Stole My Heart

It all started under a bush. How will it end?


10. Eight

This is the day. The day I only get to spend dinner with my parents, siblings, and nephews/nieces. The day school ends till August. The day we get to go to the lake.

Lorissa, Essence, Rachel, Jazmyne, Josie, and Desi stand next to me as we wait to leave. We each have a duffel bag full of extra clothes and towels. None of us know which swimsuits we're wearing, so that means when we get there, we go to the bathroom to makes sure it looks good.

"Alright. Let's go!" My math teacher Ms Oien yells and points to the buses.

Everyone walks past us to get on, but we stay, waiting for the guys. Their boyfriends stand next to them and talk, but for some reason Luke isn't doing the same. He isn't talking to me or looking at me, hell he is by Josie, who is standing across me in this "circle".

"C'mon guys." I wave Ms Oien to us.

"I'm actually driving, so I'm just following you guys." I tell her and she tells everyone to get in their cars if they are driving.

The girls get in their boys' cars and Luke says, "Hey Zack, I'm riding with you." The girls look at me and my mouth slightly opens.

Are you fucking serious? What did I do now?

"Whatever." I say and they all watch me storm to my jeep, except Luke who is look at his feet.

I slam my door and Desi begins to jog over, "I'm riding with her." But, before she even gets close, I take off after the first bus.



'Wild Ones' by Flo Rida is blasting through my speakers as I park next to a tree. Everyone loads off the bus I followed, but I stay put until the other buses arrive.

I start singing the lyrics a bit, till I see the others pull up. I gather my things when someone knocks on my door.

"Oh hey Nile." Nile smiles at me and waves.

"What's up?" I ask when he doesn't say anything.

"Oh sorry, we were wondering if you would be our other player for lake volleyball." I look behind him to see Issac, Grant, Grayson, Justin Perry, Jason, and Brian waiting.

I look back at my group and see them laughing with each other and smiling. I look back at Nile and smile wide.

"Sure." I grab my duffel and my sunglasses.

I lock up my jeep and take his hand as we walk back to his friends. I could feel my friends' eyes on me the whole walk. When we reach the group, they suddenly strip into their trunks.

"Go!" They yell and run into the lake with everyone else.

I put my duffel down beside a tree and watch as Nile runs in as well. I notice the girls, boys, and Luke place their bags on the other side of the sand. I sigh and shrug it off. I take my shirt off and my shorts. I smile when I feel the heat on my skin.

"Lindsey, you comin'?" Grayson yells.

I could feel EVERYONE's eyes on me as I walked to the water. I don't think what I have on is bad, so why they staring?

The water hits my foot and goose bumps appear. I step back and shake my head.

"Too cold." I say and Nile tries to run out of the water.

He leans down in front of me like he's about to twerk. I laugh and slap his back lightly.

"You better twerk somewhere else." He laughs.

"No, hop on." I jump on his back and tightly hold on.

He starts walking to the water and I begin to freak out, "No Nile. Please, it's cold." The water is halfway up his leg. I try to pull my legs higher, but it's no use. 

"Nile, please don't drop me." He stops right before the water hits my feet. 

"Oh come on Lindsey!" Issac yells and swims to us. 

"No Issac. Please." I beg and he gives me a devilish grin. 

"Please! No!" I scream and everyone laughs when we get pushed underwater. 

I swim to the surface and immediately wrap myself around Nile's body for safety. He wraps his arms around me and that's when I notice I'm facing his front this time.

"Cold?" He asks and I nod.

He hugs me tighter and rubs my back. I lean my head on his shoulder and I know he's smiling. We're like that for a moment before he speaks.

"Follow me." He whispers and I swim behind him.

He stops behind a bush and a tree. I stand next to him and notice no one can see us unless they came closer. He gives me a toothy grin and I laugh. He pulls me close to him and his body heat radiates onto me. 


"Hm." He puts his forehead against mine.

"Can I kiss you?" It's so quiet that even an ant would ask to speak louder, but not me.

I bite my lip and he moves his mouth to mine, but instead of kissing me, he pulls my bottom lip from my grasp. Hot. I put my hand on his neck and the other on his chest. Our lips barely touch first before we both lean in for more. 

It isn't a heated kiss, but a sweet slow one. Not a make out either, just to clarify. But, it didn't last long, we had company.

"Lindsey." I look up by the tree to see Essence.

"Damn." I whisper and Nile pulls me closer when I try to move.

"Please dont go." He pleads and I shake my head.

"I need too." I hug him tight before quickly fleeing the shallow end.

We wait for him to swim away before Essence gives me a piece of her mind.

"What are you doing? You have a boyfriend." She says angrily.

"You know what? Don't. We may act like a couple, but we aren't. We don't have a label. You know he doesn't talk about it, he only gives me kisses."

"Isn't that enough?"

