Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


5. Four

"So we all meet at my house then we go out?" I ask everyone as we go to our separate cars.

"Yeah, we'll meet there then go to dinner then out for a drink or so." I nod in agreement and we all hug goodbye.

I park on the curb in front of the house when Angelique comes to the car with a smoke in her hand.

"What did you say to Jazz?" She asks.

I lean against the jeep as Luke still sits on the seat with the door open.

"I didnt say anything." She scoffs.

"Then why did she tell me you threatened her and told her to not come back." I laugh.

"Bullshit! I never said any of that. I didnt speak one word to her!" I defend myself.

She takes a puff and blows it away from us.

"Yeah, well, she's upset and Im not sure who to believe." I fold my arms.

"You dont believe your best friend. The person who let you live with her when you wanted to leave your house and couldn't leave the country. Wow. Okay." I started walking to the back door when she opens her mouth again.

"She's staying the night again." Ang I love you, but Im seriously about to jump on you and choke you. Maybe even run in your room and choke her instead....... Yeah.

Luke starts laughing and we both look at him weirdly.

"Oh um sorry. Ha ha, is she here?" He asks between laughs.

"She will be." I laugh and grab Luke's hand, pulling him to me.

"We're going to dinner with friends." She looks at me and completely ignores my move to Luke.

"We'll order take out. We'll talk when you get home." She throws her smoke and walks inside.

I lean against Luke as I think.

"Why is she doing this? Why does she want to ruin my friendship with Angelique? That's happened before but why now?" I ask no one in particular.

"I don't know, but Im sure you and Angelique will stay friends. Just give it time." I nod and he pulls me inside to get ready.


"Luke! You ready?" I come out of the bathroom and see Luke playing solitaire on my laptop.

He's wearing black jeans that hang perfectly on his hips and a black button up shirt. I laugh and he looks up.

"What?" I walk to him and smile.

"These should be undone," I unbutton the first two buttons and smile, "And you look really interested in the game."

He laughs and says, "You look good." He says as I fix my curly red hair.

I'm wearing a short, kind of long dress. The bottom is black and the top is like a pink beige. The shoes are sparkling black high tops with my IPhone 5S. My hair is in its natural, very curly way with a white beanie to keep it tamed at the top. The gloss is shining up my lips with the kind of dark eye shadow. I'm wearing a bow ring Angelique got me and the pink watch/bracelets that Jake got me for my birthday. Instead of a purse, I have my galaxy bag with my wallet and other stuff for emergencies. Last, but not least; my One Direction Our Moment Perfume is on and smelling awesome! Lorissa was a doll and got it for my birthday!

"Thank you." I unplug my phone and turn to my giant mirror on my wall.

I turn my camera on and the click signals the picture is taken. I look at it and see Luke laughing in the back. To make it better, I pull him next to me and for the next few minutes, we snap different pictures of us.

"Okay! Okay! We need to leave." I pout and Luke pulls me out of the room.

"Don't be back late! We have a BBQ going on tomorrow!" Jake yells from his room.

"Will do!" Luke takes my keys and gets in the driver side as we run to my car.

"Oh no. You aren't driving my baby." He completely ignores me and buckles up, then starts the car.

I groan and get in the passenger side. He takes off and I laugh. I love his driving!


Rachel calls me as I was about to call her.

"Hey dumbass. I was just about to call you." She laughs loudly.

"Ha ha ha very funny Lanza! Anyways, we're here and already have a table." I look where we are and sigh.

"Alright be there in a few." I hang up and look out the window.

"You do know we're going to Golden Coral right?" I ask Luke.

He, again, ignores me and continues to drive. I shake his arm and he just smiles. I just watch as the buildings go by until we turn into the parking lot of GC.

Luke places his hand on my lower back as we walk into the beautiful Restaurant. We walk past the people waiting and I clear my throat.

"Yes?" The waitress says with a rude accent.

I lean my head back in a "The fuck?" way. When she looks up, she completely ignores me and smiles big at Luke.

"May I help you?"

"Yes. We're meeting friends here tonight." She looks at her paper.

"Are you with Gary and Rachel Hardy?" We nod and she smiles.

"Back corner." I follow the other waitress, thinking Luke is behind me.

I nod my head as a 'thank you' and smile when Zayne stands up.

"Lindsey." I hug him as I feel hands on my waist.

I look up and see Luke smiling at everyone. While he shakes the boys' hands, I look around him to see the waitress talking to the previous waitress while look back at us. As Luke is about to shake hands with Ian; I place my hand on his shoulder.

"Can y'all excuse me for a second?" I give Luke a look as I make my way to the waitress.

"Lisa." I say as I pear down to her tag.

Her smile fades as she turns to me.

"Yeah?" I put on a fake smile, knowing people will watch if I don't.

"Uh yeah. I would mind if you didn't look at my boyfriend. Keep your eyes on the wall, not his ass." Her mouth drops and I walk away.

I bump into someone and say, "Im so sorry."

"No I am. A manager should be careful with the customers." I got a wicked idea in my head.

"I have a complaint."


"Sorry!" I yell as I hug everyone before taking a seat on the end of the table by Luke.

You may think it's weird, but yeah. Im near Luke like 24/7 and Im not sure why. I feel connected to him even though we haven't known each other long. Maybe its just me.

"So what are we getting?" Desi says and we all laugh.

 As Im looking through the menu, a pink pedicured hand smacks it down. I look up and see a watery eyes looking at me with anger.

"Yeah?" I mimic her.

"You got me fired!" She hisses as the tears fall again.

I laugh and say, "Yeah well you shouldn't have been looking at my boyfriend like that." I completely ignore the fact that everyone stopped talking and from the corner of my eye, I could see some mouths slightly open.

She growls before throwing my water on the floor and stomping away in her ripped jeans and a t-shirt. I cover my mouth when the manager pulls her outside and you could tell he was yelling at her.

"What?" I say as I turn to everyone.

They just shook their heads and continued to search for food. I peer at Luke and see him smiling.

"Yes Lucas?" He leans forward, making sure only I can hear what he says next.

"I like feisty." My eyes go wide and my mouth falls open causing him to laugh and wink.

"Lanza! What's wrong with you?" Jazmyn elbows me and I look at her, shock placed on my face.

"Oh my god!" I say and she looks at me even more confused.

Make something up Lindsey! Now!  

"I want the Bacon Burger!" I yell and I could tell my face was already as red as a tomato.

Everyone looks at me with smiles and Luke smirks. I pull my foot back and kick his knee. He doesn't budge. I kick him again. and nothing. I do it multiple times and yet he only looks amused. I use my really good kick and he still doesn't move.

"Son of a bitch." Jesse grabs his knee and everyone laughs.

"Why'd you do that Desi?" He questions and she looks a bit hurt.

"Babe, I didn't." He looks at Essence next who is holding Jerson's hand.

"Don't look at me." Jazmyn was next and she shakes her head and so does Ian.

He then turns to me and I look around before my eyes land on him. I open my eyes wide in confusion.

"Hm?" He looks at me curiously before eying Luke.

"Was that kick suppose to be for Luke?" I look at Luke then at him again.

"What kick?" He gives me a 'Seriously' look before going back to the menu.



The rest of the dinner, I don't speak. Everyone asks me questions, but I only nod yes or no. I glance at Luke from time to time, but he just smiles at me. Maybe he didn't mind me saying that he was my boyfriend. Well, fake boyfriend. Uh oh, does he know it was a joke? Or does he think it's real? Oh nooo.









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