Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


1. One

“I don’t understand!” I complain as Angelique, Jake, and Lorissa laugh.

They’re teaching me Biology and I still don’t get it! I listen, I do, but I can’t do homework!

“You do! Just not the way we’re explaining.” Jake says.

I shake my head and wave my hand.

“Whatever. Can we stop? My hand hurts and Im tired.” I fall backwards onto the floor and listen as they talk.

“I like how even though Ang goes to a different school, we still got the same homework.” I randomly say.

“That’s true.” Lorissa replies.

“That’s so weird.” Jake says.

“I don’t know why they do that.” Angelique speaks.

I look outside and my eyes dart around. I stand up when I see movement by the mail box.

“Someone’s out there.” I whisper and everyone stops talking.

When I see a foot, I run outside to the mailbox.

“Hey!” I say and nothing happens.

My friends run outside as well when I tug on the leg.

“Move the bush.” I say and Lorissa moves it.

There we find a guy with his eyes closed.

“Help me get him up and on my bed!” Jake runs inside to get some water, medical stuff, and some more clothes.

Angelique runs and opens the garage before running back and grabbing his bag and such while Lorissa and I carry him into the garage/the guest room.

Yes, the guest room in the garage is for anyone. We usually hang out in there, but at the moment we were inside. The garage doesn’t have the sliding up door, only a regular slide door like for closets and such.

“Move our bags.” When the bags are removed, we set him on the bed/couch carefully.

Everyone runs in to help Jake and I stay to make sure he’s alive.  I put my ear to his mouth and don’t hear anything. I put my ear to his chest and hear his heartbeat. Just in case, I place my fingers on his neck and feel his heart. I run my hands through my hair just as Jake came out.

“We’re going to fix him up before we call 911 just because if we can, he’ll be alright and he can leave if he must.” I say and he nods.

I carefully place an IV in his arm to get water flowing. I then, listen to his heart again before giving CPR. It may sound weird, but I do it just in case I lose his heartbeat. 

Oh, Im going through nurse training while Im still an 11th grader at Fort Collins High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. Jake is in training for Fashion, so I don’t question him at all. Lorissa wants to design her own fashion line and make up line. Angelique, Im not sure, but she’s learning Guitar, she’s really good at fashion and make up, and she’s a perfect vet.

“Is he going to be okay?” Lorissa asks as her and Ang stand at the door.

I shrug and wipe my hands on my jeans.

“He’s breathing and he’s getting some fluids in him through the IV. Otherwise, we wait to see if he wakes up. I did more CPR on him to make sure he was alright. He should wake up any minute now, but it may take some time.” I cross my arms over my chest.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jake asks from the chair.

I turn to him and say, “Not sure. His beating was slowing down and his lips were dry. His skin was a bit cold, but that may have been from it raining and being windy.”

“How long was he there?” Ang asks and I run my hands through my hair before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Not sure. It looks like he’s been here for a while, but that’s impossible because we walk by that bush every day. We would’ve seen his feet like I did tonight.

“He could’ve been here since we left. Like right after we did, he may have been in the bush and we didn’t see him when we came back because it was pretty dark and it is 10:20 PM.” They all nod slowly as we look at the body.

I touch his hand for another pulse and I yank my hand back.

“What is it?” Jake stands.

“His-his skin is freezing! Like seriously, its freezing like it would if it was winter!” Everyone touches his hand and they yank their hands back as well.

“Let’s cover him up and we each will check on him from time to time. Keep that door locked from the outside with the key. We’ll keep this door unlocked just in case he needs to come in when he wakes up.” We all agree and start to place blankets and pillows around him.

“We need to go to bed. We have school in the morning.” Jake says before walking inside.

Ang stands on the tile from inside, Lorissa on the only step, and me on the floor.  We all just watch him as he lays there, looking dead.

“C’mon.” Lorissa says before she pulls me and pushes Ang inside and shutting the door.



As Im brushing my teeth, I hear a noise. I walk out of my room and look in the hallway. The lamp is on in the living room meaning, one of the girls is in there because Jake goes to bed when he says he is. I walk to the living room and find Ang and Jake passed out on the big C shaped couch with Lorissa on the floor. Why is she on the floor? There is enough room on the couch ‘cause it is a C shape.

I walk back into the kitchen and hear a thud. I walk to the door, leading into the spare room we made. I open it up and see the machine from the IV on the floor.

“Damn.” I whisper.

I rush to pick it up off the floor. As I bring it up, another hand appears and helps me. I look up and scream.

“Why are you screaming?” Ang says as the three run in.

Lorissa helps me off the floor and I blink a ton as I look at the body.

“Why were you screaming?” I point to the body.

“He helped me lift the machine off the floor.” I say and everyone looks at him.

“Liz, he hasn’t moved. We just were in here like 20 minutes ago. Why are you out here anyways?” Jake questions.

“I heard a noise, so I went to check the living room and saw y’all on the couch. Then I heard the machine fall, so I came out here and picked it up. The guy helped me since it was heavy and that’s when I screamed.” I explain and Ang puts a blanket around me.

“I’ll take you back to bed. Jake and Rissa will make sure things are fine before heading in.”

We walk into my room and I rush back to finish my teeth. As I rinse the water out, I turn to my best friend.

“Boo, you got to believe me. He was awake and helped me lift the machine.” She leans against my head board.

“I do believe you, but Haz; how can someone who is basically in a coma, wake up and help you without saying anything. Like when you say that and we look at him, that statement makes you seem crazy.” I groan and sit in my desk chair.

“How else am I supposed to explain what REALLY happened to my friends and my best friend?” She looks away and I know what she means.

“That’s your cue to leave.” I say and she slowly gets up and walks to me.

“I do believe you Haz. I do.” She kisses my head goodnight and leaves.

I stay sat in my chair for a bit before turning the Halloween lights I have hanging everywhere in my room on and getting into my queen sized bed.

Why does it make me sound crazy when Im telling the truth?

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