why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


10. More then this


                                            ( Friday )

Niall's POV

   I finally decided that I should go see Melinda. I climb into my car and drive away. I don't know what I am even going to say to her. I finally arrive and see another car in her drive way. What? Then, I see a boy coming out of that car and knock on the door. I sat there and watched even though I shouldn't have. Melinda answered in a nice dress and smiled after she saw him. They stood there awkwardly for a few moments, then he lent in. My heart stopped. Then, she lent in. There lips attached and they kissed for several seconds. It broke my heart into hundreds of pieces. When the broke apart, I could see Melinda enjoyed it, which broke my heart into even more pieces. He took her hand and led her to his car. I watched them for a second longer then drove away. I was to late. I drove back to the house and entered the door.

  " What happened with you and Melinda?" Harry asked. I didn't answer, I didn't even look at him, I just continued to walk. When he asked me that, a tear came to my eye. Why did I have to love her? I admit it, I love her, but I was to late. I close the door to my room and start to cry. I did it silently so they didn't ask questions. About five minutes later I was done and got up and grabbed my guitar. I started strumming on it before getting an idea. I grabbed a note book and started to strum on my guitar some more.

Melinda's POV

   Keith kissed me. I should be excited, but I am not. I put a smile on my face to look like I enjoyed it, but I didn't. He smiled and we went to his car. he drove us to the movie theater. He got two tickets for a romance. I didn't pay any attention. I was thinking about Niall. I am in love with him, not Keith! Why am I even with Keith? Thinking of Niall brought a few tears to my eyes.

  " I am going to go to the bathroom. I'l be back," I say and get up and walk to the bathroom. I go into a stall and cry. I do miss him, but he doesn't love me. If only he loved me, I wouldn't be sitting beside someone I don't love and be sharing a kiss with him. I wouldn't be in this situation. I cried and cried. I didn't want to stop. After what seems like forever, I stop crying and get out of the stall. I was a mess! I grab a paper towel and wash my face. It started to spread, but soon went away. I didn't look to bad without my makeup, but I put on some more. Thankfully I had some more in my purse. I looked back in the mirror and see I look similar to earlier. I tried to smile, but I didn't feel like smiling. I went back to the seat and give a half smile and try to watch the movie, but couldn't because Niall was still taking up my mind.

   Finally the movie finished and he dropped me off. 

  " Thank you! I enjoyed tonight!" I say. He smiled.

  " Your welcome!" he said. I gave him a smile before I walk into the house. I go up stairs and put some sweatpants on and my big pink shirt on, wash off my makeup, and got into bed. As I was falling asleep, I heard a knock on the door. I look to the clock. 9:54. Who would be here at this time of night? I got out of bed and walk to the door.

Niall's POV

  I finished and went down stairs.

  " Niall, whats going on?" Harry asked. I look at him and hand him the piece of paper.

  " What do you think?"

  " Its good. Whats it for?"

  " Nothing," I say as I grabbed it and exited the door.

  " Where are you going?"

  " I'm saving my heart," I say quietly to my self. I got into my car and drove away, heading to Melinda's house.

Melinda's POV

   I go down stairs and opened the door. Niall.

  " Wha-"

  " Please, just listen," he said. Then, he started to sing ( 'More Then This' above!). It touched me. To soon, he finished and looked up at me. A tear was in my eye. I jumped on him and hugged him. He hugged back. I want to enjoy this moment while its here.

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