Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


6. Five

It's been 2 months since I've called Luke my boyfriend and it's been 3 months since Luke has came into my life.

Everything is still the same, except a few things. Like, my car died (:{); so I get a ride with Lorissa, Jake, and Ang or with Luke. Jake gave him his jeep after he went looking for a different car. Things with Angelique is better, just the whole Mina thing is slowly moving away from us. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes not.

Luke doesn't live in our guest room anymore, he actually sleeps on the couch or even in my room from time to time. We act like a couple, but we're really just friends. We have a weird relationship. I'll talk to someone outside our "group" which includes Lorissa, Angelique, Rachel, Essence, Desi, Jazmyn, Jake, Harry, Zack, Ian, Jesse, and Zayne; and Luke gets all weird. Like just the other day, I was talking to an old friend Tino, well he came into the house to hang out for a bit and Luke sat away from us. He just ignored Tino's questions towards him and glared at him. Tino didn't mind, he understood something I didn't.

When Luke was talking to a girl at school, I don't know why, but I was beyond upset. I stood next to Luke and said that we need to leave, so I grabbed his hand. It was like he knew I was trying to show the girl that he was off limits because he smiled and winked. But, yet he didnt move at all. He was too strong for me to pull, so I just stood next to him, holding his hand, and watching the TV above. He pulled his hand softly away to hug the girl and I bet you could see the steam from my ears appearing. When she walked away, he grabbed my hand again and we left.

Now, we're currently sitting in the garage on a Friday after school watching movies and debating about going out. It is currently Luke, Essence, Rachel, Desi, Lorissa, Jazmyn, Jake, Angelique, and me.

"I think we should go to that club by CSU." Desi says.

"We aren't old enough." Jazmyn says back.

We all growl, except Luke who is just watching The Change-Up. I look around the room and notice my phone lighting up. It's a call.


Hey Lindsey! It's Zack, Rachel's friend!

Oh hey Zack. I look at Rachel confused as to why he's calling.

We're throwing a party since we won the Football game against Rocky. Do you guys want to come?

Um, how many can I bring? I was nervous he was going to say only Rachel and Essence.

Go ahead and bring the gang! It will be fun!

Haha alright. I'll ask and text you the answer.

Alright shorts! Bye!

"I hate when he calls me 'shorts'." I mutter and look up to find everyone looking at me.


"He wants us to go to the Winning party."

"They won against Rocky!?" Rachel yells and I nod.

"Yes! Let's go."

"I don't think we're invited." Desi says referring to Lorissa, Jazmyn, Jake, Angelique, and herself.

Rachel looks at me.

"He said to bring everyone." Everyone smiles and Jazmyn shakes her head.

"Okay, but Im not the driver! I'm not going to drink, but I am not the driver!" We all laugh and everyone leaves to get ready.

I turn to Luke and see him still watching the movie.

"Are you coming?" He looks at me and shakes his head.

"Don't think you want me there." I take a seat next to him and look closely at him.

"Why would you think that?" I question and he leans forward.

"Because I'm going to do this." I scrunch my eyebrows together and he kisses me softly.

Our lips are perfect together. He places his arm on my leg and I gently place my hand on his cheek. I love the feeling of our lips in sync. But, sadly it didn't last.

"Damn." I jump away from him to see Rachel and Essence smiling.

My face is pink, I can feel it. Luke just laughs and turn to them.

"We're going to get ready." He grabs my hand and pulls me behind him.

Rachel winks and Essence says, "Virtual condom." I chuckle in shock and I see Luke's cheek rise, so I know he's smiling.


"C'mon love birds! We're going to be late!" Jake pounds on the door.

I roll my eyes and place my phone in my pocket.

My outfit:

Luke's outfit:

"Alright." I say as we both walk into the living room.

Everyone looks VERY good. Seriously, they look awesome. Jazmyn looks like she was forced to wear the REALLY short shorts with the tank top. Cute though.

"We all ready?" When everyone doesn't say anything, I sigh.

Well okay then!

"Let's go." Jake says and everyone walks outside to get in his SUV.

