why did he save me

Hey im Melinda Angie Drew today I was adopted by the richards but I don't want their last name I always want to be a Drew that never gonna change and today I am gonna jump of the bridge in the park I want to die I feel like no one loves me but Niall James horan saves my life and keeps me safe


6. finding out that Niall has a girlfriend

Well after we were on the hammock we got hungry and we all decided to make some lunch which with Niall it was alot of food,and I mean A-LOT more then we needed to cook well see after we ate lunch some of the boy's wanted to invite some of there girlfriends over so see they started texting and I felt like the odd one out right now so I started to clean,then I heard the doorbell rang,and none of them are getting up gosh men

"Oh boys I will just get it it's not like I live somewhere else and this is not my house."I say I look at them and they are still texting

"Okay fine I'll get the door.men are so so lazy"I say and look at them gosh I walk towards the door 

"YOU KNOW THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU ARE ABLE TO BE GENTLE MEN BEFORE I GET THE DOOR"I yell and they still don't do anything the don't even budge or flinch gosh I open the door and see Taylor Swift out side looking in her purse

"Hey"she says while just walking in gesh why did she do that I thought she was atleast a little considerate oh wait she is probably dating one of the boys

"Niall baby I'm here"she yells oh noo she can not be dating Niall she she just can't I refuse her to

"Taylor"Niall says pfft I am so much better then Taylor what does he see in her

"Malinda this is my girlfriend Taylor Swift"he says with a smile uck what does he want with her does he not notice I love him

"Oh Nialler she probably already knows who I am,haha I am the most famous contry girl singer"she says with some bragging in it pfft she think she is the most famous has she ever heard of Carrie Underwood I listen to her music all the time

"Oh taylor do you want a drink"I say while giving her a death glare

"Sure sweety can you make me some nice hot tea please"she says

"Okay"I spat out and made sure she had a weird face on her face(what I couldn't think of anything hahaha) I go to the microwave and pit some tea in there.I am not gonna make some out of the coffee pot for her no way hosa.I her the micro wave go on hehe just incase instead of sugar I put salt in the tea

"I am a great fan Taylor so I know exactly how you like it"I say,and she stood up I walk over to her but pretend to trip and it goes all over her

"OMG why did you spill tea on me"she says"I don't even have aa change of clothes"she keeps on trying to get the tea off but her outfit is soked

"Oh I am so sorry"I say sarcastically

"I am leaving"she yells and runs to her car as she runs out I see perrie and Sophia coming to the door step laughing at Taylor 

"What happened"perrie says tring not to laugh 

"I spillled tea on her"I say then burst out laughing I see Niall trying to get her to come back

"Melinda you made her go away"Niall says angrily

"Well sorry for tripping"I say looking at him with my arms folding over my chest

"Well how about you just go home I don't feel like having company here any more"he says while grabbing my purse and handing it to me

"Well at least I'm not a stuck up bitch like her"I yell while running off to my car getting in Niall runs after me he knew he was starting to make me cry

"Melinda"he says holding on to the door handle 

"NIALL JUST LET ME LEAVE ALREADY" I yell while getting in my car and driving away




How did you like it haha I wanted some drama and I know Taylor used to be Harrys girlfriend but still I wamted some drama well bye love ya'lls - Alisha

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