Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


3. Three


“Um Lindsey you might want to be in the room.” I look at her confused.

“Why?” I ask.

“Come look at this.” Ang and I leave my room to follow Essence.

We give each other a questioning look. I hope everything is okay.



“What’s going on?” I ask as we stop.

Rachel is on the bean bag looking at Jasmine who has her arms on Luke and Luke is looking at me.

“Im not sure about them, but Im watching Sponge Bob waiting for you!” Rachel says.

Angelique laughs and throws Metro’s chew toy at her, making the dog nuts. I watch as Jasmine whispers things to Luke as if no one is listening.

“You okay?” Everyone looks at me and I place my hands in my back pockets.

“Fine.” I look at Jasmine when I say this.

She looks at me with fright? She moves away from Luke as quick as the look came. Luke smiles to himself as I watch her. I grab my bag and sit where Jasmine was, which is my seat in the corner of the couch, by Luke and I place my bag on Luke’s left. He chuckles and puts his arm on my bag and the other behind my head.

“Where shall we start?” I ask.

3 hours later…….


“I did not!” I laugh hard as Rachel and Essence fight over a slushy.

“Yes you did Rachel! You drank my slushy and then spit it at people in the hallway!” I lean into Luke as I laugh hard.

“Am I hurting you?” I ask him.

“No, it’s fine.” I smile and laugh more with everyone else.

Rachel looks at her phone and smiles. She starts gathering her stuff and putting them in her bag.

“I’d stay, but it looks like someone else has the extra.” She says.

“Im going to have my mom pick me and Essence up.” I nod and she leaves to call her mom.

I turn to Jasmine and watch as she finishes her homework and leans back.

“What about you Jasmine? How are you getting home?” I ask when Ang leaves to get water.

“Angelique is going to take me.” I laugh and prop myself on my elbow.

“She can’t drive.” She looks uncomfortable.

“Jasmine, you can stay if you like.” I look at Angelique and she waves my look away.

You serious? In my house?

Jasmine smiles in my direction and I dismiss her. I stand up and walk to my room, basically slamming the door.  I take a seat on my steps that lead to the floor dipping into my room where my bed is held.

“Hey.” I ignore the voice and just look at my bed.

They sit next to me and I scoot away. They laugh and clap their hands together.

“Mad at me too?” I look up into red eyes.

“Not you.” I say as I look to my window.

“It’s your house, but?” He asks.

“But, I feel like this is their house. They don’t even ask me for anything, they just do it. I have to ask because it’s “rude” if I don’t ask my roommates.” I confess.

Luke puts his arm around me, pulling me close to him. I lean my head on his shoulder and he rubs my arm.

“That just means you can use their excuses as to let you have people stay.” I laugh and shake my head.

“Im just worried, you know? That she might try something with any of us and Ang won’t realize because she’s caught in Mina’s friendship. I won’t ever ruin a friendship like theirs even if she gets on my nerves.” He nods and we just sit there for a bit, staring at nothing.

“Tonight, I’ll lock my door. So, only you can get in there.” He says and I smile.

“Goodnight Lindsey.” Luke says as he hugs me and walks to his room.

“Goodnight Luke.”



“Lindsey you up!?” I roll over onto my back and check my phone. It reads, 5:40 a.m. I groan loudly and roll back over under my pillow.

“Lindsey is you awake!?” I pull the blanket over my face as I hear the door slam open.

“Get up!” Angelique says.

I don’t move a muscle, knowing if I do, she’ll grab me. I listen as her footsteps descend from the room. I let out a long breath that I was holding. Big MISTAKE!

My whole body and bed becomes soaking wet as Angelique pours a tub of water on me. I jump out of bed and jump around looking for something to warm me up.

“Ang!” I scream when I can’t find anything.

Everything that I would grab is now soaking wet thanks to her! Stupid girl -_-

I glare at her and now it’s like everyone is in my room laughing. I look behind her and see Jake and Lorissa laughing, and Luke looking amused and has a smile on his face. I turn to her and see that she’s trying to talk and not laugh.

“What?” I say and hold my arms out.