Luke looks at me and shrugs before taking my hand and leading me outside.

Are we together or what? I'm getting tired of this little chase we have going on.

Jake hands Luke the keys and says, "You will get us there faster, but don't ruin my car. 'Member I just got this." Luke nods and opens the door for me, but Jake gets in the front.

I shake my head and get in the seat behind him. Luke lets the car warm up a bit, before taking off to Zach's.

"So, who do you think is going to be there?" Desi asks.

We all turn to her with a serious look.

"Everyone! Who do you think?" Rachel says and we all laugh.

"Do you think the boys will be there?" Essence asks.

"Probably. I mean Jerson's on the football team and everyone else is friends with someone on the team." I say and the girls snort.

"What?' I question.

"You don't care Liz. You only care about the guy driving." Angelique says.

I turn to Luke and see him talking to Jake. I smile a small one and turn back to the girls.

"I do care." She laughs.

"Dude, you're probably thinking about snogging him." Angelique went to the UK for a whole week and came back using some of their words. Oi!

"Am not!" I yell and they laugh when Jake turns around.

"Am not what?" He asks.

I cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing.

"Nothing Jakey." He raises his eyebrows at us.

"I know each and everyone of you. I know something is up." When no one says anything he eyes everyone before turning around. 

"You do know she is probably thinking about making out with you." He says to Luke as he bites his finger. 

I gasp and EVERYONE bursts into laughter. I cover my face and look out the window. 

Please don't be smiling. Please don't be smiling.

I risk it and look at him. HE'S SMILING!!!! I'm so embarrassed.



"You made it!" Zach yells and hugs Rachel.

He hugs me next and the smell of vodka makes it's way into my nose. I shut my eyes tight to ignore it as I hug him back.

"Thanks for inviting us." I say.

I look around and notice almost everyone from school is here. I turn back to Zach and ask, "Please tell me you have regular punch? 'Cause Jazmyn and Desi don't drink, and I have pop in the car."

"Oh yeah! Lemonade is in the fridge for anyone who doesn't drink." He says to all of us.

I turn to everyone behind me and say, "Go have fun. If you want to leave early find one of us and we can go." They all nod and we each split up.

Jazmyn goes with Katie, Desi finds Michelle, Rachel and Essence go to the boys, Angelique and Lorissa and Jake all go into the kitchen, leaving Luke and I.

"Lindsey!" I laugh when I see Tino and Zayne.

"What are you doing with Zayne?" Zayne looks at me and touches my face.

I look back at Tino and he nods while laughing.

"Um okay. Well, go put him down in a room and try to keep him away from the drinks. I'll see you around." I hug him and he leaves with Zayne hanging on him.

Luke follows behind me as I walk to the kitchen for a drink.

"You want one?" I hold a cup out for him, but he shakes his head.

"What's wrong now?" He leans me against the counter and just stares at me.

"That smell will be gone once I'm done with you." He says and walks away.

"What the hell?" I mutter as I watch him.

When he's done with me? What did that mean? Ugh!!!! He's complicated!

I ignore that and find some people to hang out with.


"Are you serious!?" Rachel and I laugh at Essence.

She punches Jerson's arm and he kisses her forehead. By now, we're already drunk. Not fully, but we're getting there. So far, we've played beer pong, truth or dare, DARE, and now we're just sitting on the pool table talking. It's Essence and Jerson, Rachel and Zach, Jesse and Desi, and me.

"So is Luke going to try out for the football team?" Zach asks as he takes a drink.

I shrug, "Im not sure. He hasn't talked about it with me and tryouts aren't for long huh?"

"Nope, they are almost over. I told Coach about him, but he hasn't seen him play yet. If John's leg doesn't heal, we'll have to find another player before next game or we probably won't be able to play." He says and I shrug again.

Essence looks at Rachel, then me, then someone behind me, then Rachel again before smiling.

"Let's do body shots!" I shake my head no.

"Why not?" Desi whines.

"Because it's weird and Im not having someone I don't know to like up my stomach and then grab a lime from my mouth." Rachel whispers to Zach and he smirks.

