why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


3. meeting the rest of the boys

Melinda's p.o.v


after I introduce my self to Niall I see him smile he hugs me

"Do you want to come with me Melinda"he ask oh I love how he says my name I look at my watch and see that its only 2:45 pm okay I guess I will say yes to him

"Sure Niall"I says and put on a actually smile I see his eyes lighten up and he takes my hand and we walk together gosh I have never felt so close to a guy before I just feel like I could hug him at any moment well today a family adopted me so I need to text them I will be gone for a while(A/N her adoption parents are Liza and Ryan Richards and she is gonna text Liza so l=Liza and m=me/Melinda haha)

M:I won't be home for a while I made a friend

I text her waiting for a reply but she probably won't so I just keep on walking oh and yes I did text with one hand haha

"Maybe we should get to know each other"I hear Niall say shyly

"I would love that"I say with a smile and lean my head on his shoulder and we keep on walking till we reach a big house and he opens the door

"GUY'S I'M HOME"he yells to the guys I hear some one mumble something then we walk in the living room and the boys don't even turn around 

"Guys I made a new friend"he says shyly I see the boys get up

"Hey love"a guy with suspenders and a stripe shirt says

"VAS HAPPININ"a guy with black hair and a quiff says 

"Hello" a guy with a plaid shirt says he extends out his hand I shake it then there is one last guy left he has curly hair and has dimples

"Hello love my name is Harry Styles and you are my future girlfriend"Harry says I go up to his ear 

"In your dreams"I say my lips are practically on his ear he smirks

"Well I will see you in my dreams"he says I smirk really he thinks I like pervs gosh haha 

"Hello my name is Melinda and I am so sorry but I now only know Niall and harrys name so could you guys like introduce yourselves"I say shyly

"Okay well I'm liam"okay the boy with plaid is liam okay"and thats Louis"he says pointing at the boy with suspenders"and thats zayn"he says pointing at the boy with the black hair and the quiff

"Okay"I say with a small smile

"So how did you guys meet"Louis ask while he is going to the kitchen 

"Well we uh kinda met when she was uh"Niall says while stuttering"when she was trying to kill herself"he mumbles the last part he didn't want anyone to hear but louis did when he came from the kitchen with carrots he drops the carrots and puts me in a hug

"No one should ever try to kill themselves okay don't ever try again"he says into my hair he was the only one that heard untill he said it they all came and hug me and were starting to cry 

"Why were you gonna kill yourself if you don't mind me asking"liam says with tears starting to come down there eyes

"Well um I was trying to trying to go see my parents they um uh they uh died"I say tears starting to come down my face

"Oh I am so sorry Melinda"Harry says then he hugs me






Hope you guys love the new chapters bye love ya'lls -Alisha

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