why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


11. what in the world

Melinda's p.o.v


Me and Niall pull away from the hug and look in each others eyes Niall is about to lean in for a kiss and then he kisses me


"Melinda what is going on I thought we were together!"I hear someone yell from the drive way me and Niall jump apart and looks towards the drive way and see Keith there.


"Um Keith what are you doing here"I say while looking at him.


"I forgot to give you a good bye kiss,but now I see this date didn't mean anything and that the kiss I gave you when I came here,meant nothing to you I thought you liked me,but it all goes back to the guy who saved your life just because he saved your life doesn't mean a damn thing,oh and btw just because he's famous and saved your life doesn't mean he's perfect,what if he's the guy who made your parents car go over the road and what if I was the one who tried to save you but he pushed me out of the way so that he could have you,well guess what Melinda goodbye okay."I see him run off.but he gets in his car and goes towards the bridge.


"Niall we have to go save him"I say while going towards my car.he follows me


"The best way to get there is mainly just go trough the dirt path there thats what me and the boys use so fans don't like follow us  24/7"he says and I turn the steering wheel towards the path which is to the right.


"Okay I see the bridge up a head and I see his car"I say and I just suddenly just jump out of the car and run towards the bridge


"Keith what in the world are you thinking,don't do this because of me"I say he goes towards the railing.

"Melinda me committing suicide is not because of you it's because of how my life has been for the last few months I'm sorry Melinda but I have to go remember your my best friend and you always will be."he says then he jumps over and thats the end of my best friends life gosh why do alot of people think that this is the way out I know I tried it but it was because I wanted too see my family.


"Melinda it's alright he's in a better place now"I hear Niall hug me and trying to soothe me from the death of my best friend.


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