"I'll have two people that you do know that will do it while you're blindfolded and then you will choose who's the best." I think about it and nod.

"Deal. Anything you want to add?"

"You have to make out with the one you prefer." Rachel says and I laugh.

"Im drunk so bring it!"

"Body shots on Lindsey!" Zach yells and a ton of guys come around the pool table.

I lift up my shirt and hear some whistles.

"I didn't know you had a tattoo on your side!" Rachel and Essence says.

Zach helps me stand up and I take my shirt off fully to show all my tattoos on me. Including my tiny belly ring.

"Damn girl. When you said you got a tattoo I didn't think you got a whole lot!" I laugh and lay back down.

I get blindfolded with a clean football rag. I fidget around till a lime is placed in my mouth.

"You and You!" Please not someone gross.

"Go!" I laugh when a tongue licks my stomach and drinks from my button.

They then kiss me as they get the lime. I recognize these lips.....

"Now you!" It then repeats, but the lips are gross.

"Okay done." I sit up, but is pushed slowly down.

"You trying?" The person doesn't talk, Im assuming he nods.

"Now you have a third man!" I relax as the it repeats.

When the tongue glides on my stomach, I gasp. Cheers go everywhere as the person licks from my chest to my neck in addition. They don't even touch my lips. They take the lime out and THEN their lips are on mine.

"Woo ooh!" Rachel cheers as I wrap my arms around this person's neck.

"I think we know the winner!" The blindfold comes off, but Im still kissing this person.

Im sitting on the edge of the table with the person's hands on either side of me. So, this person is tall. I move my arms around his arms and notice his sleeves are rolled up.

"I know what she's doing." Angelique says.

The person smiles into my lips as I feel around the pants. No buckle. I place my hand underneath the shirt and smile. I know exactly who this is.

They pull away and I open my eyes.

"Knew it." Luke winks and hugs me.

Lorissa comes over with Jake.

"Well, now you can say you got to half of second base." Luke laughs and I snuggle closer to him.

"I have no shirt on and it's cold. VERY cold!" I yell and he helps me put my shirt on.

"Who's next?" I ask and everyone shakes their heads.

"Only you." My eyes widen as I realize why they did this.

"You shits!" I yell and Rachel and Essence both run away.

I run after them after I take my heels off. "Crazy bitch coming!" Rachel yells and I run faster.

Everyone moves out of our paths laughing at us. I close my eyes to laugh when suddenly I trip and land on someone.

"Oof!" We both say as we land on the floor.

Everyone just laughs even harder and so does the person underneath me. I open my eyes to see Dane smiling at me.

"You okay there speedy?" I punch him in the arm and roll off of him, landing hard on the wood floor.

"Ow, that hurt." I mutter face down.

"Here." He helps me up when Zach, Luke, Jake, and Zayne appear.

"Woah you okay there shorts?"I go to punch Zach, but end up punching the air and falling into Dane's arms.

"Okay, calm yourself speedy." He helps me stand again and I hold my head.

I blow a puff of air and look around. When I see Zayne, I smile.

"You alright mate?" I ask and he nods.

I look at Luke and smirk. I take slow steps towards him with Dane's help. I stumble a bit, but manage to stand right in front of him.

"Guess what?" He smirks and nods.


I grab his collar and pull him close, "I was thinking about making out with you in the car. And now I'm having other ideas." Luke turns to Zach, but I grab his face back to me.

"There's so much I want to do, you have no idea."

"Oh I think I do." He whispers and stands up straight.

"Let's go." Angelique says and pulls me back with Lorissa's help.

"No! I was about to tell Luke how I think about him!" I yell and run back to him.

"Luke, I think about you all the- No!" I yell as Lorissa picks me up from under my arms and Ang by my feet. 

"Stop! I need to tell him! Luke I want you! No stop! Luke I want you in my bed!" Everyone laughs and Lorissa laughs too. 

"She's kidding! She's drunk!" 

"She tells lies when she's drunk!" Ang yells. 



"Ugh." I turn over and look at my clock.

9:30 AM, I read.

