bumped her hips into mine

“Thank you but I don’t do short skirts and pony tails, does this school have music club?” I asked her

“Yes it’s just down the hall” she directed me

“Thanks” I waved at her and I walked down the hall

I stopped at the door with music sign on it and knocked. A woman that looked like she was in her thirties opened it

“Hello” she greeted me

“Hi I’m Blue Rose” I introduced myself

“What do you want?” she asked politely

“I’d like to join music club” I said to her

She stared at me with wide eyes and tugged me inside. I looked around the room and saw that every seat was empty except one, harry?

“Don’t be shy take seat” she push toward the seat near harry

I sat next to him and played with my necklace

“Just talk to him already!” my mind yelled at me

“Hi I’m Blue” I stretched out my hand for him to shake it

His eyes met mine and when they did, he went back to staring at his phone. I put my hand on the desk and sighed

“I’m harry” he said with his husky and raspy voice

I was about to ask him a question when to nice woman interrupted us

“Hello blue I’m Ms Holly and that’s harry your partner say hello harry” she said

Harry ignored her and continued doing what he was doing

“Ok I’m going to be out of town for the end of the week so I want the both of you to work together and write a comprehensive note on the life and work Mozart and play one of his works” she informed us and walked out of the class leaving us with forty minutes of doing nothing

I quickly wrote my address and number on a piece of paper and placed it on Harry’s desk

He looked at me with confused eyes

“That’s my address and number call me when you are ready to work on the assignment” I said to him

“Do you trust me” he asked

“Um I do…a little” I replied him

He stood up and walked towards the door

“If I were you I’d stay away, goodbye Blue” he said and walked out of the class room

“You aren’t going to listen to him are you” my inner self said

“No I’m not” I replied and walked out of the class room.


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