Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


2. Two

"Morning Lindsey." Jake says as he hands me some Starbucks.

"Jake, I hate Starbucks." He shrugs and hands me water.

I gulp it down a bit before handing the glass back to him for more. He refills it and hands it to me.

"Hey guys." Rissa says as she takes a seat next to me on the island chairs.

I look around and groan.

"Where's Boo?" Rissa and Jake point to the extra room's door.

I yawn as I make my way, slowly, to the door. I open it and see Angelique refilling the water.

"Hey." She says.

"What are you doing in here? You're supposed to be getting ready."

"Well, I was coming to get my hair ties when I saw he needed water, so I filled it up for him." I look at her weirdly before shrugging it off and taking a seat next to him.

"Aren't you going to get ready?" She asks.

"Im going to stay and watch him. Besides I have to visit Mom at work, so I'll pick you up at lunch. Im going to ask her what we should do." She nods and we both walk inside.

"Hey, we're leaving. You going or no?" Jake asks.

"Nope, she's going to watch him and visit Tina at lunch. She's going to ask her what we should do then she'll pick me up early." Angelique answers.

Ang hugs me before hoping in the backseat of Lorissa's Chevy Charger. I wave as they drive out of the circle and then I sigh as I look around.

"Morning Lindsey!" Jolisa, my neighbor, yells from her car.

"Hey Jolie! You going to school?" She's a grade above me.

"Im taking Marcos to school and Mom to work. Then Im going to get my homework because Im getting kinda sick." I wave at Marcos and Lisa.

"Morning Marcos, Morning Lisa!" They both wave before getting into Jolisa's Van.

I walk inside after they leave and see Metro and Petro, my twin bulldogs. Metro is all white on the left side of his face and Petro has a lot of color. I got them last year on my birthday, as you can see their babies, so we're growing together.

"Come here Metro." He gets up and basically jumps next to me on the couch.

“Now you Petro.” He gets up and wobbles around before falling.

I laugh and pick him up.

“Awe, Baby you are still learning.” He licks my arm before snuggling into my arm.

Metro gets on my lap and does the same as I switch the TV to Law and Order: SVU.

As Olivia is being pulled down to the basement with the guard, a thud comes from the back. I carefully place my pups on top of a pillow with their blankets on top. Yes, my babies have their own pillows and blankets. Problem?

I reach the back and open the door carefully. I look around and notice the rack holding the water is on the floor.

“Again? Really?” I pick it up and move some blankets around and off of him.

I touch his skin and see that it’s still cold. I place the blanket over him and check his pulse on the monitor.

“It’s fine.” I say as I slowly ease the needle out.

His hand grabs my hand and my eyes dart to his icy blue ones.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“You have an IV in your arm to get fluids into your body. Im taking it out because you don’t need it anymore.” He removes his hand, but his eyes still watch me.

I return to taking the needle out when the area around the needle hole starts to bruise.

“Damn it.” I curse as I place cotton swabs on it.

“What’s the matter?” He asks.

I look at him and sigh.

“When you grabbed my hand, the needle went into your arm further, away from your vein. Now it’s bruising.” He looks at it and shrugs.

“I have to get you to a doctor.” I grab the gauze and tape.

“What are you doing?” He asks again.

I look at him once more before wrapping his arm and taping it down.

“I wrapped your arm, so for now I can take you to a doctor to check if you wounded anything.” I stand and he sits up.

I hand him a shirt and some pants that Jake got for him. He looks at them weirdly.

“Are you going to put these on or stay in those ripped ones?” He thinks for a moment before taking the ones I have out for him.

“Come in when you’re done.” I say before exiting.

I walk into my room and throw my hair into a messy bun. I grab my glasses and the leashes for the dogs. I walk back into the living room and place the leashes on the dogs’ collars.

“You are going in that?” I look up and see the guy staring at me.

I look at the body mirror; Angelique has hanged up by the TV.  Im in some bottoms and a tank top with my red flip flops.

