why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


5. haha my boys(2 days later)(please read the note at the bottom)

Melinda's p.o.v


(Asleep in dream land)

I go up to a door I haven't seen before and I knock and then nobody answers it so I just walk in and then I see what I wish I have never seen Niall kissing a girl it broke my heart and I stormed out I hear Niall scream my name but I just keep on running then bam I get hit by a car


(Wake up from dream land)

I wake up and look around every thing is normal but why did I dream about Niall I know I don't have any feelings for him I get up and go to my closet and pick out a red sun dress and sandals hmm I might go to Nialls I just might I go to the bathroom and take a shower I wash up and think about my dream what does it mean I get out and do my make up but it was to much but I dont care it is Smokey  eye(I don't know what you say for it) and really long and black eyelashes and really heavy pink blush and really bright red lipstick I get out of the bathroom and see my phone on my dresser I go over there and text Niall(Niall=N and M=me)

M-hey Niall do you mind if I can come over

I send it to him while I get my purse ready I get a text

N-sure me and the boy's aren't going anywhere today so yea you can

M-me okay be there in 10

I get up and walk out side and and get in my car and head to Nialls place before I get there I see harry with zayn and Niall on the hammock trying not to tip over I get out of my car and grab my purse and head to them

"Hey guys"I say and sit down with them

"Hey m-m-Melinda"I hear Niall say I see harry gaping at me 

"I lean back with my head on off the hammock as I look up at the sky 

"You know you don't need that much make-up"Niall says

"I was practicing my make up"I say I was see putting it on is practicing but I was also putting it on so Niall could-no no no me and Niall are friends I can't have feelings for him



Hey sorry guys I can't figure out what to put I might be asking for a co-author I don't know okay if you want maybe I could okay please just tell me okay love ya'lls - Alisha

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