why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


9. Keith

Niall's POV

   I got into the car and drove back home. Taylor heard everything, what was she going to do? Stay with me? Break up? Talk? Why did I have to have the phone on? Well, so Taylor could hear Melinda apologize, but still. I came to the drive way and see Taylor was waiting for me. What am I going to do know? I got out of the car and walked up to her.

  " Taylor, I am so, so-"

  " Its alright, Niall! Seriously! But, she is in love with you, and it bothers me. So, don't take this out on her, but I think we should break up. I can see you as a couple! It is cute!" she said. I looked at her confused.

  " Your breaking up with me?"

  " I'm sorry, Niall. You look like a good couple! Plus, our relationship probably wouldn't last long anyway, counting that I know you like her. Please, don't blame her! If anyone, blame me, because I am breaking up with you. Bye, Niall," she said while going off to her car. I stared at her as she drove away. I'm not sure If I should be angry or happy. Wait, what? Why happy? What am I going to do know? I then think of Melinda. When I thought of her, my heart sped up. I'm not in love with her! Am I?

Melinda's POV

   I washed up my face and went back down stairs. I put some water on the stove and grabbed some bread and put butter on it. I put it in the oven when I heard the door bell ring. I held my breath as I went to answer.

  " Go away-" I say as I open the door, but I cut myself off as I look to see who is in front of me. " Keith?" Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you about Keith. He was my friend for several years. He is smart, but not to smart. Medium. He is very kind, and sweet, but what is he doing hear?

  " Hello, Melinda! I wanted to give you these!" he said while handing me some roses.

  " Thank you! There beautiful!" I say while taking a sniff.

  " I was also wondering..."

  " Wondering what?"

  " Wondering if you wanted to go out with me on Friday," he said. I smiled.

  " Sure! SOunds good! And, thank you again1' I say. He nods and walks back to his car. I close the door behind me and look at the roses. Keith is kind of cute. Maybe he can heal my heart. 

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