I groan and sit up facing my black curtains. I look at the mirror closest to me and nearly gag. My hair is full of tangles, my make up is smeared a bit, and Im not wearing my party clothes.

When I stand up, Im wearing a big tshirt. A plain black tshirt. I don't own anything bigger than me.... I notice sweat pants on the floor, so I place those on and roll the top down till they are at least a tiny bit tight on me so they don't fall off. I run a brush through my tangled hair before putting it up in a bun. Then I use the make up remover wipes to take my horrible face off. I sigh with myself before leaving my room.

I look around each room, but no one is there. I head to the garage and hear laughter. I open the door and see everyone from last night. Rachel, Essence, Desi, Ang, Lorissa, Jake, and Luke.

"Where's Jazmyn?" Everyone turns to me and smile.

"She went home early. How are you?" Rachel yells.

I hold my head and glare at her as I sit on the arm of the chair. I take a deep breath before noticing everyone staring at me. I put my hands up to my head.

"What the fuck is everyone looking at?" I yell and then whine.

"You were right Angelique. She is mean and grumpy when she has a hangover." Essence says.

They talk while I just relax into the chair. I place a blanket over my whole body and just listen to each conversation.

"You guys want to go to breakfast?" Angelique asks and Im assuming everyone nods their heads yes.

"You want breakfast!?" Lorissa yells at me.

I slowly move the blanket off my face and glare.

"What do you fuckin' think?" I growl.

"Touchy." Someone says and everyone gets up to go get their phones and such.

When I think everyone is gone, I sit up and place my head in my hands.

"Im such an idiot. I know exactly what I did last night. No one, and I mean no one, knows that I really wasn't drunk at all. I thought if I can pretend maybe they would think I was joking. But, after that I really did start drinking and I knew I would regret it." I say to myself.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up to see Ang smiling at me.

"I knew you weren't drunk. You're my best friend, I know everything about you and what you do. This will be between you and me." She says.

I stand up and hug her. This is probably the first time since our fight that we have actually been close to each other. And I love our moments.

"C'mon, lets go eat." She wraps her arm around my shoulder and helps me inside.


We arrive at Perkin's and take our corner booth. I sit in the middle with Angelique and Rachel on either side, Lorissa and Essence are on either side of them, Jake is beside Desi, and Luke is sitting on a chair at the end of the table in front of me. Of course he would choose to sit in front of me!

"Im Sarah, I'll be your waitress this morning." A blonde says and smiles nicely at us.

Everyone glances at me, but I just stare at her.

"Here are your menus. And I'll be back in a minute." I mumble a 'thank you' before laying my head on the table.

"Do you want me to order you soup and some water?" Ang whispers.

I slowly nod my head, my throat hurts too much to speak. She rubs my back and joins in the conversation.

"Jake, I don't think you should say that." Lorissa says.

"And why the hell not? Im not ashamed and you are half black, so I don't see why not." He defends himself.

"Because Jake, one day someone will not want you to say it and if you do-"

"You'll get hit." Ang finishes for Rachel.

"Well, Luke agrees with me right?" I look up and notice he's looking at me.

"Well, Jake, I would have to agree with the girls. I mean, I agree with you big time, but maybe you should only say that around the house or around us and other friends at school who are cool with you saying that. Im pretty sure none of us want you hurt." 'Yeah' is what everyone else answer.

"So what can I get for you guys?" Each one says their order and Ang says both of ours.

"And instead of coffee, can she have 2 cups of water?"

"Yes, of course."

"Thank you." My menu is slowly pulled out from underneath my head and is given back to the waitress.

A few seconds later, she comes back with my water.

"The tea is on me." Rachel thanks her and they both help me sit up straight.

They put straws in each cup and I sip the water slowly. When I look down, I see two Advil and a number on the napkin. I look up at the waitress and see her wink and smile.

I smile and wave back.

"Who you wavin' at?" Rachel questions.

I show her the napkin and she starts to laugh. I show Ang and she passes it around after words. When it makes it's way to Luke, he shakes his head and places it face down on the table underneath his Pepsi.