“Yes.” I reply before leashing my dogs on their hooks.

Instead of cages, since they are babies, I place them on hooks, so they can still reach their toys, play around, and be on the couch and chair.

“Bye babes.” I say as I grab my keys and head out the door.

I lock the door and the guy puts his sunglasses on. I unlock my green wrangler jeep limo.

“Why are there two Jeeps?” He asks as he shuts his door.

“Because that one is Jake’s jeep, but he doesn’t use it because he hates the color and there isn’t really a roof for it when it rains.” I roar the engine and slowly pull out and onto the road.

He nods and I plug my phone into the stereo. Best Friends by Lil Cuete blasts through my speakers as we pull onto the main road.

“You like this music?” He asks.

I nod as I turn it up more. I roll the windows down when we come to a red light.

“What’s your name?” He doesn’t answer, so I chuckle.

“Do you have a place to stay?” I question and he shakes his head ‘no’.

“Well, if you are going to live in my extra room, I got to know your name.” I bribe.

“It’s Luke.” He says quietly.

I smile in victory as I speed through lights to get to Fort Collins High. I park in my student space before shutting the car down.

“Where are we?” He questions.

“Well, we’re going to get Angelique and excuse myself for the day.” He gets out of the car and slams the door.

“Oi! Don’t slam the door.” I complain and he ignores me.

I roll my eyes as we walk to the back doors.

“Thank you.” I say as one of the students hold the door open for me.

When we walk in, everyone walking by is looking at us. I roll my eyes at them and we walk down the spine (the long hallway of the school).

“Lindsey!” I turn around and see Essence running to me with Rachel behind her.

“Hey.” I say when she stops.

“Where were you this morning?” She asks as we four walk to the lunch room.

“Im staying home, but I have to excuse myself for the day.”

“Who is this?” Rachel asks.

“This is Luke. He’s staying at my house and will be coming here as a junior.” I say as I think.

They look at him confused.

“He looks like a senior.”

“Haha, he moved here from a different state, and he didn’t graduate there, so he wants to start over as a senior with junior schedules.” They don’t question me after that.

We talk the rest of the way about clubs and what’s been going on this morning. When we reach the lunch room, I stop.

“We’re going to the office to check up. Stay in here and I will possibly take you to lunch with an excuse to be absent the next two periods including being lambkin way teachers.” They smile as we leave to the office, which are only a few feet away.

“Don’t talk unless they ask you a question directly.” He nods and follows behind me.

“Ms. Roth.” She looks up from her desk and smiles.

“Hi Lindsey. What can I do for you?” I stand at the door as I talk.

“I came in to excuse myself from my classes today. I have another person living in my house and I need to show him the school and such. Im also going to the doctors for my check up and his appointment.”

She looks at me with a straight face, so I don’t know what she is doing.

“Since this is your first excuse for this, I’ll let it go. Let’s go find Dixie and she’ll give you paper work for him to fill out and then bring back tomorrow and he can be in classes then.” I nod and we walk to find Miss Dixie.

“I also wanted to excuse Essence and Rachel for the next periods because Im taking them to lunch and I have to visit my mom for our checkups first, so it may take a bit.” She stops and shakes her head.

“You are lucky I like you.” She says before chuckling.

We find Miss Dixie and she explains everything we need to do and fill out for Luke.

“We’re going to take your picture now, so you’ll have it tomorrow.” She places him in front of the window and takes a picture.

She then plugs her camera into her computer and quickly uploads it.

“It will take a bit for them to get it on a card, so you should receive it later on in the afternoon.” We nod and thank her before going to the lunch room.

Rachel and Essence come to us, but not before Selena and Alondra.

“Who is this?” Selena asks.

“This is Luke. He’s going to be coming here tomorrow.” I say and she smiles at him.

“Im Selena and this is Alondra.” They both smile and he waves a bit.

He nods in a ‘hey’ way.