She breaks. She doubles over laughing hard as she clutches her stomach.  I look at everyone and place my hands on my hips.

“Why is everyone laughing?” Lorissa and Jake grab Angelique, and practically drag her out.

Luke shuts my door and he shakes his head.

“Very nice.” I tilt my head.

“What?” He points and I start to turn red.

Im feeling a breeze because Im in a bright pink sports bra and very short shorts that could be mistaken as girl boxers.

“I didn’t know you had a belly ring and a tattoo.” I grab the closest thing to me and wrap myself in it.

“A jacket?” I roll my eyes and push him.

I grab my clothes and head to change in the bathroom. I crack it a bit, so I can still talk to Luke, but he can’t see anything.

“Did you fill out those papers?” I ask.

“Uh, would you help me?” I step out in black sweatpants that hang on my hips perfectly with BAZINGA written on my shirt.

“Yeah, but ‘member we have to go today.” I brush my long red hair as we exit the room.

The folder is sat on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I take a seat and Luke hands me a cup of tea, and himself some water. I open the folder and he joins right next to me.

“Um, well, fill this out with your name and where you came from.” I watch as Jasmine comes out.

She’s wearing a t-shirt that looks familiar and some sweats, showing her belly ring. She has a smile on her face as she comes out of Angelique’s room.

“Thanks for the shirt.” She says to Luke before going to the bathroom, but not before touching his shoulder for a minute.

If she touches him one more time, Im going to burst. I swear if she does or says anything about something they did around me, Im going to sucker punch her face into the counter. Then, I’ll tell the police that she made me mad.

Luke looks at me and laughs. I just have a blank expression on my face; I didn’t say what I was thinking out loud, so why is he laughing at me?

“What?” He shakes his head and continues to fill the paper out.

“Haz, can you take me to school please?” Ang asks as she sits on the outer counter top.

I run my hands through my hair and nod.

“Yeah, of course. Just tell me when you’re ready and we’ll go.” She hugs me before heading to her room with Jasmine in tow.

“Alright, I’m done.” I read over the paper and nod.

“Okay, we’ll finish the rest in the car.” We both get up and head to our rooms to get dressed fully and appropriately for school.


“Damn sun.” I place the sun blocker down and rub my head.

“You okay?”  I nod my head slowly and pull into PCA’s parking lot.

Ang and Jasmine get out of the car as I park.

“I’ll see you later.” Ang gives me a hug and we watch as they go into school.

I drive off as soon as they are out of sight. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to school, which gives only a few minutes to talk to Ms. Roth before our first class.


We pull into the parking spot when Luke finally finishes the paperwork. I take some medicine before grabbing my bag and getting out of the car. Luke comes to my side and lets me lean against him.

“You sure you’re okay? We don’t have to go.” Luke says.

I ignore his response and walk past him. I lose my footing and nearly fall if he wouldn’t have caught me.

“Whoa.” I look into his eyes and see green.

“Your eyes change tons of colors.” He laughs and we walk to the entrance.

“You nearly fell and yet you are talking about my eyes.” I stop him by a tree.

“I walked quickly away from you. I would’ve fallen on my face by the time you ran to help me, but you were there as quick as the wind before I fell.” His eyes turn red.

“How’d you do that?” I whisper. 

 He ignores my questions and pulls me along.

“We don’t want to be late do we?” He asks as we make it into the office.

I look around confused.

“How’d we get here so fast?” I question as I quietly freak out.

“We were close.” Is his answer.

“No. No. No. We weren’t close at all, we were by the first tree where the entrance was in the back, not front.” He ignores me again and finds Ms. Roth’s office.

“Knock Knock.” He says and hands her the work.

She goes over it with him for a bit before standing and shaking his hand.

“It will be nice having an Australian student here.” He laughs and he helps me out of the office, and into the hallway.

"Where's your first period?" He asks as we walk down the spine of Fort Collins High.

"L hall. Math." I simply say as we walk past a few students who are waiting for the bell to ring.

As we pass Prospect Hall (P Hall) everyone stands on the sides of the walls, watching us. People are staring like right into my soul.

This is what I DIDN'T want to happen! Why does everyone have to stare at us!?

