Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


9. Seven

"Move slowly." Jake instructs me as we move through the lobby.

"Jake, you aren't helping her." Lorissa says as I squeeze her hand for help.

"Where's Luke, for fucks sake?" I growl in pain.

"He went somewhere this morning and haven't seen him since." Lorissa answers.

"He said to come up front." Angelique says as she's on her phone.

I try to move quickly, but the pain hurts sooo bad. As I get closer to the sliding doors, my pain slowly goes away. Im right at the first sliding doors when I stand up straighter and smile when I see Luke. Leaning against his jeep with flowers in one hand and a box of popcorn in the other.

"Hey beautiful." He says when I get closer to him.

"Hi." He leans down and plants a kiss on the corner of my bruised lip.

The pain never comes and I'm relieved. He opens the door and holds his hand out.

"Milady." I slap his hand away and get in.

"Im not a lady. You should know that when you put burgers or ribs in front of me." He laughs and starts the jeep up.

"Where are they going?" I ask as our friends get into Lorissa's car.

"I don't know. You are mine for a while." I place my shades on and take Luke's hand as he pulls out of the hospital parking lot.

We drive pass many streets that I am unfamiliar with until we drive past my mom's work. I look back to see her and Dad smiling at each other before getting into their SUV.

I should really go see them soon :/

"Where are we going?" He doesn't answer, just smiles and keeps going.

Hour Later

"Want something to drink?" He asks as we pull into a gas station for gas.

"Not till you tell me where we're going." I protest.

"Fine." He shuts the door and jogs inside.

My stomach growls and I hold it. Ugh, I really want a coke and some reeces. I hear laughing and I look around.

"Okay." I get out to grab the pump and wait for the receipt when Luke appears next to me.

"Here babe." He holds a coke and reeces in one hand and his drink and food in the other.

"I said not till you tell me." I say even though I can feel the hunger building inside me.

"Well, something told me that you really wanted these." I roll my eyes and push him away.

"Well, that something was wrong." Oh Lindsey just take the damn things! You're hungry as hell! Stop being stubborn.

I grab the receipt and slowly make my way into the jeep. Before I shut the door, Luke pulls it away and leans in close to me, "Just take it." I bite my lip as I watch his mouth move.

I put my hand around his neck and pull him close. He smiles as he puts my things in my lap.

"Down girl." He whispers before walking to the other side.

I growl and glare at him. Fucking tease. I buckle up and throw my things in the back. He looks at them and then me.

"Well, you don't have to eat them, but I would take them." He laughs when I try to burn holes in his face.


We pull up to a beautiful Chinese restaurant and I turn to him, noticing where we're at.

"We drove all the way to Estes for food?" He gets out without answering me and waits for me too.

I get out slowly, forgetting I have no pain. I take his offered hand and he basically drags me inside. A man a bit shorter than him, but taller than me appears in front of me.

"Good afternoon Mr Luke. Your table is ready." I look at him and he still doesn't look at me. He just takes me to our table in the MIDDLE of the restaurant.

Luke sits across from me and takes my menu away. I tilt my head at him with my eyes wide with 'Are you serious?' look. He laughs and takes my hand again.

"Let's go." We walk to the buffet and I instantly go for the wantons.

I take almost all the wantons and stack them in a bowl. Then I take fries, orange chicken, pizza, rice, some meat, and haha the rest of the wantons. I walk back to the table to see Luke with fries, rice, and orange chicken. He raises his eyebrows at me with a smile.

"Don't judge me! I'm so hungry I could eat someone." I say and begin to dig in.

"Happy to be eating normal food and not hospital food?" He asks and I nod, due to the different foods shoved in my mouth.

"Lindsey, I wanted to ask you something." I start chewing slowly and wipe my mouth before looking at him directly.

I swallow and lean back, "Okay." It barely comes out as a whisper.

"I want you to come with me on a holiday."

"What?" I ask, a bit shocked.

"Come on a holiday with me." He repeats slowly.

"Summer is coming up." I say to no one in particular.

"I know. Perfect for my family. People will be out of town and it will be us." I look at him with a bit of fright.

"Family?" My family comes to mind when I say this.

I was going to visit my siblings over summer. Stay with the parents for a while. Making sure that we all hung out with mom and dad for summer.

"Babe." My eyes flash to him.

I haven't really heard him say that much.

He takes my hand in his large one and rubs circles on my skin. My breath hitches and my breathing starts to fasten. My heart begins to beat faster when he puts his luscious lips against my knuckles and breathes on them. I cross my legs and tighten my hand on my napkin in my lap. I lean forward to speak, but my body has the urge to attack, so I lean back. 

"Stop. Not here." I beg as I growl.

He kisses my hand before simply dropping it on the table with a thud. I stare in astonishment, wondering why I am the only one with this kind of urge. He continues to eat as I just move my food around, not very hungry for food right now.

"Are you going to finish?" He questions me.

I throw my napkin on the table and leave the restaurant as quick as I can. Pain shoots through my ribs as I move farther and farther away from Luke.

I hold onto the wall as I place my hand on my ribs and breathe in and out slowly. I stand up straight, but immediately slouch again. I groan in pain and try to walk to the car as I could.

The pain moves away when I stop again. I turn behind me to see Luke walking casually towards me. As he got closer, I started walking normal again. I stop a few times, so I don't go into pain again. When I finally get closer to the doors, where the jeep is parked in front of, Im suddenly pulled into darkness.

Im pinned against the wall, but I knew what I was between and who I was with. He runs his hands up and down my hips and legs, and leans his head down by my ear.

"You have no idea what I want to do with you right now." He growls and kisses under my ear.

I grab a fist full of his spiky hair and pull it to my face.

"Don't. Tease." I growl back and this time I pin him against the other wall.

I put my hand under his t-shirt and run my fingers against his stomach and chest. He moans slightly, but I quiet it with a kiss. I pull my leg up to his hip and his pulls it up with his hand.

He gives me a sweet, but rough, yet sexy, make out session for about 10 minutes. He pulls away, but I tug on his shirt for more. He wraps his hands around mine and leans his head against mine.

"Not here. Please, just wait." He says heavily.

I groan and roll my eyes. He laughs and I can't help, but give in.

"Fine. But just a warning, the next time you decide to tease me, don't get angry if I try to take you then and there." He chuckles quietly and nods.

"If you wanted my clothes off, all you had to do was say." We are basically about to kiss when I try to lean in more.

"Off. Now." He brushes his lips against mine before leaving me in the dark.

I look at his back with my mouth hung open. Fucking tease man! But, you got to admit. He's got a nice ass. I smile as my eyes travel down to his perfectly hung jeans back pockets. Ohhh yeah.

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