“Okay. Well, we have to go so bye!” I say as I grab his hand and pull him away with Rachel and Essence in tow.

“I hate them so much, Im going to tear their guts out.” I say and the three start to laugh.

I relax myself once again and don’t care what Im doing. Im talking to Rachel when something squeezes my hand. I look down carefully and see Im holding Luke’s hand still. I look at him and see that he’s just looking around, not really caring, so I don’t either. I ignore his hand in mine and continue talking with the girls.

We hop back into my baby and we drive down the road to my mom’s office.

“I still can’t believe you got a wrangler jeep limo.” Essence says.

I laugh as I turn into my mom’s work.

“It doesn’t look like one. It just has a front, middle, and back like an SUV.” I complain and we laugh.

“We won’t be long.” I tell them as Luke and I get out and walk to the front.

Luke opens the door for me and I laugh when he pulls for it to close. I tug him along before anyone notices his error.

“Hey Sue.” I say to the office lady.

My mom’s been working here for tons of years, so these people are the Medical Family.

“What can I do for you?” She asks.

“I have a checkup and I was wondering if he can actually get checked and move me to a different day? His arm is bruising and I want it checked immediately.”

“Got it. Who is this by the way?” Oh no. Oh god.

“This is Luke. He’s going to FCHS now and he’s using the extra room.” She nods and eyes him up and down.

We stand there talking for a bit when Mom calls us back and we follow her. We turn several corners before ending up in a corner room, by one of my doctor’s office.

Mom does the chart on me before turning around and starts interrogating.

“Okay, Luke what is wrong?” I unwrap his arm and she looks at it. 

“How did this happen?” She looks at me with this question.

“He was in a bush, so I placed an IV correctly on his vein for fluids. When I tried to remove it, he thought I was hurting him so he grabbed my hand. I think when he did this; the needle went into a different spot since it wasn’t all the way out yet.” She nods and writes something on paper.

“I’ll have Weiskettle and Nancy look together. I’ll see you when they’re done and then front.” She kisses me goodbye and leaves.

“Is that your mom?” He speaks.

“Yeah. I learn all my skills from her and some of my dad. He’s a medical assistant for an Urologist.” He nods and stays quiet as we wait for my docs to come in.

“Hello.” They say as they enter.

They set the computers next to them and turn to us.

“What’s going on?” Nancy asks me.

“When he moved his arm, I think the needle hit something else because now where the needle hole is is bruised.”

They both take a look at it before cleaning it with a cotton swab and Nancy leaves the room.

“Well, it did miss the vein when he moved his arm.  It will go down after a few days, just clean it and be careful. I would keep it wrapped, so it doesn’t get dirty, but change the gauze every other day, just in case that gets dirty. If you run out, there should be some at Wal-Mart you can buy.” She leaves us to another appointment.



“Where have you been?” Ang asks as she gets in the car with her friend Jasmine.

“We went to the doctors and then picked up lunch.” I hand her, her lunch and thank god I got an extra burger for Jasmine.

“Ohhh Raising Cane’s.” She loves them!

We both love their sauce, so every time we get burgers or make burgers, we always try to master the sauce, but end up throwing it away.

“Ang, I’ll talk to you when we get home.” She nods in the mirror and for some reason Luke places his hand in mine.

I hope no one notices.



“He did what?” She asks as we sit in my room while everyone is in the living room looking for a movie with homework out.

“He moved his arm and the needle bruised him in a different spot.” I say again.

Ever since we got home and I told Ang, she’s been repeating the question.

“Did it hurt like a normal person would complain about?” I shake my head.

“No! He acted like it wasn’t even there.” She opened her mouth to say something when a knock interrupted us.

We look to find Essence looking to her right.

“Um Lindsey you might want to be in the room.” I look at her confused.

“Why?” I ask.

“Come look at this.” Ang and I leave my room to follow Essence.

We give each other a questioning look. I hope everything is okay.


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