"Cause you're with me." Luke whispers.

I look at him with shock. Did he read my mind?

We spot Rachel and Essence standing in front of Lemay Hall (L Hall). They turn to us and wave. Luke smiles and we walk to them.

"Hey." Luke says as he leans me against the wall.

"Lindsey are you okay?" I nod and stand straight.

I move away from the wall and nearly fall again, but Luke helps me stay up. He places his arm around my waist and leans me into his side. I bury my face in his jacket and can't help, but smile.

He smells so good! Jake must've bought him cologne or something.

We talk for a bit before the bell rings. Essence leaves us and Rachel walks with Luke and I to class.

"Where's your class?" I ask and he hands Rachel his schedule.

"Okay. I'll come get you guys after class." She waves goodbye and goes next door.

Luke sits me in my seat and goes to talk to Ms. Oien, my math teacher. They exchange a few words before they shake hands and she hands him a notebook, then points to more books and folders.

"Thank you." He walks to get a book and goes through a folder or so.

I can't help, but stare at him. He's so gorgeous! His button up shirt makes his muscles pop and damn those jeans! God! They hang off his hips perfectly! They sag a bit, but his belt is holding them up well.

"Lindsey!" I blink and notice Josie and Tania (Sounds like Tanya, just spelled differently.)

"Sorry." I apologize.

"Are you okay?" Tania asks.

"Yeah. Just, my head hurts." She nods and Josie hits my arm.

"Whose the new guy?" I turn around and see Luke sitting in the seat beside Ian's seat, working on the warm up.

I turn back to Josie and shrug. She goes to open her mouth again when Ms. Oien talks.

"Everyone inside or you'll be late." Ian, Josh, Jackie, Alex, Robbie, Cristian, Nydia, Norma, Aniya (Sounds like it's spelled A-Nie-Ya), and Israel walk in, and take their seats.

Ms. Oien stands in front of the Smart Board and says, "We have a new student. Make him feel welcomed." Luke walks to the front of the class and waves.

"Luke's from Australia." Everyone starts talking.

"Thank you Luke. Now everyone copy down the warm up and read page 84." Luke sits down and finishes the warm up.

I lean back and rub my head when I hear Ian and Josh talking to Luke.

"So, you're from Australia?" Josh asks.

"Yeah. Melbourne, Australia."

"That's cool. I've never actually had an Australian in one of my classes before. Well, we don't really have Australians here." Ian says and Luke laughs.

At least he's making friends. I turn to Luke and see that he's smiling at me. I smile back and he laughs. I roll my eyes playfully before turning back to the board.


"Okay, get with partners and finish work time." Tania and I go to the back of the room to work on the problems.

I write the problem on the white board and leave space under to change it around for Tania to understand. She doesn't speak great English because she's spoken Spanish most of her life, so I help her by rewriting the problem for her to understand and then we solve it.

"Alright Tania. What is the relationship between the quantities? Are they changing from the problem before or no?" She looks up and starts laughing.

"I dont know. They change." I laugh and shake my head.

"How do they change?" She laughs again.

"I dont know." Okay, Im going to have to repeat the question in Spanish and she'll reply in English.

"Tania, ¿Cuál es la relación entre los Quantities? ¿Están cambiando el problema antes o no?" I ask. 

"Ellos cambian." I nod.

"Say it in English."

"They change." She repeats herself.

"¿Cómo?" I ask how.

"Instead of one dog he's weighing, he's weighing multiple animals." I nod and she writes it down.

"Good job Tania! You're getting better!" I say and she smiles.


We continue working on the problems when Ms. Oien leaves the room to talk to Mr. Eversalt the principle.

"Lindsey." I look at Tania and she seems sad.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Me gusta este tipo, pero no creo que le gusto." Awe!

"How do you know he doesn't like you? He could, but where does he live?" I ask about her crush.

"Mexico." I place a sad smile on.

Tania is very special, as in she needs help with a few things to understand, but otherwise she's normal like us. She's really short, but that's okay. She falls in love hard and fast, and no one can stop her. I try to convince her to slow down, but then she complains and I give up. I just don't want her hurt like always.

