why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


8. shoulder to cry on

Melinda's p.o.v



I just sink to the floor,and put my back to the door as I hear Nialls car pull away,or its someone's car coming into the drive way.

"Honey whats a matter?"mother asks while coming into the hallway while wiping her hands on a towel,she comes besides me and hugs me.

"It's um uh just for uh the guys I love doesn't,doesn't just doesn't like me"I say while crying in her shoulder.

"Shhh sweetie it's okay there are tons of guys out in the world,or should I say there are tons of fish in the sea"she says trying to make me laugh

"Well I should probably get cleaned up if I'm gonna help you make dinner"I say while looking in the mirror at my disgusting face well the mascara is pouring down my face,well that might be over stretching it.

"Okay you go get ready sweetie"she says while walking to the kitchen



Hey guys sorry for the short chapter and sorry for not updating in a longggggggggg time I an so sorry I was busy but here is the next chapter - Alisha

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