"I'm sure you would be as confused as I am if you were me and Jerson was him. So, don't be asking me if that's enough or not."

"He's upset, I hope you know that." She tries to say.

"He is never upset."

"He is angry that you went into the lake in that bikini on Nile's back where he was touching your exposed legs. Then, when Issac pushed you and he jumped in for you. But, you had already swam up and were attached to Nile. He didn't like what he saw underwater, but he didn't want you mad at him. He was trying to look for you, but no one could find you. Until I noticed to bodies with their faces smashed together." She says the last part with a lot of anger.

I roll my eyes, "Look, nothing happened Essence. Would you mind keeping to your own business?" I walk away and she grabs my arm.

"I'm trying to help you keep a boyfriend. Do you want to be single again? Because you seemed pretty desperate before Luke was in the picture." I push her away hard.

"Fuck off. At least I can get one. It took you, how long to get Jerson?" Her mouth hangs open.

"That's what I thought." I walk out from behind the bush to see Luke leaning against my car.

Oh my god.

"What?" I stop a few feet in front of him.

He's in front of me quickly and I look away. I could feel the anger build up inside of him as he stared at me. His heart was beating quicker than the average beat.

"Stop." I say and it goes quiet.

I snap my head at him as his beating goes quiet and calmness takes over. I grab his arm and grip it hard. I look at him in panic as I try to search for the right words.

"I'm sorry." I pull him into me and wrap my arms around his waist.

His arms hang limp at his side, so I squeeze harder.

"I'm sorry for trying to make you angry or upset. I'm sorry for doing what I did. I should have kept my shorts on or my shirt. I shouldn't have hung on to him when I went underwater. I should've swam up by myself. I'm truly sorry. It's just you weren't talking to me and I thought I did something wrong, and I-"

"Stop." He says and pulls us apart.

I look at the ground, the feeling of shame takes over as I wait for him to speak again or even leave.

"Look, if you want to leave that's fine. I understand. Just please, if you are going to ignore me, then break it to me gently." Instead of walking away, he puts his hands in mine and kisses them.

"You did nothing wrong." He states clearly.

"Then why were you ignoring me?" I ask curiously.

"The urges. If I were close to you at all, I would've put on a show for everyone. But, then you pulled that stunt. I'm not angry that you did that. I understand that you thought I didn't want to be with you anymore. But, then I saw you swim behind the tree and bushes and I knew what was happening. That's why I sent Essence over before it went far. I didn't want you to do something you'll regret and later find out that I was only ignoring you for the urges' sake. I am still angry that he had the balls to even do that when he knows you are with someone." He growls the ending and looks towards them.

I place my hands on both of his cheeks and pull his face close to mine, "Look at me." I say, but he continues to stare at them. 

"I said look at me." His grey eyes slowly move to me and they change to green. 

"No man could ever compare to you," He looks back and I grab him again, "No one. You got that? No man is clever enough to do what you do and still keep me. Hell, it's hard for someone to actually deal with me alone then with me and something else." I spread my hand along his cheek. 

"I love you more than anything in the world. You think I'm going to let the best thing in my life go about in life without me? Then, you don't know me at all." He chuckles and looks down. 

"But, you do know me, so you know I don't give up easily." He gives me a half smile and nods. 

"I do know you." He snakes his arms around my waist and picks me up. He leans his forehead against mine and I smile, feeling his breath on my face.

"Want to get out of here?" I nod and he takes my keys from my bag.

"Lindsey?" Nile appears in front of my jeep as I'm getting in.

"Yeah?" He glances at Luke and back at me.

"Where are you going?" He questions and I sigh before closing the door.

I put my hands in my pockets and walk to him with my head down. When I see his feet standing right in front of me, I stop and stay silent.

"I'm going across the world soon, so I have to go see my parents before I leave." He puts his hands on my arms.

"I thought we could hang out this summer." I look around, except at him.

"Nile, I'm sorry, but we're only friends. I didn't want it to go far, I was just caught up in the moment." He sighs and shakes his head.

"I thought we could-" I cut him off before he can continue.

"I have a boyfriend. I'm sorry I shouldn't have made you felt like we had something. Like, we have a connection, but it's like a friendship type connection." His hands drop to his sides and he looks towards the lake.

"He's playing you." I roll my eyes in frustration.

"That's what you want me to think, alright. He isn't doing that, you don't even know him." I go to leave when he grabs my arm.

"He's going to hurt you." I yank my arm from him, but his grasp is too tight.

"Let me go." I say in an angry voice.

"Stay with me. I can make your life much better than him." I try to yank again, but he pulls me straight into him and I hear a door slam.

"Nile, let her go. She hasn't done anything. Just leave it." His grip untightens and I push him away.

"Let's go." I pull Luke's hand towards the jeep as he stares at Nile.

I push him into the jeep and I quickly get in on the driver's side. Now, family.



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