"He's looking at you." I snap out of my thoughts and furrow my eyebrows together.

"Who?" She points and says, "Him."

I turn around and see Luke looking at us. Norma, Nydia, Jackie, Josie, and Aniya are around him. I turn to Tania and shrug it off.

"Nah, he's looking at the poster. Or you." She laughs and shakes her head 'no'.

The bell rings, signaling first and second period are over (I have Math first and second period, but I didnt want to type about just math for the hour, so I made it short). I pack up my things and leave the room. I place my headphones in and blast the music as I walk to third period, which is English.

Clarity by Zedd comes on and I mouth the words as I tap my phone to the beat. I walk to P hall alone and up the stairs into English. I take my normal seat in the second row, third seat by the teacher's desk. I write the warm up when a body takes a seat behind me.

"Here you go." Mrs. Barnett-Cooper says as she hands something to a student.

I finish my warm up and pass it to Kylie. I sit back and wait for Dominic to finish his writing. Mrs. Barnett-Cooper comes around and collects the paper. Dominic still hasn't gave me his paper, so when I turn around, Im shocked to see someone else sitting in Dom's seat.

"Luke I didnt know you were in this class." I say and he nods.

"Rachel brought me here because it seems like you forgot about me." I cover my gapped opened mouth.

"Luke, Im so sorry. I truly am. Oh my god, I feel bad." He shrugs.

"Its fine. You didnt feel good, dont feel bad." I take his paper and hand it to Kylie as Mrs. BC (For short) starts to hand out Star Wars sheets.

"Who will take Luke in their group?" Mrs. BC says as she brings Luke to the front.

All the girls' mouths open slightly and they start saying they will at once. The other Tania raises her hand and Mrs. BC calls on her.

"He can work with us." She looks at Luke and he whispers something to her.

She looks at me and nods. He smiles and comes back to the seat.

"Im Tania and this is Lindsey." I smile and he smiles.

I hope he pretends to know me. Or else Tania will be texting me questions why the exchange student is living in my house and other things.

"Im Luke. Let's get to working." We fill him in on the movie and we fill the matching game up with some words.

Then we receive a paper with some words from the Odyssey that we have to change the definition and then give an example. We work on that for about 20 minutes then we're done.

"That was hard!" I complain and Luke places his hand on my shoulder.

"That was too easy." I psh him and he laughs.

"Okay. Be ready to present with your partners on Monday! Have a great weekend!" Luke waits for me to pack my things before we walk out.

Once we're out the door, he places his big hand around my small one. Of course, people from our previous class stare at our hands as we walk down the stairs.

Dude what the fuck? I dont stare when you hold hands with someone so why you watching me?


"Hello?" I answer my phone.

"Hey! We're going to Rachel's house for lunch, meet us there. Come through the back." Essence says.

"Aight, bye." I hang up and we continue to the Lunch room.

"We're going to Rachel's house." I say to Luke and he nods.

We turn right towards the athletics hall when Selena and her guy friends like Josh, Grayson, and Grant stop us.

"Hey Luke." Selena flirts.

I roll my eyes and Luke smiles.

"Hey." He simply says.

"Josh was wondering if you were going to try out for the football team." I look at Josh and see that his eyes are wide and his head is tilt up a bit to look at Luke's face.

"Im not sure. I dont really know how to play. I can play what you call soccer, but not what you call football."

"Well, if you want to try, just come after school at 5:30 for practice. Show coach then." Grant says and they leave.

We walk down the long hallway with a few girls stopping us to talk to Luke, but we eventually make it outside and to Rachel's house.

"Come." I pull Luke under the branches and through Rachel's backyard.

I open the door and find her brother making sandwiches with pizza rolls and drinks out for us. I run behind him and wrap my arms around him.

"Caleb!" I yell and he laughs.

"Hey Lanza. She's downstairs playing the Wii." I kiss his cheek and take Luke downstairs to Rachel's room.

There we find Rachel, Essence, Cara Shea, Zayne, Taber, both Jazmynes, and Missy playing Just Dance 4. I introduce everyone to Luke and we all just hang out at Rachel's house till the end of school.



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