Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


8. Six

"Look who showed up." Jesse says as we make our way towards the football team.

Coach Rice looks at us and fills something out on his clip board.

"Luke, run a few laps with the boys and lets see what you can do." Luke gives me a kiss and jogs to place his things down. I stand behind Coach when I hear yelling behind me.

I see the girls waving at me, so I jog over to them. I take a seat in front of Jackie on the bleachers.

"Hey guys." I say.

"Where were you last night? We called you, but you didn't answer." Lorissa says as her and Josie share a Gatorade.

"I forgot to tell you that we went to the movies and then we did something." They all quiet down and add smiles to their faces.

"Ew! No! We looked at apartments!" I defend myself and they all get sad faces.

"Damn, thought you would've lost it by now." Essence says and I smack her arm.

"No! We seriously had appointments to meet with landlords or the apartment people. It took us all day and there were some nice apartments." They nod and go back to what they were doing.

"Alright then." I mutter and face the field.

The boys have their shirts off and Luke does too. I smile when he waves at me, but it fades when I hear cheers. I turn to my left and see a bunch of girls fanning themselves with their hands as they try for Luke's attention.

"Don't let them get to you Liz. They aren't worth it." Katie notices.

"I know, but it's kinda hard when you don't know if y'all are dating or not." Gasps fill my ears.

"You aren't dating!?" Josie yells.

I shrug and reply, "I don't know. I always bring it up, but he just kisses me like that's his answer there." I hate it when he does that.

"Like the other day. We were sitting in the living room watching Grown Ups and I asked him. He just smiled and kissed me before getting up to make popcorn. I was like 'What the hell does that mean?'"

The girls shrug and watch them practice with me.


Luke does pretty good for a guy who doesn't play American Football. He eventually got the spot to kick the ball to score.

"Good job!" I yell and he lifts me up and swings me around.

He kisses me sweetly and puts me down when Coach Rice comes up behind us.

"Good work today Delgado. It will be a great pleasure to have you on the team." They shake hands and Luke thanks him.

When Coach leaves, he lifts me up again in excitement.

"I'm proud of you babe!" We kiss once more as howls fill our ears.

I laugh and grab his hand, "C'mon lets go home."


The music is blasting. The windows are rolled down. It's just me and him. Like everything and everyone is gone. Zip. Out of thin air. Luke squeezes my hand as I sing a long to the music playing.

"What's for dinner?" He asks and I shrug.

"Anything you want." We stop at a red light and he turns to me.

"What I want, no one else can have." I raise my brows and he leans in to kiss me.

I notice the light turn green, so I pull away, "Green light." He kisses me another time and moves the car straight.

I notice a car coming at us from his side.

"Luke!" He unbuckles so fast and everything goes black for me.


"Lindsey." I open my eyes slowly, to see Angelique and Lorissa around me.

"She's awake!" All my friends rush inside and fill the room.

I look at each and everyone of them. They all have worried looks. I scan the room for one familiar face.

"Where is he?" I sit up and immediately regret it.

Pain shoots through my rib cage and shoulder. I groan in pain and Lorissa leans me back.

"You can't move. You need to stay in here." I push her hand away and swing my legs over the bed.

I hold my ribs with my right arm as I stand up straight. It hurts so bad, but I need to find him. I'm wearing basketball shorts with a black sports bra on. My ribs are bandaged and my shoulder is too.

"Lindsey, you can't leave." I open the door wide and step out into the cold hallway.

I look left and then right. I freeze when I see him about to turn the corner.

"Luke." I gasp out and he stops. He turns around and even the nurses, doctors, and patients stop.

"Please. Don't go." He sighs and looks at the ceiling.

"I have too." I begin to walk fast towards him, but the pain stops me.

I fall to my knees and it's like everything stops. Luke is by my side and I watch as everyone is just standing there. Doing nothing, but staring. No blinking or anything. It's like they're frozen.

I put my hand in Luke's and look up to his green eyes, "I need you. Please, don't go." I plead and he wraps me in his warm embrace.

"I can't stay." I shake my head against his chest.

"Yes you can. We can make this all work. please, I need you." I cry and he kisses my head.

He leans against the wall and keeps me in his arms for a while. Everything unfreezes and people go back to what they were doing.

"Miss, you need to go back to your room." A nurse in a orange outfit says.

I nod and Luke carefully helps me up. We walk back to the room to see everyone sitting where they can.

"Are you okay?" Ian asks and I nod.

"Im fine." My eyes never leave Luke as he stands beside the wall.

Everyone begins to talk to one another as I just stare at him. And he stares back. I know, he knows what I'm thinking and we both no without him, I would die. But, no one else seems to see that even though we barely still know each other, I'd still die.

"Visiting hours are over." Nurse says at the door.

"Ma'am, she has no family. We're the closest thing to family." Angelique says pointing to Jake, herself, and Lorissa.

"Fine. But, everyone else leave please." They all say their goodbyes and the only person who stays is Luke.

"Sir, you need to leave." She grabs his arm and my head automatically snaps towards that little movement.

What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I acting like this?

Because you don't like any of this.I look at Luke and he's staring at me with seriousness.

"Ma'am, I suggest you let him go." I say with a growl.

She looks at me and then everyone in the room. She bows her head and lets him go.

"Sorry sir." She quickly leaves the room.

"Can y'all leave the room for a moment? I need to talk to Luke." The girls and Jake leave, shutting the door behind them.

Once the click hits the door, I furiously jump on Luke. Pinning him against the wall with his hands on both sides. My legs are wrapped around his waist and my hands are pinning his wrists down.

"The door." I blink and the lock on the door makes a sound.

Luke smiles at me, "Doing good."

I lean close to his ear and whisper, "Why am I acting like this?" 

He laughs, "When I got in front of you, you hit your head, so hard that you bled. I gave you something that should've just heeled you, but from the looks of it," He looks at me pinning him, "It did more than just that."

I remove myself from him and slowly pull away.

"Is that why I became upset?" He nods.

"Is that why I jumped on you full of anger?" He pushes his chest to my back and rubs my arms.

"And love." He kisses my neck and roams his hands around my waist, my hips, and stomach.

"What did you give me, though?" He squeezes me tight against his chest.

"It was good. That's all you need to know. But, right now, you need to rest. Your shoulder and ribs won't last long."

"How am I standing now then?"

"You're being held by me." I nod slowly and he helps me slide into bed.

He puts the blankets over me, but I push them back. He gives me a questioning look.

"Lay with me. Please?" He rolls his eyes playfully and crawls in next to me.

"Unlock the door." He whispers and I swing my hand and Jake falls through.

"Got it." He says to the girls and the nurse.

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