Everyone moves on with their conversations, but I just watch Luke. I am so not in the mood to be fought with right now and yet he's trying ti pick a fight.

"Excuse me?" I say loudly and everyone quiets down.

"Can I have that back?" Luke looks at each one of our friends and then at me.

"Yes you. At the end of the damn table. Can I have my napkin back?" He looks around and shrugs.

"Don't act like you don't have it Lucas! Just 'cause I got game with the ladies, doesn't mean you can keep that. She wrote it to me, so give it back." Jake oo's.

 I stand up and climb over the back of the booth. Landing in the empty booth behind us.

"Liz, where you going?" Lorissa says.

I stomp to the bathroom and lean against the sink. I flick some water on my face and notice Im still in that shirt and sweat pants. I smack the wall when I realize Im wearing Luke's clothes.

"The hell is wrong with me!?" I yell and lean my head against the cold wall.

I hear the door open and sigh.

"Im fine. Don't worry. My head just hurts." All of a sudden, Im being turned around and bumping into a hard chest.

I gasp when I notice it's Luke.

"What the hell are you doing in here!? This is a woman's restroom!" I yell, but he just pushes me against the wall.

"Why are you acting mean?" He questions.

"What do you mean?" I ask back.

He puts his hands on either side of my head and leans in real closely.

"Why are you acting like this? You didn't drink much last night, so why does your head hurt? Why don't you want to be near me?" I look into his red eyes.

"Because it's weird now. I said what the alcohol wanted me to say and I can't take it back." I breathe out.

I move around him, but he grabs my arm.

"That's what you wanted to say. I heard it in your head." I stop struggling and look at him.

"My head? How'd you know I was thinking all that." He sets me on the sink and locks the door.

"Because I can read minds." I laugh.

"Okay whatever. Let's do a magic trick."

Whether he's messing with me or not, I can never be mad at him. He's so cute and damn the way his stubble goes great on his jaw with his tattoos showing. Holy shit, things can get intense.

He starts laughing. I raise my eyebrow at him.

"What?" He stands between my legs and looks down at me.

"I think you're pretty damn cute too. And thanks, I thought about shaving because I thought you didn't like stubble on me. I love when you show your tattoos, which you should do move often. Damn, things are going to get intense." My jaw drops.

He can read minds!

"That's not the only thing I can do babe."

"Holy shit."

"I can do all sorts of things Lindsey. I just haven't done a whole lot." He brushes his lips against mine and that's when I realize something.

I push him away and he looks confused.

"Before anything goes further, what are we?" He pulls me to him and smirks.

"Whatever you want." I shake my head at his answer.

"Seriously, I need an answer." Instead of saying anything, he just kisses me.

I wrap my arms around his waist and he places his hands on my cheek and neck. I love the feeling we share when our lips are together.

It never lasts long though! We pull apart when there's pounding on the door.

"Whoever is in there, you need to unlock the door! Other ladies need to use the bathroom!" The man yells.

He places his forehead against mine and smiles.

"C'mon babe." When we open the door, the skinny pimple faced worker is staring at us with wide eyes.

Luke winks at him as we walk by and he rushes into the bathroom. Luke puts his hand on my mouth when we hear a girl scream and turn to see the boy being hit with a purse.

"You guys were gone a long time!" Rachel said touching my soup.

"Its cold!" She yells.

The girls scoot over and I sit on the edge by Luke. We're still holding hands as we share his burger and fries.

"You don't want your soup?" Sarah asks and I shake my head.

"Sorry, but Im feeling much better now." She sets it on the table behind us and sets a grilled cheese with fries on the side and in a bowl in front of me.

"I brought you this. On the house as well, and don't worry about the soup." She walks away and Luke raises his brows at me.

"Don't even." I say and kiss his cheek.

"Someone's getting it in tonight." I burst out in laughter and so does Essence.

"Yeah and you aren't." Luke jokes and she shuts up.

She throws a fry at him and somehow it lands down his shirt. He picks it off his lap and tosses it back to her. She screams quietly and throws it in the middle of the table.

"Essence, what is your problem?" Rachel says playfully.

"I think there is sweat on it!"

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